Working with Artesprix Sublimation Products

Unboxing Artesprix product for a future post and a quick bookmark tutorial. #sponsored @artesprix #affiliate

I was invited to be a guest design team member with Artesprix. Today I am sharing an unboxing of the materials they sent and a quick tutorial. I will be sharing a post on the Artesprix blog later this summer creating a tag project.

Artesprix makes sublimation markers and blanks. Blanks are specially treated products that accept the sublimation ink. Think of how fun it would be to personalize different products for gift giving. What a fun way to memorialize a child’s artwork or a special occasion.

parts: bookmark, marker, doodles

A while back, I attended a trade show where I was given a sample project from Artesprix, a sublimation marker, and a bookmark. I will be using that today in this post. I think this bookmark project would be a really fun activity for a book club to create.

One of the best things I found about working with Artesprix is that you create on regular copy paper. Once you like what you have created, you transfer that image to the blank/product. This allows you to perfect your drawing before committing it to a finished product.

finished bookmark

This bookmark project was quick and easy. Although not perfect due to some movement (user error) that caused shadowing of the image, I am really happy with the end result and I actually like the shadowing effect. I wish it was over the entire bookmark instead of just the bottom half. And of course, pink is a really nice color!