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Is Your Home A Safe Home?

We all want to provide a safe environment for our family. Every room in your home probably contains potentially hazardous products. Do you know which products are harmful? Do you know where they exist in your home? Do you know what potential hazards to your family exist from these products?


If you would like to learn more about these toxic free products. Please contact me:

Janet Trieschman

A Wellness Company Representative




How to learn more:

Virtual House the virtual house at Hazardous Products In The Home on a room-by-room basis to locate potentially hazardous products in your home, the chemicals they contain and the hazards associated with each product.

List of Products in House

Identify potentially hazardous products in a home on a
room-by-room basis.

Glossary of Products

A comprehensive listing of household products and their constituents with actual or potential hazards

Environmental Health Threats to Children: A Look at the Facts
Dr. Philip J. Landrigan,widely recognized as one of the nation's foremost experts on children's

diseases and environmental exposures, notes that children's exposures to newly
developed chemical toxins in today's society have replaced classic infectious
diseases with chronic, complex, handicapping conditions that affect multiple

Children's Environmental Health Basics:

A Brief Fact Sheet lists historical facts that show an increase in
birth defects, behavioral disabilities and serious illnesses in children as the
production of synthetic chemicals has increased over the past half-century.

Learn About Chemicals Around Your House

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has put together a great tool for educating children on the hazards of chemicals in everyday household cleaning products.

Aerosols Linked With Baby Illness

reveals the effects of aerosols on pregnant women and babies.

Household Products Database
What's under your kitchen sink, in your garage, in your bathroom, and on the shelves in your laundry room? Learn more about what's in these products, about potential health effects, and about safety and handling.

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