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How To Make Faux Leather Earrings

Making earrings with your personal die cutting machine is a current hot topic in crafting. I've done it before [see post here], but these leaf-like earrings are my newest design. This version of earrings was made using The Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect. It really made making them and attaching the layers together easy. The tacky glue dries quickly but leaves enough time to maneuver the position of the layers. 


I want to personally thank Cricut and ScraPerfect for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member with Cricut and ScraPerfect.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.


  • 2 colors of faux leather (Cricut Brand)
  • Personal cutting machine (Cricut Maker)
  • The Best Glue Ever
  • a weight (I used a tile)
  • 2 crystal beads - blue
  • 2 silver jump rings - small
  • 2 earring wires - loop on 1 end
  • 2 fish hook ear wires
  • jewelry making tools (wire cutter, round nose plier, flat plier)
  • free SVG file [earring SVG]

Using a Cricut Maker, I cut the faux letter

cut pieces of faux leather

using The Best Glue Ever

Once glued and in place, I used a tile to weight the layered faux leather down.
Let dry overnight.

I used a T-pin to poke a hole in the faux leather and
attached a jump ring and earring wire.

Threading the crystals and finishing off the wirework to make the finished earrings.

How to Make Individual Hand Soaps for Your Valentine

This post is a part of Creative Crafter's February craft challenge and the theme of Valentine's Day. I wanted to find a way to make individual "paper-like" soaps. What I came up with are these cute little heart soaps. They were really easy and quick to make. They are thicker than paper but still work with the same concept of individual hand soaps. They would work with any Valentine's Day Decor. 


  • Melt and pour soap
  • soapmaking fragrance 
  • soapmaking dye
  • microwave
  • microwavable container
  • plastic knife
  • wax paper
  • heart-shaped cutter


Using a small piece of melt and pour soap, place it in a microwavable container, heat at 30-sec intervals until melted. Add scent and dye as desired, then stir.
*You want to use small amounts of soap to be able to manage the liquid when you pour it out onto a flat surface.

Pour melted soap onto the wax paper. Smooth out thinly with the plastic knife. 

Allow to cool. 

Use the heart-shaped cutter to make the individual soaps.
I used two different sizes and found the small one to work best for individual use.

You can remelt the leftover pieces of soap, and add more color to it after melting to easily make a variety of different shades and colors.

Visit all the other creative Valentine-themed crafts: Inlinkz Link Party

How to Sew a Reversible Sleep Mask

I am joining a group of bloggers who are creating sewing projects that can be used as little gifts or stocking stuffers. You can read more about this year long project at the bottom of my post. My contribution to this project is a reversible sleep mask. It is made using two coordinating fat quarters. This is a quick and easy sewing project. 


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member with Cricut.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.


      ** fleece can be replaced with a recycled terry cloth towel, flannel, or fleece batting. 


See the PDF pattern for marking description on the pattern.

Cut the fabric using the pattern linked above. In the picture above I am cutting the cotton fabric with the back side of the fabric up to show how you would cut your fabric if it were a lighter color. Doing so would allow you to use the Cricut Fabric Marker to add the lines included in the SVG file. Since my fabric is dark, the marks would not show. 

The image above shows the cut fabrics. Two cotton pieces (dark) and the scrap fleece (red). I used the SVG to cut the cotton fabric on a Cricut Maker and I cut the fleece using scissors. I did so to show that either form of cutting would work equally well for this project. As a general guide, I cut the elastic band to 15" - choose a length that works for you.

It is important to layer the fabric sandwich correctly. Start with the fleece, then layer a piece of the cotton correct side up. Place the elastic band and pin in place, fold in the middle as necessary. Top this off with the other piece of cotton face down. Pin all the layers together to prepare for sewing. 

This is the entire project layered together ready to sew. The top layer of the sandwich has the top cotton piece with the back side facing up. You can see the pins around the mask shape. The top two pins are used as guides to show where to start and stop sewing, leaving a slit at the top to turn the mask right side out. This is easier to see on the PDF pattern.

Because this piece is one large curve, sew around your eye mask at a slow pace making the stitching about 1/4" from the cut edge of the fabric. I need to give a shout out to my favorite sewing machine. It is a Brother SE4500 (sewing and embroidery machine) and I bought it at Walmart.

Remove any remaining pins from the mask. Cut the V shapes into the curve areas of the mask. In the nose area of the eye mask, cut slits into the fabric making the curve easier to turn inside out. DO NOT cut into the stitching.

close-up of one of the cuts

The mask right side out, notice the open slit at the top - where you can see some red peeking out.

Finger fold the open seam and pin closed. You can choose to hand stitch this seam closed and be finished. I chose to add a finishing machine stitch around the eye mask which accomplishes similar results. 

This is a close-up of the finishing stitch. If you choose to machine stitch, do so very slowly. Keep your stitching close to the outer edge, about 1/8".

I used my EasyPress to iron the finished masks. An EasyPress isn't necessary, mine is handily on my work table and easy to use. A regular iron works just as well for this project.

I created two masks to show the reverse sides. They will be gifted to my daughters. I have enough left over fabric to make more sleep masks. I am thinking about making another one for myself and possibly having a few on hand for easy and quick gift giving. 

How the Little Gifts Sew Along Works

Every other Tuesday from January 1 through December 3, 2019, we’ll share a free sewing project for a little gift! These gifts are small enough to be “stocking stuffers” if you’d like to get a head start on holiday crafting, or you can gift them for birthdays and other events throughout the year. Each little gift will be made from 1-4 fat quarters of cotton fabric (or a yard or less of fabric, if you don’t have precut fabric on hand).


And, because sew alongs are more fun with prizes, we’ve reached out to some of our favorite companies to get some amazing end-of-SAL prizes. You can find out more about the prizes and enter for your chance to win here on Underground Crafter!


How To Join the Little Gifts SAL

  • You can join in by sewing the projects as you have time.

  • Share your progress and post pictures of your finished projects. Tag your projects and posts #sewlittlegifts and #stockingstuffersal on all social media.

  • If you’d like to chat with other sewists, join the Underground Crafters Facebook group.

  • By the end of the SAL, you’ll have up to 25 handmade gifts.


Visit Underground Crafter to learn more about the prizes, enter the end-of-SAL giveaway, and to get links to each Little Gifts Sew Along project as it is released.


A special thanks to Marie from Underground Crafter for organizing the Little Gifts Sew Along, what a great idea and I had fun working on this project.

Crochet Spiral Trivet with Free Pattern

I saw a similar project and just felt like I needed to learn how to crochet a spiral flower/pot holder/trivet. I couldn't imagine how it was done. But I learned that it is all one piece and the swirl or spiral actually happens as you work. It really isn't that hard to do. However, with that said, you really do need to count your stitches. I made three before I wrote the pattern. The newest version I made, I changed the color each round thinking it would be easier for you to see, but actually, it was a lot easier to work and count because I could see the stitches better. You can download a printable PDF version of this pattern at the bottom of the post.

  • 2 or 4 different colors of yarn  (4ply acrylic yarn) similar yarn
  • crochet hook 3.75 mm (F)
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

Stitch Abbreviations

  • ch - chain
  • sc single crochet
  • dc - double crochet
  • ss - slip stitch

magic circle
ch 3
dc 15
tighten magic circle

round 1
*ch 21
ss 2nd stitch (this is called a petal)

repeat from * 7 times

work into the first chain of 21
**sc 10
3 sc in next chain
sc 10

move to the next chain of 21 and repeat from **
continue around all petals

round 2 - change color if desired
workaround each petal
sc 11
3 sc in next chain
sc 11

round 3 - change color if desired
workaround each petal
sc 12
3 sc in next chain
sc 12

yes, as you work it does look spider-like

round 4 - change color if desired
workaround each petal
sc 13
3 sc in next chain
sc 13

lay flat, make sure each petal is twisted the same direction

Finishing round - change color if desired
from the top of a petal (center of the 3sc together)
skip the top stitch then
count down the right side 5 stitches
begin at this point - work up to point of petal
sc 5
sc 3 (into the top stitch)
sc 5 down the left side

***move to the next petal, 
count down the right side 5 stitches
work into this stitch (keep it tight)
sc 5
sc 3 (into the top stitch)
sc 5 down the left side

work from *** 6 more times (the next 6 petals)
ss to end

work in all loose ends - I use them to stitch together gaps I feel are uncomfortable between the petals. This makes for a more solid piece.

Gray and cream with pattern variations

Now it is your turn to try, I think you will become addicted!
[Free PDF pattern]

My Top 5 YouTube Videos

My top five YouTube videos from 2018 are listed and linked below. I guess it should be no surprise that they are all Cricut tutorial videos. Cricut themed posts and videos seem to be my best performers across the board. I am so thankful for my relationship with Cricut. 

1. Design Space - How to Create a Banner - Easy

2. Upload an image to cut in Cricut Design Space

3. Knock out Image and Transparency in Cricut Design Space

4. Cricut Print then Cut with a Pattern

5. Cricut Design Space: Creating A Flower from Type

Making A Thank You Note With The Best Glue Ever

Christmas is over and it is time to send all your thank you notes for the gifts you received. Hand-written thank you notes are not a thing of the past and they will be a very welcomed piece of mail. Sending a thank you note is definitely a task every child needs to learn how to do. Why not have some fun with the process and make your own glittery thank you notes? This technique is really easy, a bit messy, and very fun to make. 


I want to personally thank Cricut and ScraPerfect for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member with Cricut and ScraPerfect.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.



Using your personal cutting machine, cut out the card and the thank you stencil. 
Black lines will cut, set the red line to score.

Fold the card in half.
Attach the stencil where you desire with a bit of tape.
TIP: I used regular clear tape and stuck it to my pants first to pick up some fibers so the tape wouldn't stick tight and tear the paper.

Use the Best Glue Ever to fill in the words.

Here is the fun messy part, use your finger to smear the glue over the cutouts.
Use your other hand to hold the stencil in place.


Cover the stencil with glitter.
Use your finger to push the glitter down, make sure the stencil is well covered.
Remove the stencil, tap off the glitter.
Return the excess glitter to the tube.
TIP: I placed another piece of paper below the card to catch all the glitter making it easier to collect and reuse.

Close-up of the glitter on the card.

Crochet Baby Shoe Pattern

This post contains affiliate links

A family member just gave birth to twin baby boys so I crocheted baby shoes. They are sized to about 12 months in size because I wanted to make sure they weren't too small. I figure it is always good to be able to grow into then gifting something too small. I think they turned out really cute and by the fourth shoe, I really had the pattern worked out well and memorized! They work up rather quickly and I was able to use up yarn on hand. 



You can download a PDF file of this pattern at the bottom of the post. 

Sole of shoe

  • chain 12
  • hdc 10
  • 6 hdc in one stitch
  • hdc 10
  • 2 hdc in one stitch
  • ss
  • chain 1
  • hdc 10
  • 2 hdc in 6
  • hdc 6
  • hdc 9
  • 2 hdc in last stitch
  • ss
  • ch 1
  • 2 hdc in 1 stitch
  • hdc 12
  • 2 dhc 12
  • hdc 9
  • 2 hdc in last stitch
  • ss

after PGhdc round

finished upper shoe

Upper Shoe

  • ch 1
  • BPhdc all
  • ss
  • ch 1
  • sc all
  • ss
  • ch 1
  • sc 14
  • * 2 hdc
  • 2 hdc2tog
  • repeat from * 2 times
  • 14 sc
  • ss
  • ch 1
  • sc 14
  • 6 hdc2tog
  • sc 14
  • 3 hdc2tog
  • ss back 4
  • continue on 14 sc
  • ss
  • fasten off    

thread end strands into crochet

straps - choose your own design


  • ch 15
  • sc 14
  • ch 1
  • sc 14
  • end

leave tails long to attach pieces to shoe

Stitch Abbreviations

  • ch - chain
  • sc single crochet
  • hdc - half double crochet
  • ss - slip stitch
  • BPhdc - back post half double crochet
  • hdc2tog - half double crochet two together

finished shoes

You can download a PDF version of this pattern here: [baby shoe pattern]

Top 5 Tutorials from 2018

I always find it interesting to see what the top tutorials are from each year. In 2018 four out of five of the top tutorials were Cricut related. 

1. Folding a Paper Frame Using Cricut Design Space

2. Heart Boxes

3. Last Day of School Autograph T-shirt with Cricut

4. Terra Cotta Bunny Rabbit

5. Felt Penguin Earbud or Cord Holder




Free Printable Crochet Hook Chart

I have been busy crocheting but I can never remember the conversions between the different sizes of crochet hooks, and yes, I have a variety of different ones. They are all marked differently. So I created this free printable crochet hook chart to keep with my supplies. I hope you find it useful. You can download the free PDF file and print it out for your own use. Enjoy! [chart]

The Best Kitchen Scrubbie - Crochet

This post contains affiliate links.

I don't know what it is about winter but I always crochet when the weather turns cold. I was looking around for a few small projects to work on and found one for The Best Kitchen Scrubber on YouTube. I've been busy making them. They are really quick and easy to make. I suggest an aluminum hook because it glides well through the tulle. I found tulle and a #10 crochet hook at Walmart. The 6" x 25yd tulle makes almost 2 scrubbies.  I've shopped around the internet for tulle and found the price at Walmart to be the best (linked below). I also found 6" x 100yds at BB Crafts for a really good price even with shipping. 

Looking for the written pattern? It can be found here. [scrubber pattern]

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