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Etch and Color a Jar

with etchall creme

The moment I saw this jar I knew I wanted to etch our initial onto the front of it. etchall creme made it so easy to do. It only takes 15 minutes to etch. I then found a great way to color the etching.

Before working the surface you want to clean the glass. I used rubbing alcohol and a dry baby wipe to clean the glass.

I designed and cut out vinyl on a Cricut Maker. Make sure to measure your area. Although this looks like a circle it isn’t perfectly round.

Then I transferred the vinyl to the front of the jar, ensuring the edges were smooth and sealed.

I applied a generous amount of etchall creme to the surface and set the alarm for 15 minutes.

Then I removed the creme and returned it to the jar. etchall creme is reusable.

After removing the etchall creme, wash the surface and remove and discard the vinyl.

I wanted the etching to be more visible. I had a bottle of DecoEarth on my table so I applied it to the etching. I smoothed it on with my finger, and let it set for a moment or two.

I removed the paint with a dry baby wipe while burnishing the color into the etching. I was surprised to see it remained on the etched surface.

I don’t think all paint would work the same way. DecoEarth is made from reclaimed house paint, so its composition is different from other acrylic paints. I am happy with the results, this will be my go-to way to color etching in the future.

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