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Aluminum Foil in the Craft Room

I love finding alternative and inexpensive ways to craft. Today I am working with aluminum foil and embossing. The metallic shine is so pretty. After embossing the foil, I added alcohol ink to the surface. The ink really adds to the dimension and shows off the embossing.

There are a lot of uses for aluminum foil so I keep a roll in my craft room. Probably no surprise, I also keep a roll of parchment paper. I hadn’t used foil in a while and I wanted to emboss it. After doing so, it seemed appropriate to add the alcohol ink, they go together so well.

It is fun to just craft with your materials with no end product in mind. This was the case today. I knew I wanted to use the aluminum foil and emboss it, but that just wasn’t enough so I added the ink. Now I have this beautiful piece that will be used sometime soon. Maybe it will end up as a card background, or cut into a shape. It could be used in a mixed media piece. Maybe it will inspire more creative exploration using foil. Sometimes creating isn’t about the end result but the process, I am OK with that. I had fun with the process.

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