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Welcome Sign

welcome sign

I created a welcome sign for our house using a few different techniques. At a recent SNAP conference, I saw the Plaid Marbling Paint. In a recent goodie box, they sent me some to try as well as the wood plaque. I was excited to try this technique that I have seen all over YouTube. Once I was finished, I felt it still needed something. I then covered the edges with black Sharpie Marker. (black paint would have worked just as well) Once again, it still needed something. I added the Welcome by cutting some black vinyl I had from Tape Technologies using my Cricut Maker. So this post and project is a true melting pot of brands I work with. 


I want to personally thank Cricut, Tape Technologies, and Plaid for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut and Tape Technologies.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.





marbling paint
These are the colors of Marbling Paint I used along with the plaque all from Plaid.

setting up the plaque
Plaque is in place in the disposable baking pan sitting on top of a plastic cup.

mixing the paint
Here is the paint in the disposable cup ready to pour - do not mix just add in paint randomly.

cup upside down
For this step you want to bring the cup and the plaque together, then place them like so on the cup.

moving the paint around
After you lift the cup and all the paint has transferred to the plaque, once again you pick up the plaque and move the paint around to cover the entire surface.

leave paint to dry
This is my results.

close up of marbling
A close up of the marbling.

I didn't take a photo of the edge with the added Sharpie Marker but after the paint dries, this is when I added the edging.

cutting vinyl for welcome sign
Cutting the vinyl for the Welcome Sign.

ready to transfer for welcome sign
Here is the vinyl weeded and ready to transfer to the sign. 

finished Welcome Sign
Close up of the welcome sign, a bit off center but I didn't want to try and move the vinyl!


This post is a part of the Creative Craft Bloggers monthly craft challenge.
The theme for the month of July was wood. Take some time to visit the other projects that were made for the challenge.

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Try it - Like it - Create it

Welcome Sign


B U tiful :: Empowering Girls Shirt

I am working on a few shirts for my daughters with empowering sayings. The first is this B U tiful shirt. It stands for being yourself or B U (be you) is beautiful. I used three different kinds of iron vinyl from Cricut - silver, white and glitter. My daughters wanted the design to be where a pocket would be on the t-shirt so the design is rather small and cutting the glitter vinyl was a bit difficult. You can see in the f that it went a little wonky. But overall, I still like the design because you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Your imperfections make you - you!


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

This post is a part of the Iron On Event for July with Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, Carolina with 30 Minute Crafts, Jen with 100 Directions, and Jessica with Mad in Crafts.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.


Make sure to head to the bottom of this post to enter to win a Cricut EasyPress and get more iron on vinyl project ideas!
this file was created in Design Space using Cricut fonts. The link to the file is up in the materials list.

cutting vinyl for girls shirt
The Maker cutting the iron-on vinyl. Remember to mirror the image when using iron-on vinyl.

using the easypress for girls shirt
Using the EasyPress to iron-on the vinyl.
*tip* I like to use my EasyPress on the shirt prior to placing the iron-on to remove any wrinkles or moisture that might be in the fabric.
finished girl shirt
The finished design, it isn't perfect but I like it!

Take a moment to look at the other iron-on projects at the link below:



Want to make all of your iron on projects easier? You need an EasyPress! Win one below.

Enter Here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day 2018

Chick-fil-A’s annual Cow Appreciation Day is Tuesday, July 10, 2018 from restaurant opening until 7 p.m. anyone wearing any sort of cow apparel will receive one free entrée and kids dressed like a cow may select a free Kid's Meal. For all the details and FAQs, check out the link.

If you need a costume, you might just like this free print and cut out cow mask.    [cow mask]

You can pair it with this SVG file to make your own cow shirt. Just download the file and cut it out on your personal cutting machine. Then iron-on the vinyl. If you don't have a personal cutting machine, print out the file on transfer iron-on or just print it out and pin it in place. Add the mask from the link above and you will finish off your costume!

[SVG cow file]

Label Your Kids Dresser with Removable Vinyl

When my kids were little they had a terrible time knowing what clothes went where in their dresser. They were too young to read. I labeled their dresser drawers with sticky-type notes that I drew on and they didn't last very long. I wish I had this removable vinyl back then, it would have made labeling their dressers so much neater. I really love how this Removable Vinyl from Tape Technologies was easy to apply and will be easy to remove as well. Let me tell you about the glorious colors. There are six matte types of vinyl available in popular colors, I used a teal version.

About the Matte Vinyl:

This high-quality matte film is ideal for temporary or medium-term graphics, especially in home décor, craft projects, decals, scrapbooking, card making and general crafting.

This film removes cleanly and easily for up to 2 years after application and has a matte surface that suppresses unwanted reflection. This product is especially versatile as it is coated with a removable adhesive and even offers medium-term outdoor exposure.


I want to personally thank Tape Technologies for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Tape Technologies and this project is a part of our monthly design team posts.

I also wanted to thank Cricut for providing my Maker machine, which I love!



  • Removable Vinyl
  • scissors
  • transfer film
  • personal cutting machine [I used a Cricut Maker]
  • weeding tool
  • Clothing file [SVG]


Begin by downloading the clothing file linked above. If you are interested in different types of clothing, I recommend  FlatIcon. [link] There are a lot to choose from.

cutting vinyl for labeling dresser
Load and cut the file with your personal cutting machine.


weeding the vinyl for labeling a dresser
Cut images


ready to transfer for labeling a dresser
ready to transfer


finished applying labels to dresser
Placed on the dresser. Sorry for the close-up image, my daughter's room wasn't very clean!

I think this is the perfect application for removable vinyl. I truly wish I had it when my kiddos were little!

Patriotic Napkin Band :: Free Printable

Make quick and easy free printable napkin bands.

Celebrating the 4th of July usually means picnics and backyard BBQs. This is a quick and easy way to add a little attention to detail. A cute Patriotic Napkin Band to wrap around your plastic utensils and napkin that will keep them together and secure. These bundles are great because you can grab them quickly when going through a buffet line or packing up a picnic basket. The napkin bands don't cost much but add a patriotic flair to your tablescape and you can easily make as many as you need. You probably already have all the materials you will need on hand to make them.

* Some links provided contain affiliate links *



napkin bands image
Download the free PDF file linked above in the materials list.

printing napkin bands
Print out as many bands as you need.
I found that one band actually wrapped around two napkin bundles.
Use standard copy paper so the wrapping is easy. 

cut out the napkin bands
Cut out the individual bands.

rolled utensils
Roll the utensils into the paper napkin. I found placing the utensils on the napkin at a diagonal actually covered and protected more of the utensil surface. 

wrapping the band
Wrap the band around the bundle.

add a glue dot
Use a Craft Glue Dot to hold the band tightly around the napkin.

finished napkin bands
Make as many as you need for your celebration. 

Creative Craft Bloggers Monthly Challenge - Photography

Each month a group of creative bloggers challenge each other with a theme to create a blog post. For the month of June, we were challenged with the theme of photography. Each blog took on a different twist to the theme. Take a moment to visit and comment on each one. I am sure there will be something new to learn on each blog post.

If you would be interested in joining our craft blogger group or learning more information, please leave a comment on this post.

4th of July Star Banner

Quick and Easy Paper Banner


Decorating for the  4th of July doesn’t have to cost a bundle. All you need is paper stars and you can make a quick and easy 4th of July Paper Star-Banner. If you have a personal cutting machine, the production is even quicker. If not, use the printable template to cut the different size stars.


materials used for star banner


A special thanks to Glue Dots for providing the adhesive and to Cricut for providing a Cricut Explore Air 2 machine.
Some links may be affiliate links.




cutting the stars
Cut the stars in the various sizes and colors. 

cut stars
The SVG files linked above are already set up for your personal cutting machine. If you are cutting by hand, download and print out the PDF template.

align the stars and twine
Using one star from each color decide upon placement and distance between the stars.

Place a @Craft Glue Dot on each star near the middle. The largest star may need two.

Cut your twine and line it up on the stars pushing the twine into the @Craft Glue Dot.

Add a second star to each of the stars to hide the twine in-between them.

Make as many strands as you desire.

Hang the strands from a mantle, a piece of furniture, or a window. 

Quick and Easy Printable Luggage Tags

We recently bought new luggage for a European vacation because we needed lightweight luggage and new carry-ons for the size change requirements. We found some great options with the brand Jump but they didn't come with luggage tags. So, the day before our travels I whipped up some quick and easy printable luggage tags. I thought these would make great backpack tags as well. They really are quick and easy to make.



  • printable design (links below)
  • printer and cardstock 
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon


Begin by choosing a design to print out. You can choose between the four colors shown above. The links to each printable with four tags each follows. [Yellow]  [Black and White]   [Purple]   [Blue Green] These are 8.5 x 11" PDF files.

Before printing, type in your information or write it in after printing. 

Cut each shape out and fold in half. 

Using packing tape, pull off a long strip and cover the tag front and back. If you have a laminator, that would work well too. Trim off excess tape.

Slice a slit into the luggage tag or use a paper punch at the top of the tag. 

Thread ribbon through the tag and attach to your bag. I also used a match at the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't fray. 

Color a Greeting Card - using a vinyl outline

I know coloring a Greeting Card isn't anything new. But this Greeting Card technique is something quite new. The design was made using vinyl and then it was colored in with watercolor pencils. You might have seen stickers in your local craft store that were made for applying and then coloring. I took that concept and made my own using vinyl for a Greeting Card that you can color. 



Some links are affiliate links, they cost you nothing extra to use them. 


Download the file from the link above listed in materials. The file contains the card and the flowers. The red line needs to change to a score line and make sure it is associated with the cutting of the card.

Cricut Maker
I begin by cutting the watercolor paper into the card shape with rounded edges. Then I cut the vinyl. 

weeding vinyl
Then I weeded out the vinyl that wasn't needed.

burnish the design
Using transfer film, place the design on the card and burnish it well.

watercolor pencils
Now to color the design using watercolor pencils.

coloring the card
As you can see, I like to layer different colors as I work.
After I colored in an area, I went over it with the water brush to blend the colors.

finished card

I really liked this technique and will probably do more of it. I did find that the watercolor pencils were not as soft as I would have liked. Using them and water made some of the watercolor paper fibers begin to ball up. Something I need to solve in future attempts. I might try markers instead of the watercolor pencils and see how they work staying within the vinyl outline. 

Napkin Rings with Vinyl

This post was created as a part of Tape Technologies Design Team and may contain affiliate links. I created abstract napkin rings using transparent vinyl. This project doesn't take a lot of materials to create, in fact, you don't even need a cutting machine for the vinyl. Just a pair of scissors. I used four different colors of transparent vinyl in my design (listed below), but you could choose a different color scheme to suit your decor. I want to thank Tape Technologies Inc. for providing the vinyl to create this project. 

couplings and vinyl


  • 4 PVC couplings
  • scissors
  • Transparent Vinyl
  • sandpaper
  • nail polish remover
  • scraper
  • paper towel
  • Black Sharpie Marker



The PVC couplings were found at our local hardware store and were around 20 cents a piece - very economical! You could use PVC pipe and cut to size if you are able. The couplings I found had a sticker on them. I removed it with a scraper but it left a residue, so I used acetate nail polish remover to get the gunk off.


The couplings had a few rough seams so I used a bit of sandpaper to smooth them down. The couplings also had raised text on one end and a small bump on the outside. I chose not to remove them with the sandpaper because I wasn't sure about the safety of the PVC dust.  I used a paper towel to clean off any dust before applying the vinyl.

wrapping vinyl

I used scissors to cut the vinyl sheets into strips and then randomly applied them in an abstract manner to the couplings. I took it one step further and covered each end with a black permanent marker for a more finished look. 

The colors of vinyl I used from Tape Technologies were:

  • Magenta 435TG
  • Silver 493TG
  • Dark Gray 497TG
  • Black 499TG

napkin ring

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