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DIY Glitter and UV Pens

final pens

Making glitter and UV pens is such a fun project. You can choose whatever color you like. All kinds of glitter can work, the finer the glitter the smoother the results. Using You-V resin makes the curing time quick as well as safe to touch.

How fun would it be to make these to coordinate with a special journal or project? They would also make a fun back-to-school project to do with the kids. While I only used glitter, you could include small stickers, cut vinyl, or images as well.

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Suggested Materials:

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pen ready for resin

After applying the glitter, you want to make sure the glue is completely dry before applying resin. I used Blue UV Jewelry Gel resin to coordinate with the color of my glitter. It is safe to use. Jewelry Gels are SGS certified with solvent-free composition. Under regular handling, it has a low risk of skin irritation.

Video Tutorial:

The pen in the tutorial is made with chunky glitter, I also made a pen using fine glitter to show the difference.

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