Tab bookbinding with a collaged cover.

with Collaged Cover

front of book

A few years ago I attended a bookbinding retreat at Penland. To this day, I still rely on the techniques I learned. This sweet little journal has a tab binding. The nice thing about a tab binding is that you can make the book as many pages as desired. I began making the cover papers using book pages and collaged them together.


You might be surprised to learn that I used children’s tempera and liquid watercolor. Applying the paints in a similar fashion to working on a Gelli plate. After the first layer of paint, different paint was applied with a stencil. Finally, stamped images were added.


After the paint dried, I cut the pages into different sizes. They were then used to collage onto chipboard for the covers. The entire process from painting pages to bookbinding is better viewed in the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:

tab binding