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Reversible Baby Shoe :: Tutorial and Pattern

One of the talented ladies I partner with at Creative Craft Blog Group (#CCBG) is having a baby. Since we can't be with her to celebrate, we are holding a virtual baby shower. Each participant is making a special gift for Erica at Five Little Monsters, blogging about it, and sending her their creation as a baby gift. I chose to make baby shoes. The pattern I am using is reversible. Aren't baby shoes just adorable? 

The fabric I chose to work with is blue and green since Erica is expecting a baby boy. I used cotton fabric since the baby is due in the summer but I have made baby shoes before out of fleece and they worked just as well. 


  • pattern
  • fabric
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • pins
  • elastic
  • safety pin


To begin, download and print the free pattern.

[baby shoe pattern]
Download the free PDF pattern, do not print directly from the image above, the scale will be off.


cut pieces
Cut two of each shape from two contrasting colors. (four pieces of each pattern piece when finished)
Iron fabric to make sure there are no wrinkles.


sew heel
Sew the contrasting heel pieces together. Then fold so the correct side is facing out. Iron if needed.


Create a channel for the elastic to slide through. This should be approx. 3/4" from the top edge.
I used a contrasting thread so you could see the placement.


Cut two pieces of elastic a bit longer than the heel. Using a safety pin, slide the elastic through each heel piece.

This next step is a little difficult so I hope the graphic helps explain it better.
Place the toe piece pattern B face up, on top of that lay the heel piece with pattern B down and pattern A face-up.
Then layer the toe piece pattern A face down. Pin in place.


joining heel to toe
Place the sandwiched pieces, into the sewing machine and begin to sew along the top edge.  Stop sewing about half way across and leave it in the machine. I have flipped up the top piece of fabric so you can see what is going on. Pull the elastic band slightly, take the exposed edge of the heel and align it with the other edge of the toe piece, pin it in place and continue to sew across the top edge of the toe.


cut elastic
This image shows the above step right after sewing. Cut off the extra elastic piece.


top and bottoms
The shoes are starting to take shape and it is time to finish up by adding the soles.


sewing the bottoms
The first shoe is already sewn and the second one is pinned ready to sew. To do this place the sole piece pattern A face up on the table. Now place the sewn toe and heel piece on top of the sole with pattern A facing Pattern A. Now place the sole piece Pattern B face down. You are creating a sandwich with the shoe inside the two sole pieces. Sew around the shoe leaving about an inch open to turn it right side out.


sewn shoe
This image shows the shoe sewn around leaving an inch open to turn the shoe right side out.


need to hand finish
Both shoes are turned right side out with the inch opening still needing to be sewn closed by hand.
You will need to do this twice for each side of the shoe since they are reversible. Once done, they are ready to wear.

Additional Suggestions:

  • Before you begin to sew, you could add a decorative embroidery stitch to the toe pieces of the shoes.
  • You could decorate the shoes once the sewing is complete with the addition of a cute button, bow, or gem. 
  • Consider using different patterned fabric for the different pieces to create an eclectic style shoe. 
  • Use leather instead of fabric.

Bloggers participating in the Virtual Baby Shower are: 
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hi ,I would like to make these baby shoes but in the instructions, it tells you
to first print out the pattern,but says that it isn't to size.
Maybe I missed something but how do I adjust it to the size it's supposed to
Thanks for what looks like a brilliant pattern,I would appreciate your help.
best wishes Bee.

These baby shoes are soooooooooooo CUTE !!



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