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How to Make Embossing Powder Film


After seeing a tutorial on YouTube, I gave this technique a try. I made a film out of embossing powder to craft with. You can use the film in different ways while crafting, I used them to make two different cards.


To make the film you will need a few different colors of embossing powder. I chose to use all the same brand of powders so the heating time was the same. Parchment paper is used to sandwich the powder. Once heated with a heat gun, a metal palette knife will assist in removing the film from the paper.

Video Tutorial:


Once made, the film will appear dull on one side. If you want a glossy look, you need to heat it again without the parchment paper. Be warned that holes will begin to happen so you will want to use low heat or a large distance between the film and the heat source.

film closeup

This is a close-up image of one of the cards. You can see the detail in the embossing powder film, the glossy surface, as well as holes that are created when heating the surface. To adhere them to the card, any kind of adhesive will work.

Here are the close-ups of the two cards made with the embossing film. The film is delicate, handle it with care. I suggest making it as you need it rather than making some and trying to store it.

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