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Making a Necklace Pendant with Etchall

I used etchall creme to etch these glass marbles for necklaces. I etched the backs of the marbles to create a filtered look for the colors. I knew the glass would magnify the image and I didn’t want a clear detail but rather a blended look.

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First I cleaned the glass marbles with rubbing alcohol, then I applied the etchall creme to the backs of the glass marbles and let it sit for 15 minutes. When the time was up, I washed the marbles.

Here you can see the difference. The left marble is etched and the right marble is not.

The left two marbles have Lindy’s Magicals applied while the right marble has alcohol ink.

Once the color applications dried, I sprayed them with a sealer and then I added white paint to the back. Even with a sealer coating, the Magicals interacted with the white paint.

The results on the front of the glass marbles are seen in the image above. I like how the white paint shows through the two using the Magicals.

I created simple wire bails that are glued to the backs of the glass marbles.

Using faux leather, I cut it to cover the back and bail of each marble.

Here is the red version finished and hanging from a simple black cord necklace. It resembles a gemstone. The etchall creme helped to create visual depth and blending of the colors that were applied. Just moments after finishing, my daughter claimed this one for herself. Which version is your favorite?

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