Embossing Toilet Paper

You can emboss toilet paper – have you tried this technique yet?

embossed toilet paper

Toilet paper for crafting – yes! I embossed layers of toilet paper. This technique was a new one for me and I couldn’t wait to try it out in a variety of different ways. I really like the playfulness of this technique and the fun results from a basically disposable product.

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basic materials
basic materials

What a fun way to use your embossing plates in a new way. The basic materials needed are an embossing plate, toilet paper, a spray bottle with water, and a manual die-cutting machine – mine is a CrossOver II.

I also used a stamp pad, glimmer mist spray, and spray inks.

styles of embossing
styles of embossing

While the differences might look subtle in some of the dry embossed toilet paper samples, yours could look very different depending upon the colors you use. Starting from left: spray inks, plain white, pink ink pad, spray glimmer mist. Once the embossing has dried, you can also add additional color on top*. I would suggest wiping with an ink pad to add color.

*Please note that any additional wet products added to your dried embossing could reactivate the paper and you could lose the embossed designs.

Video Tutorial:

These embossed pieces once dry can be used in all forms of crafting. You can cut them down to your desired shape and size. I would even suggest trying to die-cut them. One additional suggestion: to adhere use a tacky type of glue and don’t use a tape runner on the embossed toilet paper – it will tear.