Remove Sticky Label Residue

The Best Cleaner Ever saved my new cutting board from sticker residue. #affiliate @ScraPerfect

This beautiful cutting board was almost ruined by the label. I could hardly remove it and once I did, there was sticky gunk left on the wood. The label adhesive was so strong that once I removed the label, it pulled up some of the woodgrain with it.

If you don’t know it already, The Best Cleaner Ever truly is the Best Cleaner Ever!

You might think the bottle is little, but you really don’t need a lot of it to work. One squirt really goes far and it is safe on your skin.

I used the Best Cleaner Ever with my fingers and then a dry baby wipe to remove the excess. So simple, so easy.

Not only does the Best Cleaner Ever remove sticky residue but it also conditioned the wood. Look how beautiful the cutting board turned out!

Making Foaming Hand Soap

Relabeling a foaming hand soap bottle with Cricut Joy. Including the diy foaming soap recipe. @OfficialCricut #sponsored #affiliate @Scraperfect

For years I bought bottles of foaming hand soap. Then it dawned on me that I could use those empty bottles and make my own. I can’t believe how easy it was to do and how much I am going to be saving. Follow along as I reuse and decorate a bottle, and then make my own foaming hand soap.

I didn’t want to just refill the bottle so I removed the labels and used the Best Cleaner Ever to help remove the labels and the sticky residue.

As a design team member with ScraPerfect, I have a post about the labels being removed using the Best Cleaner Ever on their blog today. Materials used in this post have been provided by the companies I work with. Some links included here are affiliate links and cost nothing to use but help support this site. Thank you for using them.

I wanted to stylize the bottle, so I added the word soap to the bottle in white vinyl. I used the Cricut Joy to cut the vinyl.

Once I added the label on the bottle it was time to make the foaming soap. I filled 1/4th the amount of the bottle with liquid hand soap and the rest of the bottle with water. Be careful to not add the water too fast because you don’t want to make bubbles. That’s all there is to make foaming hand soap.

Video Tutorial:

Got a Stubborn Pair of Scissors?

Don’t you hate it when you pick up a pair of stubborn sticky scissors? Well, here is a quick fix. I am over on the ScraPerfect blog today sharing how I quickly fixed my pair of scissors with the Best Cleaner Ever. [blog post]