Easy DIY Glitter Pen

See how you can easily make a glitter pen with products from @Ceya @beacon @dollartree

final pen

This glitter pen is so easy to make and the results look so professional. There are only a few steps from start to completion. The glitter is enclosed on the inside of the pen so it doesn’t interact with your hand in any way when writing.

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The materials needed for this project are:

pen parts

To begin, you want to disassemble the pen. We are going to add glitter to the tube part of the pen.

glue in pen

Adding Glitter-it glue to the tube part of the pen and roll it around or shake it with the opening covered to make sure the entire interior of the pen tube is covered. Glitter-it is very liquid and works so well for this project, I am not sure there is another glue that could be substituted to work as well.

Then pour any excess Glitter-it back into the container.


Add glitter to the pen tube. I started by using a paper funnel but the liquid glue soaked the paper so I used a small spoon and scooped it into the tube over the glitter container which ended up being less messy.

Cover the end of the pen tube with your finger and shake the glitter around the pen tube. If needed, you can put the ink chamber of the pen back in place and use it to help move the glitter around the inside.

Then all you need to do is put the pen pieces back together to finish the pen. There is no need to wait for it to dry before assembling the pen.

close up of glitter pen

Look how beautiful that glitter is inside the pen tube in the close-up image above!

I think it would also be neat to add a word in vinyl to the outside of the pen tube. Tell me in the comments below what word you would use on your own pen.

Glitter and Mica Powder Ornament

with Ceya


When I got products from Ceya I wanted to combine glitter and mica powder. On the first try, I decided to make an ornament. Having not done this before, I wasn’t sure of the outcome, but I am thrilled with the results and can’t wait to try other applications.


  • plastic ornament
  • polyacrylic
  • chunky glitter
  • mica powder
  • small spoon
  • disposable cups

Video Tutorial:

If you’d like to see more products from Ceya I have an unboxing video here: