How to Etch a Vase

Elevate a dollar store vase with etching creme. @etchallcreme #affiliate

vase with flowers

Do you need a beautiful vase for flowers? This is a great project for taking an inexpensive dollar-store vase to a beautiful expensive look. You can etch a vase with a simple design without the need for any additional fancy tools like a cutting machine, dies, or punches. The result is very on-trend and stylish. All you need is the vase, a starter kit from etchall, a paper trimmer, and a pair of scissors.

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***Before adding vinyl to and glass project, be sure to clean your glass with rubbing alcohol. If you don’t have any, hand sanitizer is the next best option.


The etchall starter kit provides you with vinyl. I took that vinyl and cut it into strips using a paper trimmer. Starting with 1/4″ strips and then 1/8″ strips I arranged them on the vase in a random fashion following the rule that I needed to make triangles out of the negative spaces.

creme on vase

Using a foam brush, I applied the etchall creme to the entire surface. I used a generous amount because it doesn’t go to waste. Setting a timer for 7 minutes, I then added a bit more creme to make sure I had full coverage and set the timer for an additional 7 minutes. Overall the creme was on the vase for more than 15 minutes. The entire etching process happens in just 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, using the same foam brush I removed the etchall creme and put it back into the container. Then I washed the vase with water and removed the vinyl.

***I discarded the vinyl, foam brush, and plastic surface I was working on.

Video Tutorial:

Creatively Crafty Link Party #365

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link party sq

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DIY Kitchen Trivet

Learn how to make a kitchen trivet. #kitchencraft #crafttutorial

finished trivet

If you have looked into buying a trivet, they can be expensive. A trivet is something you probably need, but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on. Consider making your own with this simple technique and easy-to-find materials. You can alter the size and make a coaster or enlarge it and make a placemat. 


  • Clothesline (cotton)
  • Cotton yarn (Peaches n Cream)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors


This technique isn’t crochet or knitting but rather a wrapping and stitching technique. Start with the Cotton yarn and pull out a length you are comfortable working with, 1-2 yards in length. Thread one end of the yarn through the needle. 

Take the clothesline end and roll it onto itself to make a circle. 

beginning circle

Wrap the end of the Cotton yarn around the clothesline circle – similar to winding a ball of yarn. 

Once the circle is covered, wrap the Cotton yarn around the length of the clothesline.

 stitching together

I wrapped it 10 times around and then took a stitch into the circle.
Then I wrapped another 10 times around the clothesline and took a stitch into the row before.
Continue to wrap and stitch around the outside of the circle.
** Continue this technique to finish. 

changing yarns

**Add a new Cotton yarn as needed, covering the ends of each piece of yarn with the wrapping

Using all cotton material is the safest option when using the finished piece with pots and pans that will be hot.



There’s an almost unending variety that can be achieved with this concept. Just be sure to set your parameters before you begin so that your work is consistent. 

  • change the color of the yarn 
  • change your stitching pattern (like 3 sewn stitches instead of 1)
  • stitch down two rows of the wrapped lines instead of one
  • dye the work after you are finished
  • dye the clothesline

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Subscription Unboxing

Unboxing February Simply Earth’s subscription box – with savings code. @simplyearth #affiliate #subscriptionbox

with Simply Earth

simply earth box
November box

I am so excited every month when my Simply Earth box arrives. It seems like each box is better than the last. This month’s box is focused on soap. All the materials and simple directions are included. This box retails for $159.44 but you can get it for just about $45. Be sure to use my discount code: TRYITFREE.

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The full-sized oils that are included this month areLove, Ginger, Cardamon, and Fennel.

The recipes included in the February box are:

  • Bold Roll-On
  • Love Massage Oil
  • Swirled Heart Soap
  • Cleansing Sugar Scrub Bar
  • Love Cleansing Shave Soap
  • Love In The Air Diffuser Blend

One of the biggest differences I find with Simply Earth is the monthly recipes. In the past, I have ordered essential oils and when they arrive, I don’t remember what they do or why I ordered them. The Simply Earth recipe box contains the recipes for the oils included in the box as well as necessary additional support products to make the recipes.

simply earth's big box
big box

With your first subscription order from Simply Earth, you will get the Big Bonus Box free! If you were to purchase these products it would cost $44.84. The Big Box includes:

  • Almond Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 10 mL Roll-On Bottles
  • 5 mL Amber Glass Bottles
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax

Unboxing Video:


And here is the best part: my coupon code: TRYITFREE
Use this code to get a $45 gift card with your first purchase. Basically, get your second box free!