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Fall-themed Glass Dish

with Etchall

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I had an idea to etch these detailed leaves onto a glass bowl from Dollar Tree using Etchall etching creme. After cutting the vinyl and attempting to weed away the leaf, I decided that plan wasn’t going to work, the centers of the leaves were too small and hard to keep in place. So I chose to etch the reverse of my idea. The result is stunning, actually even better than my original idea.

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I used a Cricut Maker to cut the leaf design. The leaves were set to a small size – about 1.25″ long. I also cut a rectangle that would work with my original idea. I ended up using it for the seam around the bowl. You can grab the free leaf SVG from my store. [leaf SVG]

, Try It - Like It - Create it

I placed the leaves around the top of the bowl. They are placed tip to tip and tail to tail. I measured and drew lines on the inside of the bowl to guide where to place the straight line of vinyl on the outside. The rest of the bowl was covered with packing tape as a precaution.

, Try It - Like It - Create it

See the video tutorial below for details on using Etchall on the bowl. This was also an exercise in testing how detailed the etching creme could handle. It really worked well.

Video Tutorial:

, Try It - Like It - Create it

Here is a close-up image of the finished piece backed in black so you can see the detail of the leaves and the etching. The result took a Dollar Tree bowl and really elevated it to something elegant, better than I expected!

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