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School Photo Display

January 16, 2017

We recently got our school photos returned. This School Photo Display was created from items on hand. I joined the January Craft Room Destash Challenge. The rules were to use craft items you had hoarded and spend less than $10 if necessary. No problem, right? I think I am like most crafters and I hoard EVERYTHING related to crafting. I didn't need to buy a thing.

I created the above School Photo Display from items I got at a past SNAP conference. 



  • Elmer's Paint Pen (Gold)
  • Large Clothespin (Heidi Swapp)
  • Gold Glitter Words (Heidi Swapp)


Unwrap all items. Start with the large clip.

remove clip
Disassemble the clip.


paint clip
Using the gold paint pen, paint the spring part of the clip.


place sticker
While the clip is apart, place the chosen stickers on the wood.


replace clip
Once the paint is dry, put the clip back together.


I originally designed this project to stand on end as pictured above. And it works that way. While taking pictures, I was having trouble getting it all in frame and started fumbling around with it.


I ended up with the clip on its side and actually like it displayed this way much better. Here's to happy accidents!

If you would like to see all the other projects submitted to the challenge, click on the link below.

If you would like to buy any products used in this tutorial. Here are links to similar Amazon products. (affiliate links) 

Make A Simple Soft Fox Toy - A Tutorial

January 9, 2017

If you have gotten through most of the Christmas crafts, you may be looking for something different to try.  Why not have a go at soft toys? They are a popular thing to craft. They can be simple and quick or more elaborate and take a fair while to create. When starting off it is better to begin with, something relatively easy, and then work your way up to some of the more elaborate patterns. In fact, you can create a simple toy following the instructions below. Read on to find out more.


Safety is a number one issue when creating toys because they are often given to children to play with. Look up the Code of Federal Practice guidelines to help you with this or be sure to state that the item is for decorative purposes only, and not to be played with.







Picture source


You will need two orange 10” squares of fabric. This can be cotton, toweling, felt or even fake fur. You will need on 10” of piece white fabric, and a 10’ piece of black fabric. You will also need some black embroidery thread.  Be careful though as fake sure is pretty difficult to work with and it gets everywhere!


You will also need thread, fabric glue, and scissors. As well as a sewing machine like the ones reviewed at Using a machine rather than hand sewing makes any project like this way faster and easier.


In addition to that material, you will need some cotton or polyester stuffing for the inside of the toy.


Basic shape


Using a simple shape and creating the details with additional pieces of fabric is a great way of keeping your project doable.


The first thing to do is to cut out the shape for the main body from the orange fabrics squares, making sure that both overalls match up. You can make this complicated and detailed or go for something super simple like an oval.


Then turn them inside out and use your sewing machine with a white, orange or invisible thread to sew up around the sides. Leave a small gap where you can add the stuffing.






Then turn the oval inside out, so the right side of the fabric is showing. You can then stuff the soft toy with filling.


Once this has been done, carefully sew up the remaining hole on the outer edge as neatly as possible. Now you have created your basic shape. Remember you can use this for a lot of different animals, not just a fox.


Adding Details


The next job is to start adding the details, so your oval looks more like a fox. Use The white fabric to add a stomach shape. Or cut out small triangles for the ears in white like the one at Then fix them near the top of the oval. You can add smaller triangles in black to give them some dimension.


As you are making a Fox, you can also add the puff of a white tail on the back, and larger white shape for the face. Fix these on either with fabric glue or hand stitching.




Image link


Then cut out some black circles for the eyes and attached them onto in the face triangles. You can add a smaller white dot of fabric, or embroidery thread to give it a cartoon like appearance.


After that choose to add accessories if you want. Like a little-knitted scarf or a cute hat. The choice is yours.

This is a sponsored post.



Valentine Friendship Bracelet

January 9, 2017

Make a fun and quick bracelet for Valentine's Day to wear or gift to a special friend. This project is great for kids but will need a little assistance from parents. You can change the colors of each part or keep it all one color as in the example above. 



  • Heart shaped paper clip
  • beads
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • matches


Cut the ribbon into two pieces that when folded is long enough to wrap around your wrist with a bit extra. 

thread ribbon

Thread each ribbon through the sides of the paper clip heart.



Thread the bead onto one strand of the ribbon on each side. (sampled on the right side above) If your bead is large enough to take both ribbons, do so. Ours only would take one ribbon. Then tie a simple knot using both ribbons on each side. (sampled on left side above)



Unfinished ends of the ribbon



burning ends

**An Adult needs to do this step.**
If the ends of the ribbon will fray, you can stop that from happening if you singe the ends or seal the ends with heat from a match or candle. Do no actually light the ribbon on 



It's ready to wear or give as a gift. Wrap it around your wrist and tie a double knot.

I found the heart shaped paper clips at our local Office Depot. You can also find them online at Amazon. (affiliate link)

This project is a part of Valentine's Day Craft Lightning. Several times a year 30 Minute Crafts team up with other crafty bloggers to share themed crafts that can be done in 15 minutes or less! These are called “Craft Lightning”. 

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Top Craft Tutorials of 2016

January 1, 2017

Another year of blogging has passed and it is so fun to see what were the most visited posts from the year. This post recaps the top 5 most visited craft tutorials on Try it - Like it for 2016. They were diverse in mediums used, from paper to fabric and shrink plastic to yarn. Here is the countdown of the top 5.


#5 Spider Card

This one included free SVG files to create your own version of this card for Halloween. 


#4 Shrink Plastic Necklace

Recycle a plastic container into your own style of jewelry, making your own shrink plastic.


#3 K-Cup Wreath 

Wanting to find a craft to recycle k-cups and trying to come up with something new, I made this Christmas ornament wreath.


#2 Reversible Baby Shoes 

A fellow Creative Craft Blogger had a baby and we threw her a virtual baby shower. These cute reversible shoes were my gift to the precious little bundle.

#1 Fairy Lantern 

The most popular tutorial of the year was the Fairy Lantern post. Not a completely original idea but there were variations and free SVG files.




Free Printable 2017 Calendar

December 31, 2016

This is a free printable calendar to get you on track for 2017. Two months print out on each page of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and cuts down to 5 x 7. Make a fun hostess gift for the New Year or for yourself. The file is a PDF and free for you to download and print. If you want to share with friends, please direct them to this post rather than sharing the file directly. Happy New Year. 

Each month features a decorative black and white design element. No two months are the same. My suggestion is to add your own fun way of binding them together: paper clip, binder clip, document clamp, bookbinding technique, stitching, or even a staple will work.


The file is a PDF and free for you to download and print.
If you want to share with friends, please direct them to this post rather than sharing the file directly. Happy New Year. 

[PDF file]


This post is a part of the Creative Craft Challenge for January. The theme, organization. Take some time to visit my fellow bloggers and their posts about organization.

Life Beyond the Kitchen : 28 Day Declutter Challenge

2 Dishing Divas : Three Small, Fast Areas to Organize

Try it - Like it : Free Printable Calendar  

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Wrap a Yarn Ornament

December 22, 2016

With the kids home for holiday break, this is a fun and easy ornament they can make. Change the template or the yarn for a totally different looking result. Part of the project uses recycled materials.

Ornament Materials:

  • cardboard box
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • template - printed or for your personal cutting machine (both are listed below)


Ornament Instructions:

Cut the template shape from a cereal box or similar material. You can do so with scissors or a personal cutting machine. 

Choose the yarn you would like to work with.

Follow the instructions on the video below:

Printable PDF template for cutting. [template]

SVG file for personal cutting machines. [SVG file]


DIY Ideas

December 16, 2016

With DIY Home Decor 9 Home Decorating Ideas, you will be able to craft a homemade pillow or piece of DIY wall art that fits with any sense of style. Sign up and receive the DIY ideaCenter Email Newsletter. Just click the above image.

Post contains affiliate link

Winter Hat Christmas Ornament

December 5, 2016

These cute Winter Hat Ornaments are easy to make. They only take a few items that you probably already have at home and they are easy enough to make with children. Use one kind of yarn or a variety to create a striped hat. The options are really endless by using a variety of different yarns. This is a great craft to use up leftover project yarn.



  • yarn
  • scissors
  • tissue
  • toilet paper roll


toilet paper tube
Cut a 1/4 to 1/2 inch loop from the toilet paper roll. 

cut yarn
Cut lengths of yarn about 10" long. I wrap around my thumb and pinkie fingers and then cut on of the loops.

loop through
Fold one piece of yarn in half. 
Place the loop through the tube. 

ends through
Put the ends of the yarn through the loop. 

pull tight
Pull the ends tight. 

full tube
Continue to do so until the tube is full of yarn. 

Using one more strand of yarn, collect all the yarn ends and tie a double knot, very tightly. 

stuff tissue
Stuff a balled-up tissue into the hat to fill out the shape. 

Trim the top "poof" of the hat and play with it to get the desired fullness. 



  • You can use different colors of yarn to create a striped pattern if you desire.
  • Different yarns will create a different look, acrylic versus wool, etc...
  • You can use another piece of yarn to hang your ornament or insert a wire hanger into the top of the hat.
  • Instead of an ornament, use the hat to top off a bottle of wine.
  • Decorate a present using the hat like you would a bow.


3d Paper Christmas Ornament

December 1, 2016

I love the look of a decorated Christmas Tree. This year, my youngest daughter asked if we could make a lot of homemade ornaments for the tree and string popcorn. This ornament has the look of a quilt. I wanted to design an ornament that you could see into the middle and have it look different. To achieve this look, you will use scrapbooking paper that is two sided. 



  • personal cutting machine
  • free svg file
  • scrapbooking paper
  • Square stitch Glue Dots
  • Bakers twine
  • Bone folder
  • Scissors

SVG file:

Using your personal cutting machine, set all red lines to fold and black lines to cut. Cut two of this design to create an ornament. [SVG file]



Cut out two of the designed SVG file on your personal cutting machine using paper that is different on front and back. 

fold up triangles

Fold in all the triangle shapes on each piece. If you want you can use one Square per fold to hold the triangles down or leave them so they add an additional dimension. 

using glue dots
triangles glued down

Fold all the long folds. 

3d part

Attach the one flap that will make the piece 3D.

Now join the two pieces together using the flaps and Glue Dots.

Cut a length of the  twine, fold it in half and tie a knot. Place a Glue Dot on each side of the knot and hid it in the corner of the ornament. 

This post is a part of the December Christmas Craft Challenge with the Creatively Crafty Blog Group. Please take a moment to visit all the other wonderful craft projects.

Life Beyond the Kitchen Holiday Citrus Centerpiece

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2 Dishing Divas Tin Container Anytime Organizer

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Thanksgiving Round-up

November 21, 2016

A reminder of a few printables and crafts available here at Try it - Like it for Thanksgiving. A printable for your decor, a candy wrapper for the kids, two versions of napkin rings for your table and a Thank You note card. If you needs are for the meal you might want to check out these Turkey tips or recipe for Pumpkin Dump Cake

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