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Making Origami Paper Magnets

With Yasutomo Products

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I love finding economical craft products and the Dollar Tree is one of those go-to stores for great finds. The moment I saw wooden magnets at the Dollar Tree, I knew they were going to be great for crafting. The shape of the magnets lent itself to be paired well with Origami paper. I applied Yasutomo Origami paper to the tops and coated them with a glossy spray to make these DIY magnets. Making a set of magnets was easy and would make a great handcrafted gift or housewarming present. You can make them fit your personal style and decor by changing the design of the Origami Paper.

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  • Origami paper – Yasutomo
  • wooden magnets – Dollar Tree
  • knife blade
  • paintbrush
  • Nori paste – Yasutomo
  • Gloss coat – Krylon

The process is rather easy and quick. The drying time is the only factor in the length of the project. I worked on these magnets over a few days due to the drying time of the final Krylon gloss coating. The actual crafting was quick and enjoyable.

Video Tutorial:

I am pleased with how the magnets turned out, they exceeded my expectations. I will be using them on our kitchen refrigerator. I have another package of magnets so I know I will be making more. Maybe for the office or my craft room. Let me know how you would use your own DIY Origami Magnets in the comments below.

Suggested Materials:

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