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Paper Bowls

Paper Bowls are easy to make. You can recycle catalogs, magazines, or newspapers to make them. Rolling the pages into long sticks is very easy to do. Once you have a bunch of rolls made, you can begin to make them into a form. Depending upon how you roll them, you can change to shape from round, to oval, or even as a square.

This post is a part of the ScraPerfect Design Team projects I post on their blog twice a month.


For the bowls I made, I used pages from a catalog and the Best Glue Ever with a no-clog Writing Cap on it. This allowed me to add a little glue at a time which is needed for this project. You really don’t want a lot of glue when you are rolling the pages into sticks.

My favorite sticks have stripes which you can see at the top of the photo. I think it would be fun to make a bowl with just striped sticks. After you create the sticks of paper, begin to roll them together. You can easily add a new paper roll by inserting the ends together. One end of the stick is always smaller than the other end. If you leave them always facing the same direction, the small ends will be together. This process is easier to understand by watching the video tutorial below.

Video Tutorial:

The two different bowls I made are shown above. The first one I painted and that added support to the structure. The second one I left as is but I did coat it with a spray finish which did the same as the paint for sturdiness. Which look do you like better?

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