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B U tiful Empowerment SVG

This month I am participating in an SVG hop with the theme of Motivational Quotes.

A while back I create a few different empowerment shirts for my daughters. I had the file on Design Space but if you don’t own Access you can’t use the files so I decided to remake one of the images as an SVG so everyone could access it.

This image is a play on words. Not only does it say beautiful it also says to be you – because that is beautiful. I fully believe in treating your children how you want to see them as a person so they will grow into those beliefs.

Grab the free SVG file from the store here: [BUtiful SVG]

The above image is the original shirts I made for my daughters. I am including the image to show you a different color combination. The design is slightly different but I stuck with the image on the shirt in the pocket location. An enlarged image on the front of a shirt would also be nice.

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