What Do You Get With Cricut Access?

Is Cricut Access or Premium Access for you? @OfficalCricut #affiliate

I have had Cricut Access for years. Not only do I have access to 100,000 images there are also 500+ fonts. And if you have ever tried using a system font for drawing with, you will know how important having Cricut fonts are important – just sayin!

There are other benefits to owning Cricut Access as well. Like discounts on those licensed images, you desire from Disney and Marvel.  You also have access to free shipping on orders over $ 50. You also get 10% off your cricut.com purchases. Depending upon how much you purchase online, that might be a significant saving for you!

Probably the most popular recent perk is that you can purchase Mystery Boxes. A lot of the mystery boxes contain a much coveted Circuit Cutie. There is no other way to get a Cutie unless you purchase one on the second hand market for gobs and gobs of money.

Have you heard of Cricut Premium Access? It is about $25 extra a year. Looking at the chart at Cricut it appears the difference between the regular Access membership and the Premium version is 20% savings on cricut.com purchases versus the 10% saving on the regular membership. And that free shipping on $50 or more purchases seems to only be for Premium members. As I said before, if you purchase a lot online and rely upon Access for your creations, you might find that Premium is for you. 

I’d love to know what you think about Access versus Premium Access membership. If you don’t subscribe to either, you can always purchase individual images from Cricut or use the 100 or more images that are free.

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