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Giveaway :: Making Soap eBooks

The definitive, 28,000 word soap making ebook package teaching you everything you need to jump start the process of making your own soap, at home, with exclusive free bonuses! 

Included in the price is 3 different versions of each ebook, including a beautiful, print friendly PDF copy, a .epub copy for ebook readers and a .mobi copy for Amazon kindle, making the Soap Making Advice ebook package even better value.  All the information you could need to make soap at home, for less than the cost of your first batch of soap.  

You will save the value of the eBooks many times over by avoiding the most common mistakes that many soap makers encounter - there are troubleshooting tips included and easy to follow instructions, designed for beginners but with enough value to keep teaching you as your skills and experience develop. 

The Soap Making Advice ebook package is a comprehensive soap making guide, with over 120 pages and 28,000 words of useful tips and advice covering all aspects of the soap making process.

The Ebooks will teach you:

  • What soap is, and how it works,
  • The history of soap-making,
  • The differences between hand-made and commercial soap, and the benefits of making your own,
  • Tips for beginners,
  • Over 50 unique soap recipes including hot process, cold process, liquid soaps, shaving soaps, shampoos and more,
  • Tips for selecting a recipe,
  • The basic equipment you’ll need,
  • Precautions for working with lye,
  • How to make bar and liquid soap, using step-by-step instructions for various popular methods – find the one that works best for you!,
  • How to select the ingredients you want to use, based on the properties they will impart to the finished soap product,
  • How to color and scent your soap,
  • How to troubleshoot various problems that might arise,
  • Ways to package and present your soap,
  • How to get started with selling your soap for a profit,
  • And more!

Michelle Gaboya has been a soap making enthusiast for over 10 years, creating all types of elegant homemade soaps for family, friends and various occasions. 

As an avid enthusiast she has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of soap making and is a recognized personality amongst the soap makers' community. She takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and experience with other keen soap makers. 

Michelle continues to hone her craft and experiment with new designs and formulas regularly.

Some of the benefits of The Soap Making Advice ebook package:

  • Surprise your friends and family with customized and thoughtful holiday Soap;
  • Make wedding, graduation or other special-occasion gifts that they’ll remember;
  • Rest easy in the knowledge that your product is environmentally friendly, is free of harmful additives, and contains all-natural ingredients;
  • How to work safely with lye products;
  • The chemistry of soap: what it’s made of, and why it works;
  • The properties of 36 different soap-making oils, and what kind of soap you will get by using each one;
  • How to make bar soap using 8 different soap-making techniques;
  • How to make liquid soap;
  • How to package, present, and market your product;
  • How to protect yourself from liability, if you do start selling your soap;
  • What different colorants do, and what to be careful of;
  • How to use essential oils to make pleasing scent combinations;
  • How to make soap for people with dry, sensitive, or oily skin, and conditions such as eczema or psoriasis;
  • Learn something new, express your creativity, and make something that your family and friends will love!

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Glass etching. Looked terrible and I haven't tried it again.


The candles I tried making, I had wax everywhere lol


I really haven't had any DIY failures, but there was one time that we decided to replace the washers in the tub faucet because it was leaking. This was at an old house that my son's mom had bought. After removing the faucet covers from each handle, I noticed there was dry rot on the panel behind the faucet. We decided to replace the panel to get rid of the dry rot. After removing the panel, we discovered more dry rot. We then removed more of the panels around the tub and kept finding more and more dry rot. We also found out that the people before us kept adding new panels on top of the old over the years and there were 6 layers of different wall panels before we got to the studs. There also wasn't any insulation either. By the time we finished removing all the wood that had dry rot, the only thing that was left in the bathroom was the toilet with about 1 foot of flooring around it. We could still use the toilet, but you had a clear view of the ground under the house and light coming in from the crawlspace opening (along with the wind). This was also the week before we were having everyone over for Easter dinner so they got to enjoy the breeze and view of the outside along with us. We eventually got the bathroom completely remodeled, but the next time you go looking for dry rot, it might go farther that you think!


Probably trying to mod podge some coasters!


I have been making our family's shampoo and body wash for over a year. We use a bar of castile soap from Cracker Barrel as our base. I would love to learn more about soap making.


I tried to cut a tshirt into one of those cut work out tanks, the holes were in all the wrong places!


making table centerpieces for my wedding


The one that comes to mind FIRST, is the time I took apart a beautiful, old table to refinish it. We moved in the process & lost the hardware..........and thus my motivation, and it went to the scrap pile. :(