Etching a Butter Dish

How to update vintage glassware with etchall etching creme. @etchallcreme #affiliate

with etchall creme

butter dish

I found this vintage butter dish at our local thrift store. We keep our butter out on our kitchen counter, which keeps the butter always soft and ready to use. I chose to update the butter dish by etching the word “butter” on the side of the cover. It was really easy to do with etchall etching creme.

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clear dish

I measured the side of the dish so that my design would fit well in the space. The top was rounded and too small to carry the wording. I marked the center of the dish with a permanent marker after I cleaned the glass with rubbing alcohol.

cricut joy

Designing the text and graphic first in Adobe Illustrator, I then sent the SVG file to Cricut Design Space and cut the vinyl on a Cricut Joy.

weeded vinyl

Here you can see the vinyl on a transfer sheet with the letters and design weeded away. I folded the design down the middle so that it could be aligned easily with the marks I made on the glass dish.

creme on glass

After placing the vinyl on the glass butter dish and making sure it was rubbed down well, I applied the etchall creme. Setting a timer for 7 minutes, I then moved the creme around and set the timer again for 7 minutes. This allows me to make sure I have covered all the areas. The total etching time is 15 minutes.


The final step is to clean the piece under running water and remove the vinyl. Doing this process a bit differently, I remove the creme and place it back into the container because the etching creme is reusable. Then I clean off the piece with a baby wipe. After removing the vinyl I clean the glass with rubbing alcohol, and then I buff the design with a clean cloth.