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Cricut Presidents' Day Sale

Today through 2/25, Cricut is featuring excellent sales, 30% off iron-on materials, craft tools, and paper, Cricut Explore Air 2 Machines starting at $199, and 50% off EasyPress Totes. is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $99+. Use code SHIPFEB.

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Snag an Explore Air 2 Machine starting at $199! Valid through 2/25.

Save 30% off Iron-On Materials! Valid through 2/25.

Save 30% off Craft Tools! Valid through 2/25.

Save 30% off Paper! Valid through 2/25.

Save 50% off EasyPress Totes. Valid through 2/25.

Save $30 on a Cricut Brightpad. Valid through 2/25.

Cricut Access Only: Save 30% off Rolling Totes. Valid through 2/25.

Take a Look at the Evolution of Cricut Machines

Have you ever wondered about the lineage of the Circuit machines? I have collected information and images for a variety of machines that have been made. Cricut machines are manufactured by Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc. Provo Craft is located in Utah. The company is 15 years old and was created on December 21, 2003. I don’t have the manufacture dates for each machine. If you have this information, I would love to be able to add it to this article.


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Current Models:


Cricut Joy

(Introduced Feb. 12, 2020 - available March 2020) the Cricut Joy is a smaller, more light-weight version at 5" x 8" and less than 4 lb. The Joy introduces two new features not elsewhere available in the Cricut product portfolio. With specialty accessories and materials (labeled Smart Materials™), the Joy is able to cut single designs up to four feet long and repeated cuts up to 20 feet.



Cricut Maker
(released on August 20, 2017) The Cricut Maker machine is used with Design Space, which is a cloud-based, online software. It does not function stand-alone. When using Design Space on a desktop or laptop computer, an internet connection is required. When using the machine with the Design Space app on an iOS device (iPad/iPhone), you can use the offline feature in that app to use your machine and Design Space without an internet connection. The Cricut Maker is an adaptable machine with interchangeable cutting and scoring heads.


Cricut Explore Air 2
A slight update from the Air, it cuts two times faster. Comes in a variety of colors and works with the current Circuit Design Space application.


Cricut Explore Air
This is a wireless machine that can cut paper to fabric and more. It works with the current Circuit Design Space application.


Cricut Explore One
Similar in look to the other Explore machines but only has a single tool holder. You can cut and write but you have to do so in two steps.



Cricut Explore
The Cricut Explore, Explore
Air, and Explore Air 2 each have a double tool holder so that you can cut & write (or cut & score) in 1 step. The Explore One has a single tool holder, so it can cut & write (or cut & score) in 2 steps.

The Explore Air and Explore Air 2 have built-in Bluetooth, but for Explore One and Explore, you will need a Cricut Wireless Bluetooth Adapter in order to use it with your iOS or Android mobile device or to cut wirelessly from your computer.


Legacy Machines:


Cricut Expression 2
The Cricut Expression 2 was designed as a standalone machine. The LCD touch screen and Cricut® cartridges allowed you to create projects without being connected to a computer. A computer was required to update the machine's firmware, however.


Cricut Expression
The Cricut Expression machine had several fantastic features available. A few favorites are the Auto Fill and Quantity features. They allowed you to cut multiples of the same image so you could quickly create a batch of invitations, place settings, party favors, or other projects. There was a scoring tip that could be used.


Cricut Mini
The Cricut Mini relied exclusively on using Cricut Craft Room, a computer program which no longer functions. The Circuit Mini is obsolete.


Cricut Imagine
The Cricut Imagine machines use a special cutting mat with a white border and black registration marks that the machine will read prior to cutting your printed images with precision and accuracy.  The Imagine machine was unable to read any other mats. 



Cricut Cake
Cricut Cake was specifically designed to cut edible material, including gum paste, frosting sheets, and more. As such, it was designed with parts made of food-safe material. In fact, any part of the machine that touches food was made of food-safe material.


Cricut Create
The Cricut Create machine was designed to function with the Cricut® cartridges as a standalone machine.


Cricut Personal
The Cricut Personal/V1 machine was designed to function with the original Cricut cartridges as a standalone machine.


Additional Machines:


Cricut Cuttlebug
The Cricut Cuttlebug machine is compatible with most leading brands of dies and embossing folders. The B Plates - Cutting, A Plate - Spacer, and C Plate - Adapter (sold separately) are different thicknesses so that you can mix and match. 



The Cricut EasyPress comes in three different sizes and is used to heat iron-on vinyl. You may find it has alternative uses similar to an iron.



The Cricut BrightPad comes in Mint Green and Rose Gold. It is a modern light box and works great for weeding, tracing, paper piecing, and jewelry making. 



Cricut Gypsy
The Gypsy was a portable personal design device for use with your Cricut® Personal, Create, Expression, Cake, Cake Mini, Expression 2 and Imagine machines. It allowed you to store Cricut® cartridge content, design with that content, and then connect to your Cricut® to cut. 


Valentine's Day Cricut Flash Sale

Starting today through 2/18, Cricut is featuring a Valentine's Day Flash Sale! The sale features 40% off Materials and Accessories, The Cricut Maker for $329 + More! is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $100+ Use code FEBSHIP.

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Save 40% on the materials you love. Valid through 2/18.

Save 40% on accessories! Valid through 2/18.

Get a Cricut Maker for a steal – only $329! Valid through 2/18.

Snag an EasyPress Machine Starting at $49! Valid through 2/18.

Grab a Cricut BrightPad for only $49! Valid through 2/18.

Cricut Access Only: Save 25% off Bulk. Valid through 2/18.

Bundle Sale! Snag an Explore Air 2 Bundle starting at $229. Valid through 2/18.

Cricut's Valentine's Day Sale

Starting today through 2/4, Cricut is featuring Valentine's Day Sale! The sale features $30 off Cricut Maker Machines and BrightPads, 30% off Iron-On Materials, Infusible Ink, and Other Materials, and 20% off Clearance. is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $100+ Use code JANSHIP.

The following links are affiliates, thank you for using them.

Save $30 on Cricut Maker Machines! Valid through 2/4.

Save $30 on Cricut BrightPads! Valid through 2/4.

Save 30% off Iron-On Materials! Valid through 2/4.

Snag an EasyPress 2 Machine starting at $49! Valid through 2/4.

Save 30% off Infusible Ink! Valid through 2/4.

Save 30% off Other Materials! Valid through 2/4.

Save 20% off Clearance! Valid through 2/4.

Eight Ideas For Unique Art For Your Home

If you’re decorating your home, you probably want it to look a little different from the homes of all your friends. A lot of homes have the same artwork, as it all gets bought at the same large furniture stores or online print shops. If you want something a little different, here are some ideas for unique art for your home. 




  1. Have acrylic art printed. Acrylic prints create vivid pieces of art that add color, warmth and a modern look to your home. Have one of your own photographs, perhaps a favorite vacation snap, printed on acrylic for a truly personal and beautiful piece of art. 

  2. Paint a mural. This is a great option for kids’ bedrooms. If you’re a creative sort, you can design a mural for your wall. You could paint your children’s favorite characters, or for more grown-up spaces, paint on a favorite quote or a pattern of flowers or geometric shapes for a striking finish. 

  3. Frame something not usually framed. If you like pretty patterns, you could use small pieces of wallpaper or a piece of fabric that you find beautiful. Cut these items into squares and frame them. A few of these hung together would make an appealing gallery wall, and be a great way to bring color into a plainer room in a very cheap way. 

  4. Use washi tape. Washi tape is very popular with scrapbookers, but it can be used in decor. This masking tape comes in as many colors and patterns as you can think of, and has the advantage of being easily peeled off. This makes it a good way for renters to add some personality to a plain wall without losing their deposits. Some renters even use washi tape to make ugly kitchen cabinets or even the fridge look pretty. 

  5. Show off your adventures. Do you have travel posters, maps, and photos for your travels? Frame them up and group them together to create a display that will both look good and make you happy to look at them. You can display your memories and remember your favorite trips at the same time. 

  6. Make wood art. If you like modern, geometric art, you can make it easily yourself. Start with a flat wooden board. Glue on smaller triangles of wood in a symmetrical pattern. Paint some of the triangles in any color you like to create a modern, eye-catching piece. 

  7. Make fabric art. Buy a plain canvas and paint it a neutral color. Then, choose some beautiful fabric that will go with your room. Cut the fabric into two equal strips. Form a cross over the canvas and secure the fabric in place with string. Choose fabrics with striking patterns for extra interest. 

  8. Recycle a calendar. Did you love all the pictures in last year's calendar and are feeling sad about throwing it out? Cut out your favorite pictures and frame them so you can keep enjoying them without having an old calendar hanging around all year. 


Cricut - Everyday is Love Day Mystery Box

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It's time for a new Cricut Mystery Box and the theme this month is love. Your box will probably include the following list of items. If items run out Cricut does substitute for like value items.

$39.99 $132.90

Cricut Cutie

scraper and spatula set

Natalie Mulan paper packs (2)

gold marker set

Stainless set adhesive foil

Iron on Martha Stewart in Rose pink

Pattern Iron on set

Holographic Cherry Fizz sampler Vinyl

Removable lipstick vinyl



  • Let's start the year off right! It's Mystery Box time!
  • **Mystery Box is available to US and CA customers only
  • **All sales are final, contents are subject to change, and quantities are limited
  • **Price is displayed in US Dollar
  • ***Affiliate Codes now require a $50 minimum purchase

Unboxing Sizzix Sidekick

I have wanted a small die-cut machine for a while now. I don't want to lug out my larger die cutting machine for small quick uses. This Sidekick can be left on my crafting table without taking up too much space. So far, I am really happy with it. In the video below I walk you through the unboxing and first use.

unboxing video


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Sizzix Sidekick
Sizzix Sidekick
Shop at:


Top 5 Favorite Craft Tools from 2019

Looking back on 2019 there were five craft products that stood out and really made a difference in how I crafted. Some of these products were new in 2019 or just new to me. Each one was helpful in its own way. Check out my video that reveals each one, I've also linked where you can purchase them down below.



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AZ - Amazon, SSS - Simon Says Stamps, SB -, M - Michaels

Scraperfect Best Glue Ever
Scraperfect Best Glue Ever
Shop at:
Scraperfect 32 Clog Writing Cap, Medium
Scraperfect 32 Clog Writing Cap, Medium
Shop at:
Cricut Maker® Machine
Cricut Maker® Machine
Shop at:
AZ | M | C
We R Memory Keepers - All-In-One Tool - The Works
We R Memory Keepers - All-In-One Tool - The Works
Shop at:
Waffle Flower Water Media Mat
Waffle Flower Water Media Mat
Shop at:
Westcott 14849 8
Shop at:

Marvel Mystery Box from Cricut

This post contains affiliate links.

For a limited time only, Cricut is launching the Marvel Digital Mystery Box! In addition to the Mystery Box, Cricut is featuring excellent deals such as the Winter Solstice Sale. Please do not share upcoming offers with your audience until the sales are live on the Cricut site. is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $50+ & Free Economy Shipping, no minimum for Cricut Access subscribers

Limited-time Only! Marvel Digital Mystery Box.

Save 50% off T-Shirts and Bodysuits! Valid 12/20-12/25.

Save 50% off EasyPress totes! Valid 12/26-12/31.

Save 20% off Storage! Valid 1/1-1/4

Holiday Pricing on Machines! Save up to 40% on the Cricut EasyPress! Valid through 12/31.

Cricut Access Exclusive: Sign in and save an EXTRA 20% on clearance! Valid through 12/31.

Cricut Explore Air 2 starts at only $199! Save up to $50. Valid through 12/31.

Save up to $50 When You Grab a Cricut Maker for just $349. Valid through 12/31.

Save $30 when you grab a Cricut Brightpad for $49! Valid through 1/4.

Save 50% off Select Materials! Valid 12/19-1/4.

Save 50% off Accessories! Valid 12/19- 1/4.


  • **Affiliate Coupon Codes cannot apply to Digital Mystery Boxes
  • **Mystery Box is available to US and Canada customers only
  • **All sales are final, contents are subject to change
  • **Price is displayed in US Dollar
  • **After purchase, you must sign out of Design Space, and sign back in to see your newly purchased digital content

Overcomer on DVD

This is a post written by me on behalf of Flyby Promotions. All opinions and experiences are my own. I have been provided a DVD for this review.

Overcomer has to be the best Christian themed movie I have ever seen. The acting was so well done. I felt invested in the outcome of the story. It was emotional in a good way. The Christian message was well addressed, explained, and lived out. I have to highly recommend seeing Overcomer if you haven't done so already. And it is available on DVD. 

Don’t miss out on the #1 Inspirational Family Film of 2019! Overcomer is available on digital now and DVD on December 17th.  Go for more information!

  • Overcomer is the #1 Inspirational Family Film of 2019

  • 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes 

  • Available just in time for gifting!

  • DVD is packed with tons of features and extras

You can find resources for your church and family on the Overcomer website


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