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Broom Parking Free Printable

October 19, 2016

broom parking

It's that witchy scary season and just in time, is a free printable for you to download, print and frame. An easy way to change up your decor for the Halloween/Fall season. Have a little fun with this free printable.

[free pdf printable]


Popcorn Box Transformation and Giveaway

October 16, 2016

Once again this year I am participating in the Popcorn Box Halloween Party with Laura Kelly. It is so fun to receive a box of materials and then try to create something from the contents. While we didn't have to use everything (or really anything except the popcorn box), I tried to incorporate a lot of it.

The materials that were in the box

open and cut box
To begin, I flattened the box and cut off the top.

making flaps
Then I cut and scored the box.

sample box
This box is the concept I was going for.

covering with paper
Once I had the shape worked out, I covered it in paper. (Halloween digital paper from The Craft Chop)

Then I added the pom-pom ribbon around the top and bottom.

It must have been late at night when it started to go south on me. The cat shapes were really difficult and were taking a lot of stress, so I cut them off. Then I lined the box with the foil from the chocolate bar I was eating (included in the box from World Market - yum). I lined the top with orange ribbon and put the black felt (included) in the bottom of the box.

I even used the paper confetti, it went in the box.

So I just kept covering the box with paper (some of it included). I glued the cat die cut (included and inspiration for the original box concept) on the top, using the die cut pumpkin paper for a border around the cat. I enhanced the cat features with a metallic silver marker. Finally, I added a ribbon tab and a closure made from a magnet. 

I really don't know why I end up creating odd things from a popcorn box. See my last year's submission here. [Halloween Eyes] It is still hanging from our chandelier in the dining room!

Not only do we get to create something fun, we also get to offer you a giveaway!

The five prizes for the Rafflecopter contest are...

  • $50 World Market Gift Card
  • Sizzix Big Shot Machine (or Ellison Superstar) and Laura Kelly Dies - Value $100
  • Adorn It Planner Kit (Planner, Laura Kelly Papers and Stickers) - Value $65
  • Udderly Smooth Prize Pack with Hat and Mug - Value $75
  • DIY with Laura Kelly Crafty Stash (Kunin Felt, Expressionery Stamp, Expo International Pom Pom Trims and Tombow Products) - Value $100

Enter here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Take a moment to see all the other creative talent
from the group that participated in the Popcorn Box Blog Hop.

A special thank you to all the sponsors: AdornIt , World Market, Kunin Group, Udderly Smooth, Tombow USA , Expressionery, Ellison/Sizzix, Sculpey, Fiskars, and Bakers Party Shop.

Seashell Crafting

October 14, 2016

I was inspired by seeing other shell crafting/coloring. The first time I saw them, I knew I wanted to give it a try but I also had ideas for my own version. I wanted to try alcohol ink and I also wanted to consider both sides of the shell.



  • Alcohol ink
  • shells
  • gold paint marker (love this! made by Elmers)

paint marker
I tried rubbing the ink on the shells but it only gave a faint coverage. (see the light green shell) I then applied the ink directly onto the shell and let it run. I knew I wanted the insides of the shells to be gold - like finding treasure. I reversed one shell for variety.

The finished outsides

The finished insides

marker version
I wanted to try alcohol ink in a marker version. The colors are very similar (which I love).
The shell on the left was done with the liquid ink, and the shell on the right was done with markers.
The markers gave a bit more control of the color.

finished in hand
Now what to do with them?
I might make more or turn them into necklaces or possibly windchimes.
​Your thoughts?

Halloween Spider Card and Glue Dots Giveaway

October 12, 2016

This post is a part of the Halloween Blog Hop opportunity with CardMaker. This fun card has three parts and is very easy to put together.
You can access the free SVG file in this post.


  • Glue Dots Mini
  • SVG file (free)
  • Scrapbooking paper in gray (with black inside), and glitter gray to match. 

The card and spider are cut from the same piece of paper, just different sides.


The free svg file. The card is designed to be 5" x 7"

[free svg file]

fold card
fold the card along the scored line

with web
glue the web design to the front of the card

with spider
attach the spider in your desired location, tuck under a few legs

inside of card
The final card. How cool would it be to write inside with a silver ink pen!

The participants in the blog hop:

CardMaker Blog 
Amanda Tibbitts
Danielle Hunter
Kelly Gettelfinger
Dawn Barrett
Donna Budzynski
Grace Tolman
Janet Van Lone Trieschman <-- You're Here
Kelly Hedgespeth <-- Go Here Next
Kim Rippere
Catherine Scanlon
Melanie East
Robyn Power
Samantha Taylor
Jeanne Streiff
Shannon Morgan
Tammy Santana
Glue Dots Blog 



Enter to Win

Glue Dots Blog -

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Paper Pumpkin :: Tutorial

October 11, 2016

Create one or a few of this easy paper pumpkin this fall. You can cut out the necessary pieces on your personal paper cutter or by hand. They aren't that detailed. 


Materials needed:

  • Orange cardstock
  • Green cardstock
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Bone folder
  • Marker with cap
  • Personal cutting machine and free SVG file or template and scissors

This is the cutting template. You can print out the image, draw your own, or download this free SVG file. [SVG file]

opposite strips
Begin by lifting and glueing opposite strips together.

lifting strips
I chose to work in a random order of pairs, you can do this or work your way around the pumpkin in order.

This step is optional, I decided to add a bit of dimension to the leaf by drawing in veins with a bone folder and then bending the leaf to be more realistic.

attach leaf
Attach the leaf to the top of the pumpkin using a Glue Dot.

pen technique
Here is a trick for rolling the paper vine. I used a marker and put the end of the paper strip under the cap, then rolled the paper around the pen.

rolling paper
Once you are happy with the vine, remove it from the pen. I chose to roll it tighter once removed and just did it by hand.

I folded the vine and attached it under the leaf with a final Glue Dot. 


Mummy Wrapped Candle DIY

September 7, 2016

Do you decorate for Halloween? Looking for a few easy and fun DIY ideas? I love easy decorating ideas. This wrapped Mummy Candle is easy, quick, and costs very little to make. In fact, most everything needed was found at the Dollar Tree. It's a little messy, making it that much more fun to get involved!

* includes a recipe for DIY fabric stiffener

This post and many others are a part of the Craft Lightning Halloween Edition.
See all the fun craft ideas you can make in 30 minutes or less (minus drying time!).
Just click the logo to go --->




  • Fabric Stiffener **
  • Gauze
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue Dots - mini
  • Pillar candle



 remove label
remove the label from the candle

 fabric stiffener and fabric
Unroll the gauze and fully coat it in the fabric stiffener (messy part!)

Start with one end of the gauze and begin to wrap it around the candle. Do so over a protected area. I used a large plastic bag.
Continue to wrap leaving a space open for the eyes. You do not need to use the entire length of gauze, but I did.
Set it aside to dry. At this time you may want to light the candle so that it burns down a bit to better glow the eye area when used. 

 using glue dots
Attach the eyes using a Glue Dot. Take the eye to the Glue Dot and then remove it from the roll.
Try not to touch the Glue Dot with your finger so it remains as sticky as possible.

 attached eyes
Place the eyes.

 final candle

*To make the fabric stiffener:
You will need:

  • water
  • corn starch

On the stove, boil 1/4 cup of water. 
In a separate bowl, mix 1/4 cup of cold water and a Tbsp of corn starch. (mix well)
Add the cold mixture to the boiling water in the pan. 
Stir constantly and allow the mixture to boil and or thicken. 
Remove from heat and allow it to cool. 

- this recipe can be doubled

WWYF 180x150
affiliate link

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Wrap your Smarties for Halloween!

September 3, 2016

Make these easy Halloween treats. The kids will have fun wrapping the smarties if you cut them out ahead of time. Keep some in your purse to hand out randomly at the drive thru, grocery store or work. What a fun way to brighten someone's day. And it is very inexpensive to do something special and unexpected.

Free printable for mummy, frankensmart, pumpkin, web and dracula. Just print out on regular copy paper, cut, wrap, and tape around your smarties!

Free PDF file [link].

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DIY Kitchen Trivet

September 2, 2016

If you have looked into buying a trivet, they can be expensive. A trivet is something you probably need, but don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money on. Consider making your own with this simple technique and easy to find materials. You can alter the size and make a coaster or enlarge it and make a placemat. 


  • Clothesline (cotton)
  • Cotton yarn (Peaches n Cream)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors


This technique isn't crochet or knitting but rather a wrapping and stitching technique. Start with the Cotton yarn and pull out a length you are comfortable working with, 1-2 yards in length. Thread one end of yarn through the needle. 

Take the clothesline end and roll it onto itself to make a circle. 

beginning circle
Wrap the end of the Cotton yarn around the clothesline circle - similar to winding a ball of yarn. 

Once the circle is covered, wrap the Cotton yarn around the length of clothesline.

 stitching together
I wrapped 10 times around and then took a stitch into the circle.
Then I wrapped another 10 times around the clothesline, and took a stitch into the row before.
Continue to wrap and stitch around the outside of the circle.
** Continue this technique to finish. 


changing yarns
**Add a new Cotton yarn as needed, covering the ends of each piece of yarn with the wrapping

Using all cotton material is the safest option when using the finished piece with pots and pans that will be hot.



There's almost unending variety that can be achieved with this concept. Just be sure to set your parameters before you begin so that your work is consistent. 

  • change color of the yarn 
  • change your stitching pattern (like 3 sewn stitches instead of 1)
  • stitch down two rows of wrapped line instead of one
  • dye the work after you are finished
  • dye the clothes line

This post is a part of the #CCBG Creatively Crafty Blog Group's September Craft Challenge where the theme was Kitchen Craft. The following members participated in the challenge. 

Life Beyond the Kitchen | Green Trivet

2 Dishing Divas | Customizable Wall Art

Try it - Like it | DIY Kitchen Trivet

Al Things Beautiful | Fun and Creative Vegetable Painting

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Washi Tape Notebook Tutorial

August 19, 2016

Personalize your notebook with washi tape. Using just a few materials you can transform a notebook. This is a simple and easy craft that has great results. One that is worthy of gift giving, maybe a thank you gift or just something special for yourself. 





Start with your notebook open with the cover to one side to work on. The first piece of tape is the most critical in placement and alignment to the edge of the notebook. 

in process notebook
Place your tape down touching each other. Leave extra on each end.


ready to trim
One you have the front of the notebook covered, push down on the tape well and run your fingernail along the edges in preparation to cut the excess washi tape off.

Cut the excess washi tape from the edges, using the front cover as the guide. Go slowly on the spiral edge, you may want to use a ruler to guide you.

Optional Detail:

gold accents
Attention to detail
Using a gold paint marker, I covered the exposed edge of the notebook cover.
Then I covered half of the spiral binding in gold since my tape was silver and gold themed.

This post contains affiliate links.

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DIY Shrink Art

August 15, 2016

Did you know you can make Shrink Art out of recycled grocery containers? So basically, free shrink art! We printed out free coloring sheet designs to follow for our pieces and colored them with permanent markers. 



plastic container
Cut out a piece of flat plastic from the container. 

Trace pattern

trace and trim
Trim out design.


Color your design and punch a hole.

Place in oven or toaster oven. I used 250 degrees for about a minute.
Yes, I need to clean that toaster oven obviously!!!

shrunk plastic
Finished shrinking. I had to flatten by pushing on it a bit with a hot pad, it didn't totally get flat - better next time!

post contains affiliate links


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