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DIY Kitchen Trivet

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If you have looked into buying a trivet, they can be expensive. A trivet is something you probably need, but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on. Consider making your own with this simple technique and easy-to-find materials. You can alter the size and make a coaster or enlarge it and make a placemat. 


  • Clothesline (cotton)
  • Cotton yarn (Peaches n Cream)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors


This technique isn’t crochet or knitting but rather a wrapping and stitching technique. Start with the Cotton yarn and pull out a length you are comfortable working with, 1-2 yards in length. Thread one end of the yarn through the needle. 

Take the clothesline end and roll it onto itself to make a circle. 

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Wrap the end of the Cotton yarn around the clothesline circle – similar to winding a ball of yarn. 

Once the circle is covered, wrap the Cotton yarn around the length of the clothesline.

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I wrapped it 10 times around and then took a stitch into the circle.
Then I wrapped another 10 times around the clothesline and took a stitch into the row before.
Continue to wrap and stitch around the outside of the circle.
** Continue this technique to finish. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it

**Add a new Cotton yarn as needed, covering the ends of each piece of yarn with the wrapping

Using all cotton material is the safest option when using the finished piece with pots and pans that will be hot.

, Try It - Like It - Create it


There’s an almost unending variety that can be achieved with this concept. Just be sure to set your parameters before you begin so that your work is consistent. 

  • change the color of the yarn 
  • change your stitching pattern (like 3 sewn stitches instead of 1)
  • stitch down two rows of the wrapped lines instead of one
  • dye the work after you are finished
  • dye the clothesline

This post was a part of the #CCBG Creatively Crafty Blog Group’s September Craft Challenge where the theme was Kitchen Craft. This is a repost of the original post.

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