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We are here to discuss the TEMU affiliate program and how it becomes your passive income!

  • About TEMU
  • About the TEMU Affiliate Program
  • How much can you earn through the TEMU affiliate program?
  • How to withdraw affiliate commissions?
  • How to start the TEMU Affiliate Program?
  • Compared with other affiliate programs:
  • FAQ

    About TEMU:
    TEMU is a cutting-edge online marketplace that links shoppers to millions of sellers, manufacturers, and brands from all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for exciting products with reasonable prices, renowned brands, useful tools, or the latest fashion trends, TEMU is your one-stop destination to fulfill your shopping desires and needs. With an extensive array of products available on TEMU, you can easily find what you’re looking for at an unbeatable price. TEMU now is trending in several countries and people who started to use TEMU are getting more and more, so TEMU now has many promotions ongoing.

    About Temu Affiliate Program:
    You might have seen a lot of people sharing their TEMU link and code already, but you might not know that TEMU has an affiliate program that everyone can join. If you’re an avid TEMU enthusiast looking to generate a stable source of passive income or if you are an influencer who wants to monetize your traffic, look no further than the TEMU Affiliate Program. With a high earning potential of up to $100,000 per month and with more than 70M monthly traffic, the TEMU affiliate program is the perfect fit for you to start.

How much can you earn through TEMU Affiliate program?

You can earn up to $100,000 per month! If you’re interested in joining the TEMU Affiliate program, you’ll be happy to know that it offers a simple and transparent commission policy. There are several possible ways for you to earn money, which are listed below:
1: Earn a $5 reward for each new user who downloads the TEMU App using your
referral link.
2: Get a commission on every sale made by newly registered users who click through your unique referral link. The commission rate varies depending on the purchase amount:

  • For purchases between $0.00 and $49.99, you’ll receive a 5% commission
  • For purchases between $50.00 and $99.99, you’ll receive a 10% commission
  • For purchases of $100.00 or more, you’ll receive a 20% commission

3: Earn $10 for each new affiliate you invite when they make their first commission.
For example, you can invite other influencers to be TEMU Affiliates
4: Take advantage of earning leaderboard: The top 50 TEMU Affiliates with the most earnings of the last 3 days in the TEMU Affiliate Program would win a cash bonus

How to withdraw affiliate commissions?
You can simply withdraw using PayPal. When your TEMU Affiliate account balance reaches $20, there will be a pop-up to notify you to link your PayPal account.

  • Place an order: Commission will be added to the pending account within 5 minutes of their order and transferred to the available account 3 days after delivery.
  • Download the APP: Rewards will be added to the available account within 15
    minutes (new app users only).
  • Become an Affiliate: Rewards will be added to the pending account immediately.
    They will transfer to the available account after your referred affiliate makes their first commission.

The website will show you the process of how far you are away from withdrawal.

How to start TEMU Affiliate Program?

Once you sign up TEMU Affiliate Program here, you will obtain your own referral link and code in your account center, there are a few ways to start earning:
1) if you are an influencer on social platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, Ins, or
Facebook, you can spread your referral link and code by posting content to earn
commissions. Pay attention to the content you post. The better content you post, the more engagement you will have, then you will have a higher conversion rate!
2) if you are a blogger, you can write review articles with SEO about TEMU product reviews or about the TEMU Affiliate program, where you can expose your referral link and code!
3) if you own a website or you are an editor of deals/coupon websites that have huge traffic, you can have a banner or deals articles to let more people see your referral link & code
4) any other way or platform that you can use to spread your referral link & code as long as it meets TEMU affiliate policy!

Compared with other affiliate programs:
Compared with other affiliate programs, TEMU offers a 5%-20% commission rate for all categories depending on each qualified purchase.
However, TEMU does not offer commissions for returning users. This might limit your earnings. But with huge traffic going into TEMU and with more countries becoming available, it’s still worth signing up for the TEMU affiliate program now as it’s a very popular shopping site. It might be a good idea to sign up now before they modify their commission rates and earn a limit per month.

TEMU Affiliate Commission Rate (5%-20%)
1: Does the link and code expire?
TEMU Affiliate code and link are long-term effective. They will not expire and you can always use your link and code to invite new friends to TEMU!

2: Is the TEMU Affiliate program available in all countries?
TEMU Affiliate Programs are ONLY open to users who are based in the USA now. It will be available soon in other countries! TEMU has already been available in several countries, so the affiliate program in other countries will come soon or later.

If you’re looking for an affiliate program with high commission rates and good returns, the TEMU affiliate program might be the one for you. One of the best affiliate programs you can find in the affiliate marketing field. Join now and start earning commissions on every sale made by your referrals!

Cricut’s Christmas in July Sale

Great savings on Cricut’s Christmas in July Sale.

sale graphic

Cricut is having a Christmas in July Sale with up to 50% off materials & accessories! Plus, save on machines. There is still time to find great savings. Grab discounted items for yourself or stock up on gift items for the crafty people in your life.

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Cricut’s New Sale

Starting today through 2/23, Cricut is launching their 30% Off Promo, featuring 30% off vinyl, infusible ink, and paper & cards. The Cricut Air 2 is also on sale for $229!

Cricut.com is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $99+ with code SHIPFEB or FEBSHIP through 2/28

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EasyPress machines starting at $49! Valid through 2/23.

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5 Things I Love About My Cricut Maker

5 things I love about my Cricut Maker with craft tutorial projects.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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With the ability to use more advanced tools, Cricut Maker gives you the freedom to make virtually any DIY project you can imagine, from 3D art to home decor, jewelry, iron-on, vinyl, paper projects, and so much more. It has the tools to cut hundreds of materials quickly and accurately, from the most delicate paper and fabric to the tough stuff like matboard, leather, and basswood. Use the Rotary Blade to cut fabric for a sewing project — without backing material. Switch to Knife Blade and cut thicker and denser materials for added dimension and depth. Or quickly switch between scoring, engraving, debossing, and other decorative effects with a variety of specialty tips. Featuring unique cutting versatility, a huge library of design ideas, sewing patterns available instantly, and easy-to-use apps, Cricut Maker delivers professional-level cutting performance that anyone can use. 

I have had my Maker for a while now and it keeps getting better with the addition of new adaptable tools. With each addition, it is like getting a new machine. When I started with Cricut four machines ago, I didn’t buy it for scrapbooking or card making. I bought it to reproduce pieces for kids crafting in Sunday School and girls club. Obviously, as the Cricut machines have advanced, so have how I utilize them in my crafting. Here are five things I love about my Cricut Maker. Projects one through four are posts from the past that I used the Maker, the fifth project is a new project that I just finished and used one of the newest tools, the engraving tool.

1. It Cuts Fabric without the need for any stabilizer.
Sleep Mask

sleep mask

I made these reversible sleep masks for my daughters as gifts.
Using the Maker to cut the fabric was so quick and easy without the need for any stiffening. Just place the fabric on the pink mat.
It also allowed me to make multiples and there was no variation in the cutting which would happen if done with scissors.

2. It Cuts different materials really well. 

cutting leather

3. It allows me to make my own holiday decor.
Alternative Pumpkin

I created this alternative pumpkin using my Cricut Maker. I used it to cut the bats out of vinyl and felt. It is so easy to cut the same design out of different materials even though the vinyl and felt are very different the Maker did it easily. The bucket has an internal light and glows at night. Now I have a festive Halloween decor I can display each year.

4. It allows me to decorate my home. 

Craft Block

Paper Banner

Little Santa

Mantle – picture frames


5. The adaptable tools allow me to create using new materials.

You can see the newest adaptable tools in the following video:

Embed YouTube Video

These tools open up so many different crafting doors. I am just getting started with exploring the different opportunities. After receiving the new tools, I tried the engraving tool first on acrylic. It was as easy to set up as any of the other tools I already had for the Maker. 

The leaves are an image from Cricut Access (Leaves Drawing   #MAEF3C53). The Design Space project link is here: [leaf engraving] The leaves are engraved onto two different layers of acrylic.

I took the two layers of acrylic and painted them with alcohol ink. The below image is the final piece.

You can see the full tutorial for this piece at: [leaf engraving and painting]

I want to thank Cricut for providing many of the materials that were used in these posts.

Cricut EasyPress Heat Settings Chart

A free printable Cricut EasyPress heat setting chart.

Since Cricut changed its site to include an interactive heat guide for the EasyPress Machines, I have heard a lot of requests for a printable version. I created the above chart from their instructions, making it easier for those interested in printing out a chart for your craft room. This way you can work offline and without a connection to the Internet when you are going to press your projects.

The chart works for all four EasyPress Machines. The temperatures and times in red are for warm peel and relate to the 3 different EasyPress 2 machines. The blue temperatures and times are for cool peel materials and relate to the 3 sizes of EasyPress 2 machines. The green letters are for the EasyPress mini and indicate one of the three settings on the machine. The warm or cool peel will remain the same as the EasyPress 2 machines. 

If you would like a copy of this printable you can download it below. The file is a PDF and the size is 8.5 x 14″ (legal).

[download EasyPress guide]

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Cricut EasyPress™ 2, 12″ x 10″ – available in mint and raspberry

Cricut EasyPress™ 2, 9″ x 9″ – available in mint and raspberry

Cricut EasyPress™ 2, 6″ x 7″ – available in mint and raspberry

Cricut EasyPress Mini™ – available in raspberry

Lilac, Blue, and Rose have been available but are sold out at the time of this writing.

How to Celebrate with Etching

This is such a fun way to celebrate. It could be a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new job, graduation, so many different opportunities to etch a fun statement onto a bottle. For this post, I used Sparkling Cider but a bottle of wine or even a glass bottle of soda would work. The glass etching can take a drink to the next level making it a special statement I am sure one that will be appreciated.

The following links are affiliate links, I appreciate your consideration to use them.



Using Cricut design space on my phone I typed out the word I wanted to use, then I sent it to the Cricut Joy to cut out. It was so quick and easy. I could have added names and a date too.

I weeded the vinyl, removing the parts I want to etch, and used the transfer tape to place the vinyl on the bottle. Notice there are air bubbles and wrinkles, but they don’t matter as long at the seam along the letters is pressed tight to the glass.

Using a wooden popsicle stick I placed a generous amount of etching cream over the letters. I left it on the bottle for 15 minutes, following the Etchall directions. Then I removed it from the bottle using the same popsicle stick and put it back into the jar because Etchall cream is reusable. Because it was a small area, I was able to use a baby wipe to clean off the bottle and I removed the vinyl.

Here is the etched glass. I wanted to enhance the etching so I applied some rub-on metallic color in silver.

I used a q-tip to rub on the silver cream and then used a baby wipe to remove the excess. I really like the enhanced look.

Beach Shadowbox with Makers Movement

Oh, how I want to visit the beach, sand in my toes, playing in the water. It is such a fantastic summer activity. Since I can’t go, I made this shadowbox to remind me of how fun it can be. This shadowbox can be placed on a shelf as a decor item or as a Christmas tree ornament. Wouldn’t it be fun to send to a friend that also loves the beach? Thanks to Maker’s Movement for sending me the stamp and die set, Beach Vibes to use with this project. 

Beach Vibes


  • Mini Maker Die Cut Machine
  • Beach Vibes – stamp and die set
  • black stamp pad
  • stamping block
  • Spectrum Noir markers
  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • white cardstock
  • Marabu fabric spray
  • double stick tape
  • foam tape squares


I began with a box I made using a past tutorial here. [picture frame SVG]

Using the stamps, I stamped onto white cardstock.

Then I colored the images with alcohol ink markers. 

Using a bit of washi tape, I placed the dies and sent them through the Mini Maker from Maker’s Movement.

And here are the pieces all cut-out.

I used Fashion Spray from Marabu and a torn piece of cardstock to color the frame.

Using double-stick tape, I placed the castle into the frame.

Next, I cut a bit of the bottom of the bucket and placed it in the frame with foam tape to lift it up.
I used a double layer of foam squares.

The other shapes were placed with double-stick tape. 

And here is the finished piece.

Do you have a favorite beach? Let me know in the comments.

Suggested Materials:

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Intense Black Ink Pad
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Double Sided Tape
Double-Sided Tape
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Marabu Fashion Spray
Marabu Fashion Spray
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Westcott 14849 8
Shop at:
Spectrum Noir Markers
Spectrum Noir Markers
Shop at:
Intense Black Ink Pad
Intense Black Ink Pad
Shop at:
Double Sided Tape
Double-Sided Tape
Shop at:
Marabu Fashion Spray
Marabu Fashion Spray
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Creating a Fun Layered Tag with Maker’s Movement

I am sharing how I made this layered tag using Maker’s Movement products. The dies, the stamps, even the die cutting machine are all from Maker’s Movement. I like the different patterns of the paper layered on top of each other. The tag die set comes with a variety of different sizes, I used the three smaller dies. This tag would pair nicely with a gift from the kitchen for someone special as well as a great way to say thank you with an edible gift!

This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Any supplies used may be given to me free of charge, however, all projects and opinions are my own.


To finish off the tag, I added a sheer ribbon and used a white paint pen to fill in the icing on the cupcake and a black marker to add cute quote marks around the saying.

Cricut is having a Summer Sale

Cricut is extending its Summer Flash Sale through 6/23, featuring 40% off select materials and accessories! In addition, snag an Explore Air 2 Machine for $229 or a Maker Machine for $329!

Cricut.com is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $99+ with code SHIPJUN or JUNSHIP through 6/30.

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Flash Sale: Save 40% off Select Accessories! Valid through 6/23

Flash Sale: Explore Air 2 Machines Starting at $229! Valid through 6/23

Maker Machines Starting at $329! Valid through 6/23

EasyPress Machines Starting at $49! Valid through 6/23

Cricut Access Only: Save 25% off Select Bulk Supplies! Valid through 6/23

How to Etch a Cutting Board

You can easily upgrade a glass cutting board from the Dollar Tree into something worth putting on display. It was really easy to do using etchall etching creme. In no time at all, the cutting board was transformed. Make one for yourself or to gift. 


  • etchall etching creme
  • paintbrush
  • scrap of cardstock
  • vinyl
  • transfer tape
  • personal cutting machine (Cricut Maker)
  • circle glass cutting board
  • weeding tool


I used the image from Cricut Design Space. Rangoli Mandala, Vinyl #MB78A515

cutting the design on the Cricut Maker

weeding the image

clean the back of the glass cutting plate with alcohol

I aligned the vinyl on the glass.

here is the vinyl on the glass

getting ready to use etchall

apply generously and leave for at least 15 minutes
return the excess to the bottle after the allotted time
I used a scrap of card stock to remove the etchall.

Here is the final result – quick and easy but it looks like so much more.

Suggested Materials:
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