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Sublimate a Menu Board

with Artesprix

The minute I saw the blank of the month (decorative board) with Artesprix, I thought it would make a great menu board because the surface works as a write-on wipe-off surface. Using a two-step application process, the color was added to the board first, and then the black type was applied second.

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I used two markers from the Black marker pack for the type and lines. The nibs of the markers have different sizes and work best for different shapes. The color layer was made with sublimation paint. Mixing the colors to create a more pale version of the colors was done by adding white which isn’t an actual paint color but an additive. Working with yellow and blue and mixing them together to make green. See the video tutorial below for complete instructions.

I used an EasyPress to heat the different sublimation layers. The board calls for a temperature of 400 degrees and a time of 105 seconds. Because the size of the press was smaller than the board, I had to heat each layer twice. Heating the color layer twice worked well. Heating the type layer twice caused a bit of shift or blurring to occur. But I am still happy with the outcome.

Because I am using the board vertically, the holes weren’t usable and I chose to hide them using buttons. Buttons found in my mother’s button box were the perfect color match and really finished off the piece. I used quick-grip adhesive from Beacon to adhere them in the four corners.

If you would like a copy of the menu board to copy for yourself, you can download it at the following link: [menu board]

Video Tutorial:

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