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Black Cat Mobile

with Gwen Studios

I can’t believe it is time to craft for Halloween! In this house we love cats and we aren’t afraid of black ones. In fact, we used to have a black cat. As a member of the Gwen Studios design team, I was asked to craft for Halloween or Fall. I chose to make this black cat mobile. While everything I used is black, it turned out rather cute and not scary at all!

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At first, I thought all I needed was to paint the cats black – which I did. I painted them front and back and made sure to cover the edges as well. Then I decided to try the Dragonfly Glaze Paint on top of the black paint and that really finished off the look taking the flat black surface to something magical! I painted the embroidery hoop exactly the same way.

While the painting of the cats dried, I tied eight small bows from the Gwen Studios black satin ribbon. I used a lighter to finish off the ends of each bow so the ribbon doesn’t fray.

To begin the construction of the mobile, I took four very long strands of the black satin ribbon, folded them in half, and tied a knot leaving a loop at the top for hanging. At the very top of the loop where the ribbons are layered on top of each other, I used the Quick Grip glue between each layer to keep the ribbons in place.

Evenly separating the ribbon strands around the embroidery hoop, I tied and knotted, and balanced the hoop. Once I was happy with the arrangement, I secured each knot to the hoop using the Quick Grip glue.

Each ribbon strand has a cat and bow attached at random lengths. I altered the direction each cat is facing. Looping the ribbon through the hole in the cat and tied a knot. Before making the knot tight, I slipped a bow into the knot loop. To finish off the ribbon, I cut the excess ribbon off, used a lighter to seal the end, and then glued the ribbon tail up onto the long strand of ribbon.

Here is a close-up of the finished mobile cats. You can see how the cats are staggered in different lengths. When they touch each other the wood gives off a clicking sound that is subtle and pleasant.

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