How to Blend Ink

How to blend ink on a stamp.

I was recently asked to make a layered stamped card. Using a blended ink technique for the sentiment, I thought I would share my process here for how to blend the ink and then stamp it. I really like the subtle blend and it worked well as a background for my stamped sentiment. I am sure to use more ink blending in the future, how about you?


  • stamping block
  • large flat stamp
  • water spray bottle
  • cotton swab
  • ink pads (I used 5)
  • card stock

Video Tutorial:

blended and stamped

You don’t have to spritz with water but I think it helped with the ink blending. And the cotton swab technique is a lifesaver, I am so glad I stumbled upon that technique!

Finally, I cut out a square shape from my stamped image and used it on the card at the top of the post.