Fountain Brush

Have you painted with a fountain brush? @DynastyBrush #sponsored

Dynasty Black Gold

A few years ago at Creativation I sat down at the Dynasty booth and painted a sketchbook page. I fell in love with the brushes and when I got home, I ordered them. Ever since, I have been looking for the Fountain brush. This year at Creativation+ I spoke with Dynasty about the brush and they sent me three sizes of the Fountain brush. Check out my video below on how to use the Fountain Brush.

Black Gold brushed work with oils, acrylics, and watercolors. The Black Gold by Dynasty is a premium quality brush that will satisfy the unique needs of decorative painters and fine artists alike.  The brush styles and sizes available include art industry standard fans, rounds, brights, flat washes, quills, and much more (in both long & short handles).  These Specialty brushes help decorative artists create unique textures and designs with just one stroke of your brush.

Link to Black Gold: [brushes]