How to Dress Your Hershey Nuggets for Halloween

Grab this free printable to wrap up Hersey’s Nuggets for Halloween.

How cute are these little Hershey’s Nuggets all dressed up for Halloween? They will surely put a smile on the face of your trick or treaters. They are so easy to make. All you need is the free Halloween printable. You can get it own below. Just imagine the smile on the faces of those you gift these to. 


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[PDF printable]

Print out the free PDF printable for the Halloween Nuggets on your color printer and then cut them down to size.

Download the free PDF file and use your color printer to print out on white card stock. 

Print out as many sheets as you will need for all your Nuggets.

With one little Glue Dot, wrap each nugget with one design and it easily stays in place, making candy just that much more fun and festive!