DIY Color Experiment

A color experiment using Kool-Aid. Can we craft with it? It ends up being spritzed and painted with.

I recently saw a YouTuber use Kool-Aid to dye paper. I thought the Kool-Aid looked similar to shimmer powder. I also thought instead of staining the paper with kool-aid we could just paint with it. So the experiment began by going to the grocery store and seeing what colors I could find. I basically bought yellow, red, blue, and purple. Each package was about twenty-five cents. So home I went to try out our Kool-Aid colors.


  • Kool-aid
  • paper
  • water brush
  • plastic containers
  • spritz bottle with water
  • Eye shadow
  • Deco-foil

Video Experiment:

spritz and paint sample page
shimmer trials
card parts

I decided the true test would be if you could use the kool-aid colors in crafting. So I made a few card fronts with the kool-aid colors. The version above has all the kool-aid colors and gold foil. A sentiment was stamped onto the bottom with coordinating purple ink.

xyron sticker maker

I used a Xyron sticker maker to apply adhesive to the back of the card front and then adhered it to the front of the folded card base.

finished red

And here is the red version. I added a Rinea foil sentiment and a diy flower from another tutorial here on Try it – Like it – Create it. Here’s the link to the flowers if you want to see how to make them: flower embellishments.