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Eight Ideas For Unique Art For Your Home

If you’re decorating your home, you probably want it to look a little different from the homes of all your friends. A lot of homes have the same artwork, as it all gets bought at the same large furniture stores or online print shops. If you want something a little different, here are some ideas for unique art for your home. 

  1. Have acrylic art printed. Acrylic prints create vivid pieces of art that add color, warmth and a modern look to your home. Have one of your own photographs, perhaps a favorite vacation snap, printed on acrylic for a truly personal and beautiful piece of art. 
  2. Paint a mural. This is a great option for kids’ bedrooms. If you’re a creative sort, you can design a mural for your wall. You could paint your children’s favorite characters, or for more grown-up spaces, paint on a favorite quote or a pattern of flowers or geometric shapes for a striking finish. 
  3. Frame something not usually framed. If you like pretty patterns, you could use small pieces of wallpaper or a piece of fabric that you find beautiful. Cut these items into squares and frame them. A few of these hung together would make an appealing gallery wall, and be a great way to bring color into a plainer room in a very cheap way. 
  4. Use washi tape. Washi tape is very popular with scrapbookers, but it can be used in decor. This masking tape comes in as many colors and patterns as you can think of, and has the advantage of being easily peeled off. This makes it a good way for renters to add some personality to a plain wall without losing their deposits. Some renters even use washi tape to make ugly kitchen cabinets or even the fridge look pretty. 
  5. Show off your adventures. Do you have travel posters, maps, and photos for your travels? Frame them up and group them together to create a display that will both look good and make you happy to look at them. You can display your memories and remember your favorite trips at the same time. 
  6. Make wood art. If you like modern, geometric art, you can make it easily yourself. Start with a flat wooden board. Glue on smaller triangles of wood in a symmetrical pattern. Paint some of the triangles in any color you like to create a modern, eye-catching piece. Follow tips and tricks when using acrylics if you’re new to painting wood.
  7. Make fabric art. Buy a plain canvas and paint it a neutral color. Then, choose some beautiful fabric that will go with your room. Cut the fabric into two equal strips. Form a cross over the canvas and secure the fabric in place with string. Choose fabrics with striking patterns for extra interest. 
  8. Recycle a calendar. Did you love all the pictures in last year’s calendar and are feeling sad about throwing it out? Cut out your favorite pictures and frame them so you can keep enjoying them without having an old calendar hanging around all year. 

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