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How to Etch and Color Glass

with etchall

This is such a cute and playfully colored jar that is very practical to use. I placed tissues inside so you can see the different colors applied to the etched flowers. This project is very easy to do with minimal tools needed. I used a paper punch to create the flower shapes and etchall etching creme for etching.

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I started with the glass jar and decided on a design. Then, I used hand sanitizer to clean the surface of the jar because my bottle of rubbing alcohol was empty. So, in a pinch, hand sanitizer works to clean your glass. A paper punch easily creates flower shapes from the vinyl and gets applied around the entire jar. After the etching process was finished, the flowers were colored.

This photo shows the jar covered in vinyl flowers and etchall creme. It only takes 15 minutes for the etching process to work.

The jar pictured above is shown after being etched and cleaned. The design is really sweet and I could be satisfied with the project right now but my original idea was to add color.

The video tutorial below will walk you through the entire process. If you have never tried etching glass, I think the video would be a great way for you to better understand the entire process.

Video Tutorial:

Here is the finished jar in metallic blue. I used metallic wax paste in the color Bora Bora by Zuri. The flowers remind me of clouds in this version.

I actually removed the variety of colors and switched to a buffing wax. In the close-up image, you can see the metallic quality of the wax. While the color in the photos shows up well, in person I was a bit frustrated by what appeared to me to be light and not as dramatic as I wanted.

I was probably just too close to the project and should have left well enough alone. The multi-colored version seems more whimsical to me while the metallic cloud version seems more sophisticated. Let me know which version you like best in the comments below.

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