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Painting a Postcard

with Edding

I love the color combination of pink and black. This postcard uses them in a few unique ways to create a whimsical look. The paint was from Edding paint markers. The silver is so metallic even when watered down. I used the paint directly from the pen, with a brush, and splattered it.

At a recent trade show, I was given samples from edding including a postcard pack and two paint pens (edding 5400 acrylic 3D double liner). The paint pens have two ends, one small and one larger. They aren’t a marker tip or a brush but an opening that you can squeeze paint through. Either end of the marker disburses paint contained in the center of the paint pen.

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After painting, I stamped an image over the watered-down painted center of the card. I chose to use a stamping platform because I wanted to gain a rich black stamped image. Stamping the image twice got the desired result.

See how nice the pink (classy mauve) and black work together. The postcard; with the pink paint and black stamping, is pretty and could be finished, I wanted to add the silver paint as well.

Video Tutorial:

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