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Inked Wrinkle Technique

The other day I was working on a sublimation project and I was discarding my protective paper. I hated the idea of throwing away paper and came up with this idea for its use. Using the scrap paper, I Inked it to make an interesting texture. I happened to use Protective Paper from Artesprix. It has a vellum or parchment paper look to it.

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The idea here is to use waste paper. The protective paper I had couldn’t be used again for sublimation because it had some ghosting of the sublimation ink on it which might transfer if used again. I started with a black ink pad and then continued with different colors of ink.

This is the inked wrinkles after I added a few different colors of ink. After finding this successful, I did it again with sublimation ink pads and I will have a tutorial on that outcome posted soon.

Video Tutorial:

I ended up making a card with the wrinkled paper. I think it could be used in a variety of different ways. No more wasted paper for me. I will be keeping a stash of these wrinkled ink papers for crafting. Did you find this useful? Let me know in the comments.

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