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Kid's Crafts

How to Craft a Felt Scarf
Fleece or felt scarves make great gifts and these scarves are quickly made in one afternoon. This is a great project for young teens to craft and wear or give to their friends as gifts. Consider making them in school colors to show team spirit. How about for a scouting project? They could also be made and donated to homeless shelters, making this craft a great outreach project. More...


How to Cut a Paper Snowflake
Traditional wintertime crafts include the cutting of paper snowflakes. Both young and young at heart enjoy watching the transformation take place, from plain paper into an exciting reveal of shape and wonderment. Not a winter with children around should pass that doesn't include this project. Can you remember being so amazed the first time you watched someone cut a paper snowflake? Passing along the tradition might be something you desire, but you can't quite remember how to fold the paper. More...


How to Cut a Chain of Paper Dolls
Cutting paper dolls is a favorite activity for children throughout the ages. Using basic materials, you can obtain a variety of differences quickly and easily. You can add another level of variety and creativity by altering the kind of paper and adding additional decorations to the paper dolls. Fill hours of time and imagination with this craft. You may remember cutting a chain of paper dolls from your childhood but may not remember the exact procedure. More...


How to Craft a Pine Needle Bowl
A pine needle bowl can be used as a fall decoration for a coffee table or centerpiece. Made from
natural, found objects, this bowl can give any setting a natural, rustic look. This is an appropriate project to make with children--begin by taking a nature hike to collect the needles. Consider collecting some pine cones and nuts to add to the bowl or to be placed inside the bowl upon completion. There are no right or wrong ways to build this craft, and the end results are very professional looking, building the children's confidence, as well as making a thoughtful homemade gift.  More...


How to Make Valentine Candy Flowers
Making chocolate valentine candy flowers is easy and cost effective given the high prices of specialty chocolates.
With limited tools you can have professional results. This craft is easy to do with young children, too! More... 


How to Make a Paper Pinwheel Craft
A paper pinwheel amazes young children
in how you can take very simple items and turn them into something entirely different. You can use this craft to educate them on wind, movement and cause and effect actions. They'll enjoy these colorful personalized wind toys.  More...


How to Color Noodles
love to make crafts. Bright colors entice their minds and excite their creativity. Being able to explore, and make a bit of a mess, can develop their sense of independence. Making crafts is a learning experience. Working with glue and colored noodles is an inexpensive way to allow small children to express themselves and create a one of a kind masterpiece. 


How to Craft a Foam Magnetic Bookmark
Make a great craft for the reader in your life! This magnetic bookmark works well because it doesn't slip out of a book since the magnets hold the pages between the bookmark.
Pages will not be lost ever again. Place the bookmark along the outside edge of the page, instead of the top, and it can mark the exact line where reading was stopped. More...


How to Craft Sheets of Plastic From Paint
Creating "plastic" from paint is a simple technique with a very unusual outcome. The sheet of dry paint can be used in many decorative applications
. It is vibrant in color, flexible and stretches. You can cut it, punch it and stretch it around objects. The "plastic" is shiny and not at all like if you had just painted a surface. More...


How to Make a Fimo Pin
This craft project results in lovely items just right for gift
giving. Working with an oven baked clay like Fimo is simple enough to use for a craft with children and professional enough to make items for a craft show. More...

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