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Etching a Berry Jar

This glass jar is etched with etchall creme and then decorated with Glaze pens and Gwen Studios ribbon. I bought the jar as a hanging jar from the Dollar Tree. I planned to etch it and add an electric candle (as seen). Upon completion, I think it would look nice filled with candy or round balls of white soap for the bath. (I wish I had some)

Before working with the jar, remove the label and clean the glass with rubbing alcohol. If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol you can substitute hand sanitizer.

I measured around the jar and designed the holly berry design to wrap around the jar. Weed away the design you want to etch and leave enough vinyl to protect the glass.

After the vinyl is applied and rubbed down well with no air bubbles, apply the etchall creme. It takes 15 minutes to etch the glass. Then remove the etchall creme putting it back into the container.

The next step is to wash the glass and remove the vinyl. I do so by using a baby wipe to clean the glass, remove the vinyl, and finish off by cleaning again with rubbing alcohol.

I have recently been experimenting with different ways to color my glass etching. For this project, I am using Glaze 3D glossy pens in red and green. Glaze pens work on glass and you don’t need to etch the glass however I think the pens add to the etching.

The mark made by the pens is small. I chose to color the berries in solid and add a stylized line art to the leaves. The Glaze pens leave a glossy raised surface on the glass.

This is a fun inside view of the finished jar. I like how the colors are seen on the inside and outside of the jar.

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