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DIY Christmas Tree Earrings


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Fun for the holidays, fun for gift-giving, make a pair of Christmas tree earrings with a die from, and shrink film. I’ve shown three different designs all made from the same die. The green earrings are using alcohol ink, the rose gold earrings used a stamp pad, and the silver and black pair were stamped with a rubber stamp.

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To make the earrings I used the smallest die from the Nested Tree Dies and shrink film from Grafix. I used white and silver shrink film.


  • Nested Tree Die
  • Shrink film – white, silver
  • CrossOver II
  • alcohol inks
  • Rose gold stamp pad
  • Stazon ink pad
  • rubber stamp
  • jewelry making tools and findings
  • Alcohol ink marker (green)
  • UV light
  • UV resin
  • hole punch
  • toaster oven

Video Tutorial:

As the film shrinks, the colors become more intense. While there was a pattern on the rose gold trees, it is all but gone once shrunk. However, they did take on a more metallic sheen almost like glitter. Do you have a favorite pair?

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One thought on “DIY Christmas Tree Earrings”

  1. These are just beautiful! So neat seeing all the different versions you’ve made, and how they all give a slightly different feeling.

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