Cricut’s Valentine’s Day Sale

Starting today through 2/4, Cricut is featuring Valentine’s Day Sale! The sale features $30 off Cricut Maker Machines and BrightPads, 30% off Iron-On Materials, Infusible Ink, and Other Materials, and 20% off Clearance. is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $100+ Use code JANSHIP.

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Eight Ideas For Unique Art For Your Home

If you’re decorating your home, you probably want it to look a little different from the homes of all your friends. A lot of homes have the same artwork, as it all gets bought at the same large furniture stores or online print shops. If you want something a little different, here are some ideas for unique art for your home. 

  1. Have acrylic art printed. Acrylic prints create vivid pieces of art that add color, warmth and a modern look to your home. Have one of your own photographs, perhaps a favorite vacation snap, printed on acrylic for a truly personal and beautiful piece of art. 
  2. Paint a mural. This is a great option for kids’ bedrooms. If you’re a creative sort, you can design a mural for your wall. You could paint your children’s favorite characters, or for more grown-up spaces, paint on a favorite quote or a pattern of flowers or geometric shapes for a striking finish. 
  3. Frame something not usually framed. If you like pretty patterns, you could use small pieces of wallpaper or a piece of fabric that you find beautiful. Cut these items into squares and frame them. A few of these hung together would make an appealing gallery wall, and be a great way to bring color into a plainer room in a very cheap way. 
  4. Use washi tape. Washi tape is very popular with scrapbookers, but it can be used in decor. This masking tape comes in as many colors and patterns as you can think of, and has the advantage of being easily peeled off. This makes it a good way for renters to add some personality to a plain wall without losing their deposits. Some renters even use washi tape to make ugly kitchen cabinets or even the fridge look pretty. 
  5. Show off your adventures. Do you have travel posters, maps, and photos for your travels? Frame them up and group them together to create a display that will both look good and make you happy to look at them. You can display your memories and remember your favorite trips at the same time. 
  6. Make wood art. If you like modern, geometric art, you can make it easily yourself. Start with a flat wooden board. Glue on smaller triangles of wood in a symmetrical pattern. Paint some of the triangles in any color you like to create a modern, eye-catching piece. Follow tips and tricks when using acrylics if you’re new to painting wood.
  7. Make fabric art. Buy a plain canvas and paint it a neutral color. Then, choose some beautiful fabric that will go with your room. Cut the fabric into two equal strips. Form a cross over the canvas and secure the fabric in place with string. Choose fabrics with striking patterns for extra interest. 
  8. Recycle a calendar. Did you love all the pictures in last year’s calendar and are feeling sad about throwing it out? Cut out your favorite pictures and frame them so you can keep enjoying them without having an old calendar hanging around all year. 

How to Use a Wreath Builder for Stamping

The above image might not look like much but it is actually a wreath building template for stamping. You will use one stamp and stamp it multiple times in a circular fashion and the template will help you get that done. It will make so much more sense when you watch the video tutorial linked below.

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Download the free SVG file linked above and load it into Design Space.
Decide the width you desire and adjust as needed. (see video for details)

Use your personal cutting machine to cut the template. 

video tutorial

My Top 5 Creativation Finds

I was at Creativation last week for the yearly trade show. I didn’t get to every booth but from those that I did manage to visit, I have a list of my top 5 favorites. Some of these on the list blew me away. Like I couldn’t even speak I was so amazed and it might not be what you think if you have seen others share their experience. It was fun and tiring four and a half days of sessions, meetings, and walking. While I am going to give you a list of my favorite finds, the real favorite was meeting up with my designer friends, getting to know them better, supporting each other, and spending time with them. I only get to see them in person typically once a year but they are some of the best people I know. 

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Tokyo Koeki Co., Ltd. – Hawaiian Cord

This reminded me of the plastic canvas but taken to a whole new level. The handbags they created were stunning. Keep your eyes out for this brand, they were looking for a US distributor.

Ranger – New Clay

I was really interested in this clay for jewelry making. Quickcure Clay is available now at

We R Memory Keepers – Button Press

I know a lot of people loved the vacuum press by WRMK but for me, it was the button press that got my creative juices flowing. – available soon. If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of the vacuum press, you can see it on my YouTube channel. [vacuum press demonstration]

Clover – Beading Needle

This was really amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. – available soon

Diamond Art – Free Style

You may be familiar with the Diamond Art craze but now Leisure Arts is going to have a freestyle version where you can buy the colors separately and create whatever you want. They also have a variety of pattern books for inspiration. I will be published is three of them. – these will be available soon.

As the products above reach the retail shelves, I will update links where you can purchase.

Which one is your favorite?

How to Make Coffee Filter Flowers

I love how this coffee filter flower turned out. It was so fun to make. I know I will be making more of them because they are so applicable to different crafts. While I used this one on a card, the coffee filter flowers could be made in different sizes. Use them to decorate a scrapbooking page, a gift package, you could even use them for decor.

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video tutorial

Another version above with no center accent. Leaves can also be made from the coffee filters. The card that is shown at the top of the page also has the flower’s stem rolled from a coffee filter.

Making 3D Rinea Hearts and a Card

I have a video tutorial on the Rinea blog today where I am making Rinea foiled 3D hearts and then using them on a Valentine’s Day card. These cute little origami hearts can be used for so many different applications. 

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Here are the Materials I used:

I want to thank Rinea, We R Memory Keepers, and ScraPerfect for providing some of the materials that were used in this project.

Do You Cosplay?

Do you cosplay? The craft industry sees you and hears you and is working to take care of you. Cosplay was a big topic of product creation at the Creativation 2020 trade show this year. Creativation is a trade show for the manufacturers and buyers of craft products in the crafting industry. One such company was Plaid Paints.

For those of you who don’t know what Cosplay is or might be a little confused, the meaning is costume play, performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Most often their costumes are hand created not store-bought. The more detail and reality built into their costume earns them bragging rights amongst their fellow players. 

I did a booth walkthrough tour this morning at a breakfast that was hosted by Plaid. Cosplay was a hot topic for them. They have formulated a special paint for you that works on foam and doesn’t crack or peel over time and is flexible.

Their new paint line is called FX and will be in stores soon. Don’t quote me on this but I think there might be something like 80 different colors. (breakfast was really early this morning!) They said you will be able to find it in all big box stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and of course online at Amazon. I think they have you covered as far as being able to purchase. 

How to Make A Valentine Fairy Wand

Do you have a special little girl in your life? I bet she would love this Valentine Fairy Wand. Even better yet, take some time and sit down and craft one with her. How about inviting a few of her friends over to dress up, enjoy a snack, and create their own Valentine Fairy Wands? You need very few materials and it is really easy to put together. I imagine even the youngest little princesses could make one. 

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 2 large hearts from craft foam
  • 1 small craft foam heart
  • 1 heart gem
  • 1 paper straw
  • 2 ribbons
  • adhesive


Making this project even easier, my craft foam came with adhesive backs so no additional glue was needed. If yours doesn’t have a sticky back, apply double-stick tape beforehand making the craft easier for the little girls. 

Choose your focal heart, mine is the glittered heart, and glue the smallest heart to the front in the center.

Then glue the gem to the center of the small heart.
Use the second large heart and glue it to the straw as shown above.

Place the glittered heart (or focal/fancy heart) on top of the other large heart.
This will sandwich the straw between the two large hearts.
I chose two ribbons (pink and grey) and tied a bow around the straw.
This step is optional and little fingers will probably need help with this step.

It’s the first link party of the New Year for Creatively Crafty Craft Bloggers. Our theme this month is Valentine’s Day in preparation for February crafting. Take a look at the creations from our group and then from Jan 17 – 22 you can add your own Valentine crafts to the round-up. 

Cricut – Everyday is Love Day Mystery Box

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It’s time for a new Cricut Mystery Box and the theme this month is love. Your box will probably include the following list of items. If items run out Cricut does substitute for like value items.

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Cricut Cutie

scraper and spatula set

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gold marker set

Stainless set adhesive foil

Iron on Martha Stewart in Rose pink

Pattern Iron on set

Holographic Cherry Fizz sampler Vinyl

Removable lipstick vinyl


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