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New to Cricut :: Learn What Tools to Buy

You bought a Cricut and now you want to know what to purchase next. This question gets asked a lot by new Cricut owners. Of course, we each have our favorites but the list below can give you some suggestions and possibly save you money. 

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Cricut Essentials Tool Kit    $54.99

The tool kit includes 7 basic tools:

  • scoring
  • scissors
  • scraper
  • trimmer
  • weeder
  • tweezers
  • spatula
Scoring tool   $ 9.99
There really is no alternative to this tool. In addition, Cricut has a scoring wheel assembly for the Maker. This basic-level tool in my opinion is a requirement
Scissors $24.99 (2) – currently not sold individually
Cricut sells a combo pack, no individual so the pricing is hard to compare. These scissors are super cute and extremely sharp! As a crafter, I imagine you have a pair of scissors you can use. I also realize you may want everything to match which would mean you want a pair of Cricut scissors.
Scraper (and spatula) $10.99
A scraper is really handy. But you don’t necessarily need to buy one. There are alternative tools that can be used. Even an old credit card can do similar work.
An additional option is the extra large scraper   $10.99
Trimmer   $16.99
I absolutely love my Cricut trimmer, but I realize that as a crafter you may already own one so this might not be a necessary item for everyone. This Cricut version is light and compact and I use mine for a lot of different crafts.
Weeder   $8.99
This is a helpful tool but there are so many alternatives I don’t know if I can even begin to list them all. A weeder is very similar to a dental tool. In fact, many crafters use dental tools. Similar tools can even be found at Dollar Tree. Others like to use a pin or a weeding pen which is a pen with a needle-type tip. Yes, you need something for weeding, use what works best for you.


While tweezers are included in many of the Cricut kits, they can not be purchased separately. You probably already own tweezers although they may not be in your craft supplies. Buying a kit from Cricut you will probably get a pair, if not, you can purchase them at a variety of different stores. Even though I have Cricut brand tweezers, I just bought a pair from Dollar Tree to add to my craft supplies. 


Once again you can’t buy this item separately from Cricut it is included above under scraper. 

Bottom Line

If we add up all these tools separately we end up with a price of $59.46. I subtracted half the price of the scissor set since you only get one pair with the Essentials tool kit. So buying the kit altogether is a savings of $9.47.

Of course, you might find any of these items at a sales price and that would be an additional bargain. But you need to decide what tools you already have and compare them to the kit and see if it is worth the investment. 

Alternative tool set

Basic Tool Set $26.99
If you already have a paper trimmer that would take a significant cost away from the basic necessary tools. Cricut offers a Basic Tool Set that costs $26.99. The five-piece toolset does not include a paper trimmer or a scoring tool. Even if you add the scoring tool to this set for $9.99 you are still below the Essential Tool Kit price. 

To Get Started

You will want scrapbooking paper or card stock, which I recommend you start with to get familiar with your machine. Paper is so much more inexpensive than other products and it is a good place to start. After which, if you are interested in working with vinyl you will want to purchase some to play with. A great alternative to get you started would be to purchase some shelf liner from Dollar Tree to practice with at an affordable price. 

At some point, you will want to add more mats to your arsenal. Check out my post about the different mats and what they are used for. 

And to learn more about different types of vinyl that are available, check out my post on Cricut vinyl.

As with most things, there is a learning curve to working with a Cricut machine. You just bought a costly machine you need to learn how to use. It is the same with most expensive devices. Take your time, build experience, and work up to bigger projects. I can’t stress this enough. Many crafters jump in and expect to be able to craft a hugely difficult project their first go at it. They get frustrated and want to get rid of the machine. Don’t let that happen to you. 

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