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Nail Polish Flowers :: Wire Bracelet

wire bracelet

Making flowers out of wire and nail polish isn't a new technique. Although many have tried it with little success, I wanted to give it a try. In this post, I will share my techniques and the bracelet I made using them as well as some of the hick-ups along the way. 


  • thin wire
  • pencil
  • scissor or wire cutter
  • a variety of nail polish colors
  • thick copper wire
  • needle nose pliers
  • hammer


The easiest way to explain how to make the flowers would be in a video. The following video will show you my technique for making the nail polish flowers. There are other techniques, this is what worked for me. 

video tutorial

copper wire
Cut a length of copper wire for the bracelet

bend and hammer copper wire
Using needle nose pliers, bend the ends of the copper wire into loops, then bend the wire into a bracelet shape.
With a hammer and anvil, I hammered the wire ends as well as the wire to achieve the shape and harden the wire.

wrap flower wires
The blue flowers were intended to be the focal point of the bracelet.
The blue nail polish I used had glitter or sparkles in it. I don't know if this made it brittle or not, but you can see the cracks in the petals.

blue flowers
The damaged blue flowers - change of plans!

adding flowers
I had to remove the blue flower.

finished wrapping
finished bracelet

back of wrapping
showing the back of the bracelet and the wire wrapping.
Use the needle nose pliers as needed to tuck in and tighten the flower wires.

close up of flowers
close-up of flowers

Treat Jar with Vinyl

treat jar

I made this Treat Jar for Mother's Day. What would be a treat for you on Mother's Day? Candy? Gift Cards? Could you fit it in a jar? While this cute jar would be easy for my kids to fill for me, it would also make a great teacher gift, bus driver gift, co-worker gift, you get the idea. Could you keep it filled for them year round? Now that would be a real treat!

This post is a part of Tape Technologies Design Team Monthly Post for May. Tape Technologies provided the vinyl for this post. Cricut provided the Maker and Cricut tools.

materials for treat jar



cutting vinyl on the Maker

Working in Design Space, I set up the word "TREATS", and then made a box frame around it. Sizing it to the jar, I then sent it to cut on the Maker. 

treat jar in progress

After weeding the vinyl and transferring it to the glass jar, I wrapped the top edge with a strip of the Sea Foam vinyl that Tape Technologies sent me to try out as a possible future product.

middle wrap of vinyl tape

I had two different sizes of the Sea Foam tape and I used the thinner one to wrap around the middle of the jar. The tape works just like Washi Tape would but is permanent. You could always cut thin strips of vinyl to work in the same manner.

treat jar filled
My treat jar filled with treats!

Why StyleTech vinyl?

StyleTech started in the professional sign & automotive industry, manufacturing vinyl for various businesses & professional markets.  Because of their background, their films are softer & easier to weed. They have a durability and ease of use you can’t find anywhere else.   You can use StyleTech vinyl in all cutting machines such as Cricut and Silhouette and with die cuts, craft punches and, of course, scissors.

But, it is their vast collection of unique colors & distinctive styles that sets StyleTech brand vinyl apart in the craft world.  They have everything from four different glitters to textured to glow-in-the-dark! They have all the products you need to let your imagination run wild & let your creativity take over!

StyleTech Social Media Pages:

Facebook: @StyleTechCraft

Instagram: @StyleTechCraft

Pinterest: @StyleTechCraft

YouTube: Search StyleTechCraft to find their channel

Monoprinting with a DIY Gelli Plate

Awhile back, I made a homemade Gelli Plate, and then I set it aside. Today I pulled it out to begin working with it. A Gelli Plate is basically a gelli-like surface you apply paint too and then make a one time print from it. There are a ton of different ways to apply paint, designs, and patterns to the plate. My experiment was VERY basic, quick, and rather messy (which I love).



  • DIY Gelli Plate
  • Paint
  • Paper (I used watercolor paper)
  • Water


As I mentioned above, there are a ton of different thing you can do with a Gelli Plate. You can make your own Gelli Plate as I have, or purchase one. 

apply the paint
Apply the paint

smear the paint
Many people use a brayer to spread their paint, I used my fingers! I know, messy = fun!

Then you lay your paper on top of the paint, gently push down and then lift. You can try for a second print.
I added water to my fingers, smoothed it around on the surface of the Gelli Plate, and got another print.
I actually liked the watered down prints better. 

variety of prints
I really didn't make a lot of prints, just enough for a project I have in mind. 

Many people make a lot of different kinds of prints and then use them for scrapbooking, mixed media work, etc... The sky is really the limit and I will be revisiting this technique and be making more prints in the future. 

I was glad to see my DIY Gelli Plate survived and worked after being neglected for so long. I store it in the pan I made it in. After I was finished, I just washed it in the sink and patted it dry, then returned it to it's pan. 

So, what am I going to do with these strange prints? I am going to use them for covers (think bookbinding) for notepads or sketch pads. That will be an upcoming post in the future.

This post is part of a monthly craft challenge with Creative Craft Bloggers Group. The following projects are a part of this month's work where we were challenged to create with paint. Take a moment to visit them. 

Life Beyond the Kitchen - Paint and Vinyl Canvas


5 Little Monsters - be-you-tiful


Al Things Beautiful - Painting on Cardboard


Try it - Like it - Create it - Monoprinting with a DIY Gelli Plate

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2 Dishing Divas - Painting Tutorial Easy Home Decor

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Last Day of School Autograph T-shirt with Cricut

We always try to do something special for the last day of school. When my girls attended public school there would be a big chalk sign in the driveway pointing towards summer and we would celebrate with crazy string or water balloons and such. Now that they attend private school, the school actually does a lot to celebrate. They have an end of the year recitation, a yearbook signing ice cream social, and a last school day picnic. This autograph shirt would work well at the yearbook signing and the picnic! While the design is generic, you could add to it the name of your school or the grade they just finished to personalize it. 


Special thanks to Cricut for providing some of the materials that are used in this post.
The links above contain affiliate links and cost you nothing to use them. 


cutting vinyl
Cut the design out of the iron-on vinyl. Don't forget to put the shiny side down on your mat and reverse the image before cutting. 

Heat the shirt for 10 seconds first to remove any moisture. After weeding the iron-on, place the vinyl on the t-shirt.

Using the EasyPress, heat the design for 50 seconds on the front and 15 seconds on the back.
Cold peel the clear layer away. If any of the design isn't sticking well, repeat the heating process.

finished shirt


I am participating in the End of the Year Cricut Event with a bunch of Cricut bloggers.
The hosts of the event are Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, Carolina with 30 Minute Crafts, Jen with 100 Directions, and Jessica with Mad in Crafts
Take a moment and visit all the other participants at the link below.

Making a T-shirt with Patterned Iron-On Vinyl from Cricut

This post contains affiliate links.
Special thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this post and providing many of the materials used.

I am so excited to work with the new Patterned Iron-on Vinyl from Cricut as well as the EasyPress and the new EasyPress Mat. For this project, I am using the Aquamarine Sampler by Natalie Malan. The blue colors are so pretty. My daughter picked the design from Cricut for her shirt. We are using elephant #M466A5 from the Wall Decor and More cartridge. 



I am using the new patterned iron-on vinyl from Cricut. There are currently nine packs of vinyl on the Cricut site. Each pack comes with three sheets of patterned vinyl that are 12" x 17". Cricut is also now carrying SportFlex iron-on vinyl to work on all tech fabrics. SportFlex is lightweight and flexible. I can't wait to try that out!

The above image shows the new EasyPress Mat and the EasyPress. I can't wait for my mat to arrive. It will make using the EasyPress so much easier. 


To begin, we needed to change the elephant file so that the pieces fit together like a puzzle rather than laying on top of each other. Cricut recommends against layering the patterned vinyl.
The first part of the video below shows how the design was edited. 

Thankfully my daughter was available to try on the shirt
and I used a piece of chalk to mark the location where she wanted the design.

Don't forget to place the vinyl pattern side down on your mat.
Before sending the file to cut, mirror the image in Design Space.

Once the designs are cut, weed out the unnecessary vinyl.

layered design
So, this is how the design will look when it is all together.

easy press
The EasyPress

• The word from Cricut about the EasyPress and Patterned Vinyl heating instructions: 340 degrees, 10 - 15 seconds on the fabric alone, 50 seconds with the vinyl (on front), 15 - 20 seconds on the back of the fabric, cold peel.

layering on t-shirt
Placing the second application of vinyl on the shirt.

Additional Video Tutorial:

Happy girl and her shirt!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Flower Earrings Tutorial with Vinyl

This month, the Tape Technologies design team is working with transparent vinyl. The best thing about transparent vinyl is that when you overlap it, you create a new color. With this concept in mind, I knew I wanted to make something that utilized overlapping the colors. I love how the glitter enhances the colors. I chose to make earrings using the transparent vinyl. You'll be surprised by the process, it was very easy and rather quick to do, check it out below.


The Cuttlebug was provided by Cricut in order to create posts similar to this one. The links above are affiliate links.


vinyl colors
The colors of vinyl are magenta, silver, and dark grey from Tape Technologies.

soda can
The earring shape is made from a recycled soda can. Begin with small flat shapes of aluminum.
It is very easy to cut a soda can with regular scissors.

layering vinyl
Cut the vinyl into strips and overlap onto the plain side of the aluminum.

Place the layered aluminum and vinyl onto your Cuttlebug plate, place the design shape onto and then the last plate.
Run this sandwich of materials through the Cuttlebug several times making sure the cut goes completely through all layers.

cut shape
The results.
Repeat for the second earring.

jewelry findings
Choose the earring findings that match your design.
You'll notice the patterns on the flower shapes don't match. I usually don't match designs but just materials and colors.
I used a T pin to poke holes into the flower shapes, a small nail or push pin would also work.

Using silver wire in a lightweight to join all pieces together, then they are finished. 

Example of the earrings being worn. They are lightweight and I hardly know I am wearing them.
This is definitely a process I will be revisiting.

I am a member of the Tape Technologies Design Team. I receive vinyl materials in order to create a monthly post. 


How to DIY Decorative Soap

This post is the second part of a recent Dollar Store Crafting post where we decoupaged a glass candle. This decorative soap matches the candle and together would make a great hostess gift or Mother's Day gift. The best part is that it is really easy to make even kids can do it. 

This post contains affiliate links.


  • bar of soap
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • decorative napkin
  • scissors


All parts of this craft can be found at your local dollar store. I found most of these items at the Dollar Tree. The soap was actually free from a recent vacation. 

You want a smooth surface to your soap.
If you have a design on your soap, carve with a kitchen knife until the surface is smooth.

cut napkin
Cut the napkin with a pleasing design in the shape of the soap's surface.
I found it easier to do so with all the layers of the napkin in place and then removed the excess layers from the back.

coat the soap
Paint a smooth surface of Mod Podge onto the soap's surface.

place napkin
Place the single layer of napkin onto the wet surface of the soap.
Then coat the top with Mod Podge. You can use additional layers as needed.

Project finished!

I used glossy Mod Podge because I had used that on the glass candle surface. I think matte Mod Podge would look better and not show all the imperfections on the surface.

Terra Cotta Bunny Rabbit

I am participating in the Craft Lightning Post Challenge for Terra Cotta Pots. With Easter right around the corner, I chose to turn a cute little flower pot into a Bunny Rabbit. The steps were easy and very doable for children. But I think parents would need to help with the hot glue. While my design is minimal, you could definitely add to the bunny whiskers, ribbon, flowers, and more. 



  • small terracotta pot
  • cotton pom pom (or cotton ball)
  • pink craft foam
  • white cardstock
  • googly eyes
  • white paint
  • paint brush
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors



I chose to repurpose a flower pot from another project my daughter made. To begin, I painted the outside of the pot white. Unfortunately, she had used glitter in her paint so it didn't cover smoothly. Oh well. 

Using the white cardstock and pink craft foam I cut out ears and a nose for the bunny. I didn't have white craft foam so I used the white cardstock which I really liked in the end because I could curl the ears. 


Using hot glue, attach all the parts as you desire. I began with the ears on the back of the pot but I didn't like the look so I removed them, cut a notch into each ear, and then glued it to the edge of the top of the pot. 

pom pom

I used white cotton yarn to make a small pom pom for the tail. You could use a bought pom pom or even a cotton ball. 



The Craft Lightning Challenge was to make a craft in 30 minutes or less using clay pots. Each day there will be new posts. Take a moment to visit Morena's Corner, 30 Minute Crafts, or The Country Chic Cottage to see all the different crafts.

How to Crochet a Puff Flower

I have wanted to try making these puff flowers for a while now. Driving to Florida for spring break gave me the time and opportunity to do so. I typically take crochet projects with me on the road because they are easy to start and stop multiple times. What was I going to make with them? I didn't know. 


  • 4.5 crochet hook
  • 3 different colors of cotton yarn


To explain the steps to make a puffed flower, it is much easier to show you than write out and follow the instructions. So follow along with the video below.

puff flower
finished puff flower

joined puff flowers
The puff flowers joined together.
They will become a small storage bag or purse, I haven't decided yet.

This post is a part of Creatively Crafty Blog Group's March Craft Challenge. We were challenged to use up our supplies or work from a kit. The yarn I used was from my stash. I worked with cotton yarn but I think acrylic yarn might work better due to its ability to give more than cotton does.

You can visit these talented ladies tutorials at the following links. Please show them a little social media love!

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Try it - Like it - Create it

How to Crochet a Puff Flower


DIY a Spring Candle

I have joined with a bunch of crafty ladies for the month of March for a Dollar Store Craft Challenge. All the items I used can be found at the dollar store. This was a fun challenge and I actually made two different crafts, the other will be posted later and linked back here since they go together for a cute bathroom update. At the bottom of this tutorial, you will find links to all the projects. 



All items were purchased at the Dollar Tree except the last two, which I already had. But of course, they can be purchased at the Dollar Tree as well.


Remove the sticker from the glass jar.

Separate the backing from the napkin.

napkin strip
Cut a strip of the napkin to the width of the glass jar.

mod podge
Mod Podge around the base of the glass jar.

Place the napkin around the jar and then paint another layer of Mod Podge.
Can you believe I placed the napkin pattern upside down? - Oh well.

Using the same technique I placed a napkin butterfly on the top of the jar and wrapped a ribbon around the jar, and added a bow.


The sites that are participating:

My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies Across the Boulevard

My PinterventuresStone Cottage AdventuresCoastal Bohemian

Our Unschooling JourneyPurple Hues and Me

Olives & OkraThe Blue Willow House

Sew Crafty CrochetOur Crafty MomDazzle While Frazzled

Peppermints & Cherries The Inspiration Vault

Intelligent DomesticationsTwo Chicks & A MomTry it - Like it - Create it


Links to the projects: An InLinkz Link-up

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!
This post contains affiliate links.

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