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Let’s Make a Bracelet for Spring

with Gwen Studios

Spring is almost here and adding a new accessory to your wardrobe is a great way to update without spending much time or money. I added beads to a fluted ribbon technique. Using Gwen Studios’ pink satin ribbon, I made this lovely bracelet to update my spring wardrobe.

This project was created for Gwen Studios. You can find all the design team projects listed on the Designer Crafts Connection website. Gwen Studios products can be found at Walmart and Michaels.

To make the bracelet I am using a satin ribbon, a pencil, small beads, a sewing needle, thread, scissors, and hardware for jewelry making.

I began by making marks on the ribbon with a pencil. Using a small scrap of ribbon, I marked the width of the ribbon shown in the first photo above. Then I marked the center of the ribbon between those markings. I did not cut any ribbon off the roll, I will do that at the end once I have the length I need.

To understand the sewing process, it is best explained by showing you. Please refer to the video below.

Video Tutorial:

Once I had the length needed for the bracelet, I finished the ends off with jewelry hardware.

While this technique makes for a lovely bracelet, you could also use the ribbon for other crafts or as a trim to a sewing project.

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