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Marbled Earrings


Combine cardstock and resin to make a pair of fabulous earrings. I have created a free printable inchie sheet of marbled circular designs for crafting. The first project I made using them was this pair of earrings. You-V resin, a quick-drying resin, made this project quick and easy.

marbled inches

Download the free PDF file from the store: [marbled inches]

papers and punch

I punched out circles using a 1″ paper punch using the printable and solid cardstock. Gluing the blue and the marbled circles together helped add thickness and a bit of weight to the earrings. Resin covers both sides of the glued circles.

earrings in process

Drilling small holes into the resined papers was done to add the ear wires. See the entire video below for the complete tutorial and tips.

Video Tutorial:

finished earrings

The finished earrings in hand also show the shine from the resin and the finished size. This marble pattern suits a variety of different colors found in your wardrobe.

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