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How to Paint Pour Rocks

This post is for Craft Lightning Painted Rocks with I Love Painted Rocks, 30 Minute Crafts, and The Country Chic Cottage. The challenge is to make painted rocks that take 15 minutes or less, not including drying time. I know paint pouring isn't anything new and there have been tons of posts and videos on the process. But, I thought it would be fun to try it on rocks. I had the paint I wanted to use thanks to DecoArts so I gave it a try. 




In four separate cups I mixed paint, gesso, water and lubricant. I actually used too much water. You will see the difference below.

Here is the pour cup.

The pouring process

While the results aren't bad, the color mixing wasn't what I expected. I decided to try again.

This is the new pour cup.
The color difference you see is from changing out the gesso for white glue.
It really made a difference.

The rock on the left is from the second pour, compared to the colors on the rock on the right from the first pour.

I was rushing the drying process with a heat gun which caused it to crack in places.

I used glossy ModPodge over the painted rocks.


I had excess paint to so poured it over a wooden board. Look at the number of cells! All those little white dots are cells.
I am not sure I like this board but I am going to let it dry and see how it turns out.
Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

I made another pour cup same as before with the white glue and less lubricant. 
I poured this mix over the second round of rocks.
They are still drying and I am going to let them sit, but here are shots of them in process.

The color mix is so much better. The colors are vibrant and rich.
There are some cells but not a lot, which I am fine with.
Once dry, I will coat them with glossy ModPodge.


This rock is from the second pour. The last of the paint from the bottom of the cup.
It might be my favorite one. It is sitting and drying. I didn't want to mess it up.

This strange photo is from the inside of the last (3rd time) pour cup.
I loved how it looked so I set it aside to dry.
I am hoping I can cut it apart and use the paper for another project.


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Make an Encouraging Greeting Card

I have a friend going through a rough spot after surgery and I created this card to send to her for encouragement. I love the color activity. It came together really easily and this technique is applicable to a variety of different rolls of washi tape so it will make different themed cards.


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The Best Cleaner Ever


ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Cap™


Line the strips of washi tape up on the card.


TIP: cut off the excess washi tape and collage it together on a separate piece of card stock to use on a later project.
Don't waste anything!


Adhere the washi tape sentiment to card stock


After cutting out the sentiment, glue it to the Rinea foiled paper.


Trim out the Rinea foiled paper.


Die cut the bow from Rinea foiled paper. The paper is colored brown on one side and gold on the other.


Choose which color you want for each piece.


Glue the die cut bow pieces together by the center of the bow only.


Glue the sentiment piece and place it on the card.


Glue the die cut bow and place it on the card.
When the glue is dry you can manipulate the top layer of the bow to add some dimension to your card.
I also added a drop of Stickles in gold to the center of the bow.


I like to coordinate the inside of the card with the front of the card. My tube of washi tape had another roll with text that coordinated.


I used some washi tape on the envelope as well.


I want to thank Rinea, Cricut, and ScraPerfect for providing some of the materials that were used in this post. 

Christmas Gift Tags

It is rather fun to do Christmas crafting in July, there is no pressure of a deadline looming for the holiday. Although it is extremely hot outside and I am not totally in the Christmas spirit. I had fun crafting these gift tags, that could be used for no Christmas gift-giving as well. The video below will take you through the process for each of the four tags.

The following links are provided to make it easier for you to purchase the same items, the are affiliate links.



This month the Creative Crafters were challenged to create a project for Christmas in July. Take a moment to peek at all the fun projects. And, if you have a Christmas in July post, share it with the Inlinks below.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

Origami Triangle Box

Learn how to fold this triangular box using three square pieces of paper. It is quick and easy to fold. Great for holding little knick-knacks. Fun for kids to fold. Just follow the YouTube video here. [Origami box folding]

Learn How to Lift Alcohol Ink for a Greeting Card


Rinea foil makes a colorful background for cards and cuts so easily with a die. The focus of this card is the alcohol inked image that uses a lifting technique for the ghost-like image with the help of a stencil. The video below will take you through the inking technique.

The following links may be affiliates. They are shared so that you can easily purchase the same material that was used in this project.



The following video tutorial will show the image lifting technique.

The alcohol ink image.
Cutting the text with a Cuttlebug and die from Cricut.
All pieces are put through a Xyron machine for easy adhesion.
First, the Violet Rinea Foiled paper is placed, then the inked image.
Another piece of inked Yupo is added.
Finally, the sentiment in Silver Foiled paper is added.
Thank you to Cricut, Rinea, and ScraPerfect for providing materials that were used in this project.

How to Use a Pom Pom Maker


Pom Pom makers are fun and easy to use once you know how. Without instruction, they can be frustrating even seem alien. But once you see how they work, you'll be making quick and easy pom poms. It is actually a soothing craft once you know what you are doing. Take a moment to watch the video tutorial below and you'll be easily on your way to swearing by this tool for making pom poms.


Inside the box, 4 different sizes

video tutorial


To purchase on Amazon (affiliate link)

StyleTech Craft Tool Set

Check out this tool set from StyleTech Crafts. I have worked with their vinyl for years. All their products are made in the USA. I am glad to see they are expanding their line of offerings. While this set is similar to others, I really like the red and white combination. This is definitely a great addition to my craft room.

Thanks to StyleTech Craft for providing the product for this post.

Chick fil a Cow Appreciation Day 2019

Chick-fil-A’s annual Cow Appreciation Day is Tuesday, July 9, 2019 from restaurant opening until 7 p.m. anyone wearing any sort of cow apparel will receive one free entrée and kids dressed like a cow may select a free Kid's Meal. For all the details and FAQs, check out the link.

If you need a costume, you might just like this free print and cut out a cow mask.    [cow mask]

You can pair it with this SVG file to make your own cow shirt. Just download the file and cut it out on your personal cutting machine. Then iron-on the vinyl. If you don't have a personal cutting machine, print out the file on transfer iron-on or just print it out and pin it in place. Add the mask from the link above and you will finish off your costume!

[SVG cow file]

How about a cow headband? You can print and cut these cow ears and glue them to a headband. Or if you want to cut them out on a personal cutting machine, you can download this free SVG file. [cow ears SVG]

[cow ears to print - PDF]

Eclipse Card

I am participating in a Facebook challenge with the C.A.S.E. group. We are assigned another participant to be inspired by. I was assigned Karen Hasheck from Karen's Kreative Kards. I chose a card from her layered card project. You can find her project here [Karen's blog post] [Karen's YouTube] I've always liked the eclipse technique but I didn't know what it was called and I had never tried it till now. 

A special thanks to a variety of companies who provided materials that were used in this project. Cricut for providing the Cuttlebug, Rinea for the foiled paper, Tim Holtz stencil, ScraPerfect for the Best Glue Ever, and Whimsy Stamps for the die. If you would like to purchase some of these materials I am providing links below which are affiliates,


How to Make a Journal with Rinea

Some links in this post are affiliates.

DIY a Journal with Rinea

 I am sharing a tutorial for making your own journal using a bookbinding technique. Years ago I had a scholarship to attend a workshop at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts for a week to learn about different forms of bookbinding. This simple binding is one I learned there. The cover is enhanced with a few embellishments and a die cut using Rinea Foiled Paper.



paper for DIY a Journal with Rinea

To begin, cut sketchbook paper to your desired size. Then cut a scrapbooking paper about 1/8" taller and about 4" longer. Actual measurements don't really matter and are flexible. My journal closed is about 4" x 6".

die cutting for DIY a Journal with Rinea

Cut the Rinea foiled paper, I used my Cricut Cuttlebug. 


adding tabs for DIY a Journal with Rinea

After cutting the cover I realized I wanted to tuck in the first and last page so I used pieces of Rinea to make small tabs. These tabs are folded in half and glued to the cover paper. And again once the paper is folded over. This allows the journal paper to be slid into and under the fold.

poking holes for DIY a Journal with Rinea

To make the binding I poked two holes equidistant from each edge. Using a larger needle than the one I will be sewing with. This takes some strength and force to get through all the layers. 

sewing binding for DIY a Journal with Rinea

(here is the Japanese binding technique!) To sew the binding, begin on the inside of the journal going through one hole to the outside. Leave a long tail end inside the journal. Loop the thread around the end of the journal and back to the inside, go through the same hole again. Take the needle to the next hole from the outside into the inside. Wrap the string around the end of the journal going through the same (second) hole again to the inside of the journal. Now tie the tail and the string on the needle together in the middle of the journal with a double knot. Trim the ends of the string.


embellishments for DIY a Journal with Rinea

I chose to add a few more embellishments to the cover. I added a floral element and a few Stickles dots in the corners. 


final open image for DIY a Journal with Rinea

Here is a photo of the finished journal open. You can see the first page is tucked into the folded cover. The back page is the same. It is now ready to give as a gift or to journal in. Once I was finished, my youngest daughter claimed it as hers. Both my daughters love to draw so I am pretty sure this is going to be a sketchbook. I hope you enjoy it.

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