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How to Use Filters in Photography

Photographic filters are the most important tool for a photographer beyond his camera and lens. Filters can be used to alter the look of a photograph instantly. The change can be subtle or drastic. And in some cases, the image would not be possible without the use of a filter. The following guides will help you learn how to better use these camera accessories.


How to Hold a Camera Steady

Holding a camera steady is one of the most important techniques to learn while taking pictures. No matter the kind of camera you have, holding it steady will result in clearer compositions.


How to Make Your Own Photography Backdrops

Photography can be an expensive career or hobby. Knowing when and where to save time and money can be instrumental. Obviously, there are areas where you can save money, and background fabric is one of them. You can make your own backdrop, or background fabric, for studio shooting sessions.

Basic Photography Vocabulary for Beginners

Interested in photography? Don't know the lingo? Here is a basic 101 level list of terms to get you started conversing with the pros. 


Photographer's Guide: An Exploration into How Your Camera's F-stop Works

You have a single lens reflex camera but don't really know much about how it works. Here is a lesson plan to get you on your way to understanding how f-stops work.

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