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Earhoox Giveaway


Having trouble with earbuds? Don't like the size of headphones? Try Earhoox. Earhoox are silicone attachments designed to enhance Apple EarPods. They fit comfortably in your ears and ensure a secure fit for any activities. Just stretch them on and experience earbud nirvana. For my daughters who always struggled with earbuds, Earhoox helped. I've never been a big fan of earbuds but Earhoox really does make them more comfortable. I am thankful for finding Earhoox and being given the opportunity to review them.

ava with earhoox

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The product was provided for review and giveaway from Earhoox.

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I can't seem to get the ear buds to stay.. maybe this would help.


I am interesting in Earhooks because they look like they would be comfortable! They would be perfect for my daughter to use with her laptop.


Other earbuds don't fit my granddaughter well.


I would love to try these earhoox! Im forever putting my earbuds back in my ears because they wont stay put!


Sometimes earphones could hurt this looks like it would help.


Very much so, earphones could hurt sometimes.


I would like these for my autistic son. I think he may benefit from wearing headphones but he doesn't like the feel of the over the head kind so these seem like the perfect solution


I have the hardest time keeping my buds in my ears, this would resolve the problem. It gets hard sometimes riding a bike and putting them back in.


These look like they would be great for me to listen to music at my job.


I've never had ear buds before. I love listening to music on my phone and these look so comfortable to wear. Thank you for the chance ☺