Simply Earth Dec 2022 Unboxing

See all about the Dec 2022 Simply Earth Essential Oil Subscription Box. #affiliate @simplyearth

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box contents
December box

I am so excited every month when my Simply Earth box arrives. It seems like each box is better than the last. This month’s box is focused on beauty. All the materials and simple directions are included. This box retails for $177.04 but you can get it for just about $45. Be sure to use my discount code: TRYITFREE.

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bottles of oils

The full-sized oils that are included this month are Geranium, Lime, Balsam Fir, and Bumps & Boo-boos.

The recipes included in the October box are:

  • Christmas Morning Shower Melts
  • Breath of Pine Shower Spray
  • Snow Storm Mini Bath Bombs
  • Let it Snow Bath Bombs
  • Cheerful GIver Roll-on
  • Christmas Vacation Diffuser Blend

One of the biggest differences I find with Simply Earth is the monthly recipes. In the past, I have ordered essential oils and when they arrive, I don’t remember what they do or why I ordered them. The Simply Earth recipe box contains the recipes for the oils included in the box as well as necessary additional support products to make the recipes.

simply earth's big box
big box

With your first subscription order from Simply Earth, you will get the Big Bonus Box free! If you were to purchase these products it would cost $44.84. The Big Box includes:

  • Almond Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 10 mL Roll-On Bottles
  • 5 mL Amber Glass Bottles
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax

Unboxing Video:

And here is the best part: my coupon code: TRYITFREE
Use this code to get a $45 gift card with your first purchase. Basically, get your second box free!

B U tiful Empowerment SVG

Make an empowerment shirt for yourself or a gift with this free svg file. #svg

This month I am participating in an SVG hop with the theme of Motivational Quotes.

A while back I create a few different empowerment shirts for my daughters. I had the file on Design Space but if you don’t own Access you can’t use the files so I decided to remake one of the images as an SVG so everyone could access it.

This image is a play on words. Not only does it say beautiful it also says to be you – because that is beautiful. I fully believe in treating your children how you want to see them as a person so they will grow into those beliefs.

Grab the free SVG file from the store here: [BUtiful SVG]

The above image is the original shirts I made for my daughters. I am including the image to show you a different color combination. The design is slightly different but I stuck with the image on the shirt in the pocket location. An enlarged image on the front of a shirt would also be nice.

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