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Best Sellers

Have you ever wondered what was a best seller in any given category? You can find out on Amazon. They have a whole section classified and devoted to the best sellers.

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Why would you want to know this information? As a business, it can tell you Industry trends in the funnel you sell in. As a consumer, you can see what is trending or what might make a special gift for someone special.

Arts, Crafts, and Sewing

As a creative, I was interested in seeing what was top on the list in Arts, Crafts, and Sewing. Above you can see the top 6 items on the given day I visited. (the list continues with more rankings) The Best Seller lists are updated frequently but no specific timeframe is given.

Visiting from day to day I have seen the Apple Barrel paint in the first position for a while. The list has also included Vinyl and Cricut mats jockeying around positions but always at the top of the list. One day I saw yarn from Woobles in the #2 spot but I haven’t seen it again.

As an influencer, I can see what the public is interested in, what they are buying, and thus what I should focus on for crafters.

Craft Supplies

Taking a step down into Craft Supplies, the above image shows the top 6 on the list. Laminating materials take the first two spots. There are five products on the list of six that I would consider to be of interest to a broader range than just for crafting. The one truly craft-only focused item is the Cricut mats.

More Info

For each list you visit, under the first 6 items, there is a section that contains links to New Releases, Most Wished For, and Gift Ideas. These categories might grant you additional information you are seeking.

When you narrow your item down don’t forget to look at the review stars, how many people have reviewed the product, and check out the questions asked and answered. This information is found as you scroll way down on the product page. You might also find photos and/or videos of the product in use. This information might solidify or cancel your plan to purchase.

As the manufacturer or the competitor, this collection of information is golden.

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