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How To Fold An Origami Box

, Try It - Like It - Create it

Folding an origami box is rather easy and can be done with a variety of different papers. This version is made with a printed pattern on regular copy paper. The images are called Bio Dots and I downloaded them for free at The Craft Chop. You can try your own version with whatever paper you have on hand, or download patterns like I did to create your own. An origami box works well for storage or gift-giving. With the patterned paper, it works as a wrapped gift!



Cut two square sheets of paper. I started with 8″ squares. To make the bottom box fit, I actually ended up using a 7.5″ square. So the top was 8″ and the bottom was 7.5″.

video tutorial
, Try It - Like It - Create it

To add a bit of stability, I glued a piece of coordinating cardstock into the bottom box.

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