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How to Make a Leather Bookmark

Silver Creek send me samples of their leather to work with. I tested it with my Cricut Maker and it cut well. My first project was this bookmark. The SVG file is linked further down in this post and is available free in the store. The bookmark is rather simple but elegant and would work as a gift for any book lover, male or female.

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Silver Creek Leather Co. sells leather under the brand name Real Leather. You can find it in your local craft stores and online at Amazon. These are some of the samples sent to me, a variety of beautiful colors to work with.

I cut on a Cricut Maker using a purple mat and knife blade with a setting of light tool leather (0.02-0.03 cm).
This setting cuts with four passes through the Cricut Maker machine with no issues at all removing it once done. I recommend making some alterations and not placing the leather directly on the mat since it leaves a lot of leather fuzz behind on the mat.

I didn’t move the Cricut Maker rollers over before cutting which needs to be done to not mark the leather. – no worries for this project but something that needs to be known ahead of time for future projects.

Grab the free SVG file from the store here: [leather bookmark svg]

Place the first angle of the bookmark to the back of a group of pages. This image shows the book closed with a small amount of leather sticking out the top of the book. You could choose to embellish the bookmark further with a tassel if you desire.

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