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5 DIY Crafts You Can Do with Your College Kids

Just because your kids aren’t really “kids” anymore, doesn’t mean you have to give up family craft night. It may be a little trickier to get everyone together if your kids aren’t living in your home, but it is still doable. Whether you plan a craft night in person while they are home on break or work on projects “together” while you’re in entirely different places via video calls, there are plenty of enjoyable projects for people of all ages to do together. 

While your college-age kid probably isn’t interested in making paper snowflakes or fashioning necklaces out of dry pasta anymore, there are lots of other options from which to choose. You can take up a new hobby together and spend some time experiencing the many benefits of diamond painting — or embrace a classic like knitting. No matter what craft you choose, you and your offspring will get to build lasting memories while engaging in an enjoyable activity. Crafting together helps foster strong parent-child relationships, too, even if the children are already adults. Read on to discover a few DIY crafts you can do with your college-age kids. 

1. Diamond Painting

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If your college-age kid enjoyed doing paint-by-number kits when they were younger, they will love diamond painting. Similar to painting by numbers, this craft involves placing colors in specified locations to form a completed piece of art. However, instead of using paint, you use sparkling resin “diamonds” known as drills. Each drill color corresponds with a symbol on a self-adhesive canvas. Once you have affixed all the drills in the correct location, you will have a mosaic work of art that sparkles in the light. 

The best diamond painting kits come with everything you need to complete a painting, so there’s no need to buy extra tools or additional supplies separately. Of course, you can invest in upgraded equipment if you decide to stick with the hobby. But for beginners, the tools that come with the kit are perfect. 

Diamond painting is an excellent craft to work on with your college kid for a few reasons. First, it’s straightforward. Anyone can master the art of diamond painting, even if they don’t have any crafting experience. The kits come in thousands of different designs, so you and your daughter or son will have no trouble finding ones you like. Diamond painting kits don’t take up a lot of space and they don’t require specialized tools, making them an ideal option if you plan to craft together via video chats. There isn’t enough space in college dorm rooms for certain projects, but finding space to work on a diamond painting and store a kit is easy. 

2. Embroidery

Like diamond painting, embroidery doesn’t require a lot of equipment or take up much space, making it ideal for college students. And while this sewing-based handicraft might look like it would be challenging to learn, it’s actually quite easy. With stitches, patterns, and techniques for people of all skill levels, anyone can learn how to embroider with relative ease. 

Once thought of as primarily a hobby for grandmas, embroidery has seen a massive resurgence in popularity. There are countless designs to choose from, so there’s something suitable for crafters of all ages. 

3. Painting

Source: antoniodiaz/

Painting is a dynamic art form and one that many people enjoy. It might not be the best project to work on in a dorm room, but it’s a great activity to engage in if your college student lives at home, comes home on the weekends, or is home on a break. Despite what you might think, painting is a suitable craft for beginners and advanced artists. Everyone has to start somewhere! If you and your child are new to painting, following online tutorials is a fun and effective way of learning together. You’re sure to enjoy lots of laughs and make plenty of memories along the way. 

4. Macrame 

Macrame is another craft that faded away for a while but has seen a massive resurgence in popularity. This hobby involves using different knots to create everything from jewelry to household decor. Learning the various knots takes practice and patience, so it’s a good choice for those who are up for a bit of a challenge. 

If neither you nor your child has experience with macrame, start with the basics. Once you master the few basic knots that form the foundation for the majority of macrame projects, you can move on to learning complex ones and tackling more complicated pieces. Since most macrame projects only require cords and beads, this is another craft that does not require a lot of space. 

5. Knitting

Source: Pixel-Shot/

Much like embroidery, knitting is one of those crafts that’s not just for your Nana anymore! Today, knitters make everything from basic items like hats and scarves to runway-worthy, fashions. In addition, learning a fiber art like knitting can improve your college student’s mental health. It can also help to enhance their focus, improving a student’s ability to concentrate during lectures and while studying.  

You and your college student can enjoy knitting either together or online via video chats. Unlike many hobbies, it’s incredibly portable, too, making it easy to enjoy just about anywhere. As the hobby continues to grow in popularity, knitting clubs are popping up on more and more college campuses. Getting your child involved in this hobby could be a way to strengthen your bond with them and help them build connections with their peers. 


With lectures to attend, tests to take, and, often, a job to go to, finding time for crafts may be the furthest thing from your college-age kid’s mind. However, engaging them in these activities is an excellent way to help them build new skills while strengthening your relationship. Even if distance makes crafting together in the same room difficult, (or downright impossible) you can enjoy many of the hobbies above “together” while you’re in different places. Find something that both you and your daughter or son enjoy and commit to doing it regularly. Getting started may be tricky, but once you’re in a routine, your regular craft sessions will become something you both look forward to. 

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