Making a Pen Gift Box

Make a pen gift box with a free SVG file. #free #freeSVG

With a Free SVG

My daughter graduated from High School this year. Here graduating class was small. On the day of graduation she wanted to give each girl a graduation gift of a nice pen. The pens didn’t have a gift box, so Cricut to the rescue. We made gift boxes.


  • cardstock
  • Cricut Maker
  • tape runner
  • pen
  • dowel
  • tweezers
  • free SVG file

grab this free SVG file [Pen Box]

After cutting the card stock, fold all the flaps in to the same side.

Tape or glue along the shortest fold.

Tucking the taped flap inside, press the other edge to the fold.

After taping the flap and folding it into the box, use a dowel stick to push the tape in place for a better hold.

Place the pen into the box, then tape the other end flap.

Video Tutorial: