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A Great Day Greeting Card Made With The Best Glue Ever

I am the newest member of ScraPerfect Design Team. This post originated on the ScraPerfect Blog. I am really excited to be on the Design Team and I am excited to share all their products with you. If you would like to see the list of ScraPerfect products, you can view this Instagram Story of photos. 

Some of the following links contain affiliate links. It costs you nothing to use them.




To begin, I stamped a coloring stamp on watercolor paper using my handmade Stamping Tool.
black stamping ink
Stamp the coloring stamp with Stazon permanent ink so that you can work with water on top of the image.
Brush Water Color Markers.
working with watercolor markers
I used watercolor markers to color the image.
using watercolor pencils
I layered Watercolor Pencils on top of the Watercolor Markers.

Making the background of the card, I randomly stamped a floral stamp using pink and orange ink.


The end result of the random stamping (I love creating texture with stamps)



Stamping the sentiment.

Putting it all together, I used the Best Glue Ever.

I chose to design the card as a horizontal using pink and red cardstock.

I added a bit more ink around the edges of the card because it didn't feel finished and I added three buttons on the right.

Fabric Coasters with Cricut

The Fabric Coasters are a part of a month craft challenge with Creatively Crafty Blog Group #CCBG. Each month this group of talented women challenges each other to make a craft on a given topic. September is national sewing month so we were challenged to craft using fabric. I made these easy Fabric Coasters using Cricut products but they can easily be made without them. I will explain the process for both below. 


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.

materials - fabric coasters
Cricut Fabric Sampler and Fabric Mat for the Maker



These coasters are very easy to make. They use five different fabric pieces. The Fabric Samplers from Cricut are perfect for this project, but you can use any cotton fabric. 

To being, cut each of the 5 pieces of fabric. You want 4 squares from each piece to be 4.5" square. This was really easy to do on the Cricut Maker because it cut them all exactly the same with just a push of a button. I have set up a free file in Design Space for this project. 

cutting fabric - fabric coastersCutting fabric with the Maker.
Cut the fabric with the design side down.
Use the Rotary Blade.

cut terrycloth - fabric coasters
I used scissors to cut an old terrycloth towel.
Use either terrycloth or batting.
I marked these to be 4" square but you may need to cut them smaller.

iron cut pieces flat - fabric coasters
Iron the fabric squares flat.
I used the EasyPress 2.

fold fabric in half - fabric coasters
Four of the fabric pieces need to be folded in half and ironed.
Again, I used the EasyPress 2.

all cut pieces - fabric coasters
All pieces folded and ironed.

layering step 1 - fabric coasters
Layering the pieces to prepare for sewing.
This is step 1.

layering step 2 - fabric coasters
step 2 - place over step 1

layering step 3 - fabric coasters
step 3 - place over step 2

layering step 4 -  - fabric coasters
step 4 - it is a bit tricky because you go over step 3 and under step 1.
 It is kind of like origami.

cover - fabric coasters
Place the flat piece of fabric over the folded "origami" like group.
Place it design side down.

repeat all 4 - fabric coasters
Do this for all four coasters.

pin the fabric - fabric coasters
Pin the entire fabric sandwich.

sewing - fabric coasters
Sew all four sides. 1/4" from the side.

sewn coaster - fabric coasters
Do not leave a space open.
You can trim off strings, but it isn't necessary.
They will all be hidden inside.

turn inside out - fabric coasters
Remove the pins.
From the "origami" side, open up the fabric and turn it inside out.

terrycloth - fabric coasters
Place the terrycloth piece inside.
I found it fit better if I cut more off from each piece of terrycloth.
Make sure it is laying flat inside the coaster.
Push the corners of the fabric to a point as much as possible.

finished coaster - fabric coasters
Finished coaster.

press coaster - fabric coasters
Iron the coasters flat - I again used the EasyPress 2.

set of coasters - fabric coasters
Completed set of four coasters ready to use or gift. 

This post is a part of a monthly challenge with Creatively Crafty Link Party. For the month of September, we were challenged to create with fabric.
Visit all the tutorial shown above at the links below.

Try it - Like it - Create it

Fabric Coasters with Cricut


Al Things Beautiful

How to Make Tie Dyed Fabric


2 Dishing Divas

Fabric Toilet Paper Pumpkins


Life Beyond the Kitchen

Fun Drawstring Bags from Fat Quarters


T-shirt Made Using the New Cricut EasyPress 2

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


I have a series of t-shirts I am working on using Cricut Design Space. This "dork" shirt is the first in the series. Each shirt has an altered letter in the word and they each follow a similar theme to this shirt. The design is intentional in its generic look and use of black and white. Each design will be available for you to use in Cricut Design Space.  When done, I will share the series here at Try it - Like it - Create it. But for now, I want to share with you the Easy Press 2 and a few tips for using it to do your own iron-on projects.


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.

three sizes of Easy Press 2

Have you seen the new Easy Press 2 from Cricut? It now comes in three different sizes. I chose the traditional size of 9x9. It also comes in 6x7 and 12x10. The color has changed to raspberry instead of blue so you know it is an EasyPress 2. The EasyPress 2 will adhere your iron-on vinyl in 60 seconds or less, mine took 30 seconds. Cricut also now has a guarantee:

This is why we now have in place the StrongBond™ Guarantee on many of our iron-on materials.
Cricut’s StrongBond™ Guarantee means that when this iron-on material is used as directed, you’ll be completely satisfied with the results.
If not, we’ll replace it for free. Look for the StrongBond™ Guarantee on select iron-on materials."  

cricut iron on


Directions and Tips:

Tips will be marked with a *

Begin by accessing the file. In Design Space alter the size. I used a design that was 9.5" wide make sure to attach the design elements. *Most designs for women's shirts are either 9" or 9.5" wide.

cutting the iron-on
Cutting the iron-on vinyl. 
Don't forget to mirror the image.
Then weed out the unwanted vinyl.
*Fold your design in half and crease the acetate.

iron moisture out of fabric
I set the EasyPress 2 to 290 degrees and 30 seconds.
(It can heat up to 400 degrees)
Press your fabric to remove any moisture.
*I pressed my t-shirt folded in half to aid in the placement of my design.

position iron-on
Open the shirt and lay it flat on the EasyPress mat.
*To center the design, alight the fold of the shirt and the fold on the iron.
*Measure down from the neckline about 3" for placement.

Place the EasyPress 2 onto the iron-on design and press the green Cricut logo.
This design took two turns to cover the entire image with the 9x9" EasyPress 2.
*Shake the shirt to cool the iron-on down.
Slowly peel the acetate off the design.

close up
Here is a close-up of the image after the acetate is removed.
*If you can see the pattern of the fabric in the iron-on, you know it is secure and will not lift.

close up wearing shirt
And it is finished and ready to wear!

DIY a storage pocket - a Dollar Tree Craft

I am participating in a Dollar Store Challenge this month with other craft bloggers. The project I am making is made from items I found at my local Dollar Tree. I recently saw a video making a similar project. I think it was on Facebook but I can't remember the source. I wanted to try this Dollar Store Craft because I think it might be a great project for kids. After making the storage pocket I was surprised at how sturdy it was given the materials I used. 

materials for zippered pocket



Begin by laying out a zipper-topped baggie on a hard surface that you can remove the tape from easily. Before applying the tape, make sure the slider on your bag works well. I'd hate to make this entire project and find I don't have a zipper that works well.

cover with duct tape - dollar store craft
Cover the baggie with duct tape. If you have a distinct pattern in your duct tape, take time to align the design when you add each strip.

bottom edge of pocket - dollar store craft
My tape was a bit off from the baggy along the bottom edge.
So I added another strip of tape and folded it over to the back side.
This also gave the bottom edge a bit more strength.

cover the bag with duct tape - dollar store craft
here is the additional tape added tot he bottom

fold over the sides - dollar store craft
lift the pocket off the table surface and flip it over.
Fold the excess tape over to the back side.

flipped over with bottom edge - dollar store craft
This shows the bottom tape folded over the bottom edge.

trim sides of pocket - dollar store craft
Now cover the back side with tape, taking care to align the strips.
Leave the excess off the sides, you will cut this off after all strips are added.

insides pocket - dollar store craft
The pocket is more sturdy then I expected.
This photo shows the inside of the pocket.

I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.

I decided I would like to add a word on the front of my storage pocket. I used white vinyl and my Cricut Maker to cut it out.

cutting vinyl cricut maker - dollar store craft
cutting the vinyl
I set the whole thing up using my iPhone and sent it to the Cricut Maker - this was really easy to do without having to use my computer.

finished pocket with vinyl letters - dollar store craft
I applied the vinyl to the front of the pocket.

Now that it is done, I think you could hole punch the bottom edge and actually use it inside a school 3-ring binder. This was a fun and fast project. And, it cost less than $2 because I have baggies and duct tape left over from my Dollar Tree purchase.

Take some time and visit all the participants in the Dollar Store September Challenge.

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And their projects can be found on the link up below:

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DIY a Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl Hero image

This Yarn Bowl was made using scraps of yarn we saved from making pom poms. I love the color combinations of the different yarns. It makes for a great recycling project. I have to take a moment and have you notice the eggs. We are watching our neighbors chickens and these are the fresh eggs we gathered from them. Once again, I am drawn to the colors. 



press and seal with bowl for yarn bowl
Begin by putting a sheet of Press and Seal down (sticky side down) on your table surface. Place the bowl upside down on the Press and Seal. Then cover the bowl with a layer of Press and Seal (sticky side down).

yarn scraps for yarn bowl
This is the yarn scraps we saved.

plastic bag with yarn for yarn bowl
Place the yarn in a plastic bag add Mod Podge and a little bit of water and mix them together.
Mixing by squishing the bag, ultimately I needed to get my hands into the mix.

mixture on bowl for yarn bowl
Cover the bowl with the yarn mixture.

cover the space for yarn bowl
Make sure to cover the entire surface and press down on the mixture.

drying - yarn bowl
Allow the structure to dry - it might take a few days.
I saved some of the yarn scraps in case I needed to fill in any open areas.

close up yarn bowl
Close up of the yarn bowl.

finished yarn bowl
I like the rough edge but you could trim it to be smooth if you desire.


I am ... An Empowering T-shirt Design with Cricut

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

finished t-shirts for i am design


Recently I shared the B U tiful t-shirt design. I actually made two different empowering designs because I have two daughters. I let them choose the location of the designs and they liked the smaller pocket location. So today I am sharing the second design, I am ...


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.



Begin by accessing the design in Design Space. *The design is free but I had to pay for the font usage.

vinyl colors for i am
Choose your vinyl colors

cutting svg file for i am
cut the layers on your personal cutting machine

vinyl weeded for i am
weed the designs

layer vinyl for i am
layer them and place on your desired location of the shirt (see next step)

easypress for i am
follow the directions for your EasyPress
iron on the bottom layer first, and then the top layer
this design is a two-step process

girls wearing shirts i am
Happy girls wearing the shirts!

August Craft Challenge :: Metal

A group of craft bloggers join together at Creatively Crafty and have a monthly challenge where we pick a topic and create. This year we’re working with various materials with a specific material assigned each month. The month of August was metal. While we found it a little challenging, a few of us took on the challenge with gusto and created the projects listed below.

If you think you’d like to join us at Creatively Crafty where we support each other, challenge each other, and host a weekly link party, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll help you get started.



Die Cut Bookmarks

I bought these unbranded die cuts awhile back. When they came in, they were much smaller than I expected. But in the end, I found a way to use them. I needed to cut something strong enough to make a small bookmark work. I used soda cans! These bookmarks are great for back to school or friend gifts. Kids can help you make them. I even used a few different techniques to decorate them, which I will show you below. I am sure there are even more than I tried but this should get your creative juices flowing.


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.



die set
these are the unmarked dies I used

cut soda can
Cut the soda can

cover with duct tape
Cover one side with duct tape

using cuttlebug
Using the Cuttlebug to cut the soda can with duct tape.
I found placing the small die cuts down cutting side up, works best.
A layer of soda can and duct tape together was the thickest layer the dies could cut.

using super glue
After cutting two of each shape, use super glue to glue them together.

finished die cut bookmarks
These are the finished Duct Tape version of the bookmarks.

variations on decorating bookmarks
But there are a variety of different ways to decorate the surface. 
These bookmarks are made the same way without the Duct Tape.
Cut two of each shape and super glue them together, then decorate.

sharpie paint markers
Using Sharpie paint markers, I used a random dot pattern on each side to decorate.

alcohol ink markers
Using Alcohol Ink Markers, randomly cover the surface and then used rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to bleed the colors together.

nail polish bookmarks
Using two colors of nail polish, drop random dots of nail polish onto the surface.
Use a toothpick to swirl the colors together making sure to cover the entire surface.

finished bookmark
Finished bookmark being used. I am not sure which is my favorite version.
The Duct Tape made the bookmarks a bit more rubbery or bendy than the other versions. All versions work well.


Back to School Backpack Tags

I can't believe summer is over for so many kids and they are heading back to school. Thankfully we are headed out on vacation and don't go back to school until after labor day. But before we leave, I wanted to share with you these useful back to school backpack tags. There are two different styles for you to choose from. One with the information front and center, and the other with the information under a flap because I know you don't want to share personal information with just anyone. See how easy and quick these are to make. 


  • free pdf printables [flap tag] [no flap tag]
  • white cardstock
  • color printer
  • scissors or pen knife or paper cutter
  • packing tape
  • ribbon


printouts for backpack tags
Begin by choosing which print out you want. 

cut out tags for backpacks
Cut out the tags. I used a paper cutter to do so.

cover in packing tape backpack tags
If using this type of tag, write on the information in the window available.
This style is great for little ones so they can find the correct bus without worry.
Then cover in packing tape.

flip up cutting for backpack tags
If you are using this style of tag, cover in packing tape first, then cut along the lines for the flip tab opening.
Cut off the half circle at the top of the tag (there isn't a line there)

inside information for backpack tags
Both styles will get folded at this point.
I used the excess packing tape along the top edge and folded it over to close the tag.
Open the flap and write in your personal information.
This style is great for sharing information but not having it visible to any passerby.
If you desire, you can also tape closed the sides of the tag with packing tape.

ribbon for backpack tags
I use ribbon to tie the tags onto backpacks.
I burn the ends to make sure they don't unravel.

finished backpack tags
Cut a slit at the top and slide the ribbon through.
The tags are ready to place onto backpacks.

tie in place backpack tags
Just tie in place and they are ready to go!

Make Lunch Fun

I know many of your kiddos are heading back to school. Here is a cute way to make their lunch fun and give them a little surprise too! Add vinyl to their fruit, brown paper bag, and sandwich bag.  I used a fun fluorescent green (Green-FC06) color to go along with the goofy faces. 


I want to personally thank Cricut and Tape Technologies for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut and Tape Technologies.

Tape Technologies sells vinyl under the name StyleTech on Amazon.

The following links may contain affiliate links. They help support this site and cost you nothing to use them.



  • lunch items
  • personal cutting machine (Cricut Maker)
  • vinyl from Tape Technologies 
  • transfer tape
  • scissors
  • free svg file: fruit faces


Some surfaces are easier to apply vinyl too than others. The sandwich bag and a brown bag would be easier than the orange. The rough surface of the orange just took a little bit more time and patience to get it to stick, but it is definitely doable.

cutting vinyl for funny lunch faces
Cutting the vinyl on a Cricut Maker.

weeded funny lunch faces
Fun faces are weeded and ready to transfer.

apply the vinyl for funny lunch faces
Close up of finished pieces. Hopefully, they gain a few giggles!

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