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Making Personalized Gifts with Cricut

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Some of the following links are affiliates. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use. Thank you for using them.

As a crafter and Cricut Maker owner, I love making giftable items. With the new Infusible Ink, I recently made personalized coasters using Infusible Ink markers and Cricut coaster blanks. I loved that I could personalize them and change the design while still making a set that went together. There were a number of wreath designs available through Cricut Access. I chose two that worked together and printed them out, colored them in and heat set them with a Cricut EasyPress 2. Having all the right tools made the process quick and easy.

To get your creative ideas flowing, I am going to share twenty-five of my favorite personalized Cricut projects with you in the collage below and the links where you can follow the tutorials to make your own holiday gifts. The variety is amazing.

From left to right:

Christmas Box

Welcome Sign

Personalized Pajamas

Disney Shirt

Drawstring Bag


Glove and Scarf

Address Labels

Place Cards

Initialed Pumpkin

Star Ornament

3D Ornament


Sleep Mask

Napkin Ring

Personalized Aluminum Sign

Christmas ornament - baby’s first

Christmas Banner

Spiral Ornament

Felt Ornaments

Cut Initial

Engraved Dog Tags

Personalized Chemistry Set

Faux Leather Earrings

Charm Bracelet

Teen Shirt

Foiled Place Cards

I have a post up on the Rinea Foiled Paper blog today making these place cards. I've linked the material list below, many are affiliate links.


Easy Crochet Mitten Pattern

These mittens and an ear warmer were made from one skein of yarn. I used Red Heart Colorscape yarn. I love the color variation on the mittens and they are so soft and comfortable. These mittens really were very easy and quick to make. They are sized large. I am now ready for the cold weather with these easy crochet mittens. Check out the free PDF pattern below. 

close-up of mitten

The following affiliate links help support this site.


My favorite crochet kit:


stitch abbreviations:

  • ss - slip stitch
  • ch - chain
  • sc - single crochet
  • dc - double crochet

top of mitten:

magic circle

9 dc into ring

ss to first dc

pull magic circle tight and weave in end of the yarn

2 ch dc into the same stitch as joining

2 dc into each stitch

ss into ch

* 2 ch

dc into each stitch

ss into ch

continue from * until you reach the point where your thumb joins your hand

for large size it was 11 rows.


opening for thumb:

2 ch

dc into the next 6 stitches

ch 6, skip the next 2 seiches

dc around row and ss to beginning


from thumb to wrist:

2 ch

dc into each stitch

ss into ch

repeat for 4 rows or until the desired length

do not cut hear, continue to cuff


the cuff:

ch 6

sc 5

ss 2 into the bottom of the mitten

sc 5 into the sc on the cuff

continue around the bottom of the mitten

ss to join to the beginning of the cuff



11 dc around the opening

**ss to first dc

2 ch, 10 dc

continue from ** until you have 5 rows, or the work covers your thumb


cut the yarn leaving a medium length for the tail

sew this in and out of the stitches around the thumb

pull tight to cinch closed

knot and weave ends in

mittens and ear warmer

If you prefer, you can download the free PDF of this pattern here: [easy mittens]



Eco-Friendly Tote Bag Trend

Fashion is not about copying your favorite celebrity or purchasing all of the recommended buys in the magazines. It is about staying true to who you are. It is a beautiful medium that presents us with the opportunity to showcase our personality and our feelings without the use of any words. In fact, if you think about this that’s why we look back on photos and cringe at the dress we were wearing or gleam in delight at the stunning bag we still treasure today. After all, life is a journey and we change as people along the way; no matter how old we are. Fashion reflects this. It follows us on this fantastic path. And whilst we leave parts of ourselves or our lives behind, we also leave styles behind, yet there are others that stay with us through thick and thin. One fashion item you are assured to treasure for years and years to come is an art bag. It doesn’t matter whether you still deem the bag to be trendy ten years down the line, but because an art bag is such a fantastic form of expression it will capture who you were as a person then and how you were feeling. Thus, it becomes a precious accessory you won’t want to let go of.


The art bag: Two worlds of fashion and art collide to dramatic effect 

As already mentioned, fashion is a simply fantastic means of expression. It presents an innovative way of showcasing who you are and how you are feeling. What else offers this opportunity? Art of course! Many would be in agreement that art is one of the most fascinating, effective, and magical forms of expression. The way an artist takes a subject and then uses their unique interpretations and thoughts in order to create a masterpiece is truly astounding. Thus, when the worlds of fashion and art collide through an art bag you can imagine the dramatic results. 


An art bag takes form by beginning with a bag in one plain color, such as black or navy. The artist in question will have created their picture. This will then be printed onto the front of the bag in order to create the detail and make the bag stand out from all others available today. There are lots of different types of art bags to choose from. From craft tote bags to a clutch bag; you are assured to find what you are looking for. Not only this, but there is a huge selection of different artistic masterpieces to pick from too. Thus you are bound to find something that appeals to you and your creative nature. 

This accessory is a must-have for many reasons. Firstly, let’s assess it based on sheer fashion credentials. What better way to spruce up a plain and boring outfit than with an art bag? You can take a plain black dress or a white t-shirt and jeans and turn it into a head-turning ensemble with this accessory. If you are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and be experimental then this is the perfect accessory for you. After all, anybody can carry a boring black handbag with them every day. But it takes a true fashionista to be able to rock a look as eye-catching as this. And earlier, it was mentioned about how poignant these bags can be because they are a representation of who you are and how you are feeling. There is something extremely special about an art bag as the paintings are original creations by the artists. Therefore, you know that the creations come from the heart and that they are full of meaning.

So there you have it; if you are looking for the perfect accessory then look no further than an art bag. Not only is this a bold fashion statement but it is the perfect means of expression and showcasing your personality too. 

This post was submitted.

Christmas Craft Challenge

Share your creative Christmas craft projects with us. 


You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

Chirstmas Nugget Wrappers

Check out these cute wrappers for Hershey Nuggets. There are six designs in the PDF print file; gingerbread girl, Santa, reindeer, snowman, penguin, and polar bear.

designs cut and ready to wrap, you can glue them together quickly with a glue dot!

nuggets and papers ready for wrapping

The PDF file contains two of each of the six designs.

The PDF is available on Etsy.

[Etsy $1.25]


Rinea Foil Folded Ornament

I have a fun ornament video tutorial up on the Rinea blog today. It is really fun and easy to make. You can change the look by changing the colors. Consider making a few for your tree this year. [Rinea tutorial]

The following links are affiliates, thank you for considering to use them. It helps support this site in a small way.


Personalize Your Holiday Decor with the Cricut Maker

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Sometimes it is the little details that add the final touches. In this case, these personalized holiday coasters I made with my Cricut Maker using the new Infusible Ink add the finishing touch to my holiday decor. I love how they turned out and they would make a great Christmas gift or hostess gift this holiday season. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to make and I can see more of them in my future. Possibly a set for each holiday would be fun. 

The following links are affiliates. They cost nothing to use. They do help support this site in a small way. 
I would like to thank Cricut for providing materials that have been used in order to create this post. 



Using the Cricut Maker, the image was drawn onto regular copy paper.

Cricut coaster blanks

The outline is drawn.

The image is colored in.

I have to highly recommend using the Cricut Heat Resistant Tape.

The image is cut out and taped to the coaster.
Notice the tape going over the marker image.

The heat setting for this project.
You can easily find your heat settings at the online guide. [online guide]
Or if you prefer, I have created a printable version from the online setting guide. [print version]

Here I am trying to show the heating sandwich. It isn't really intuitive so I want to make sure and point it out.
From the bottom up: EasyPress Mat, piece of paper, paper with design, coaster, piece of paper, EasyPress2

A side by side comparison of the paper design and the coaster.
Notice the color differences. The finished image is much brighter.

Remember where I pointed out the tape over the design?
If you look closely you can see the color isn't quite as vibrant where the tape was.
So, don't tape over your design!

This is the bottom sheet of the sandwich, notice the ghost image or bleed through.

Make sure to let the coaster completely cool before you remove the taped in place design.

The finished coaster. (version 1)

Finished (version 2)

Santa Pillow - FFW Pillow Party

When it comes to the Christmas season, I am partial to Santa. Out of all the different icons of the season, it is Santa for me. There is just something about that jolly man. I love the imagery of Santa Claus, the mystery and magic. So when it came to making a pillow for the holiday season, I knew I was going to make a Santa themed pillow. I had some bumps along the way but the pillow is so soft and comfy. My daughter has already claimed it!

The following links are affiliates but cost you nothing to use them. They do support this site in a small way.


  • red fabric (Lush Fleece)
  • white fabric (Lush Fleece)
  • thread - black and red
  • needle
  • scissors
  • sewing machine (Brother SE350)
  • 4 black buttons
  • pins
  • black Offray ribbon
  • 20x20 pillow insert ‚Äč


Cut the red fabric to 23.5" x 49"

Cut the white fabric to 5" x 23.5"

Pin the red and white fabric together along the 23.5" edge and sew together. 

Pin the other two  23.5" sides together and sew.
I marked the white fabric with a line to sew along making sure it was parallel to the other sewn line.


Because the piece is a tube, and I wanted the white stripe in the middle, I had to find the center point of the white strip.
Then I made sure that each side from that point measured the same before sewing the pillow together.


Pin together and sew the edge together. 


Turn the fabric inside out and place the pillow form inside. 
Pin the buttons into place and then sew them by hand. 


Pin the bottom edge of the pillow closed.

Sew the edge together by hand. 

Wrap the ribbon about the pillow and trim to size for Santa's belt. Pin the ribbon into place and tack it down in place along the white fabric, sew by hand. 
Turn the pillow over and sew the ribbon together, tucking under the exposed end and sew together by hand. 



This tutorial is a part of the 2019 Pillow Party Sponsored by Fairfield World. Our hostesses are Alexandra Stapleton-Smith from The Hedgehog Hollow and Laura Kelly from Laura Kelly Designs.

Enter to Win
$100 Michael's Gift Card and 10 pounds of Polyfil. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can read more about the Pillow party at the following link.

Check out all the creations below:


Printable Pilgrim Candy Wrapper

Are you planning your Thanksgiving festivities? Don't forget to print out these candy bar wrappers. Make sure you have one for every sweet tooth you've invited.

This post originally was a link to an off-site printable. The link is now broken so I created a Pilgrim candy wrapper to replace the link. This wrapper is a free PDF printable and the above image is wrapped around a Nestle's Crunch bar, so it will fit most full-size candy bars. 

[free PDF file]

Looking for a different design? You might like these instead.

Turkey wrapper

Turkey wrapper 2

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