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How to Crochet a Puff Flower

I have wanted to try making these puff flowers for a while now. Driving to Florida for spring break gave me the time and opportunity to do so. I typically take crochet projects with me on the road because they are easy to start and stop multiple times. What was I going to make with them? I didn't know. 


  • 4.5 crochet hook
  • 3 different colors of cotton yarn


To explain the steps to make a puffed flower, it is much easier to show you than write out and follow the instructions. So follow along with the video below.

puff flower
finished puff flower

joined puff flowers
The puff flowers joined together.
They will become a small storage bag or purse, I haven't decided yet.

This post is a part of Creatively Crafty Blog Group's March Craft Challenge. We were challenged to use up our supplies or work from a kit. The yarn I used was from my stash. I worked with cotton yarn but I think acrylic yarn might work better due to its ability to give more than cotton does.

You can visit these talented ladies tutorials at the following links. Please show them a little social media love!

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Try it - Like it - Create it

How to Crochet a Puff Flower


DIY a Spring Candle

I have joined with a bunch of crafty ladies for the month of March for a Dollar Store Craft Challenge. All the items I used can be found at the dollar store. This was a fun challenge and I actually made two different crafts, the other will be posted later and linked back here since they go together for a cute bathroom update. At the bottom of this tutorial, you will find links to all the projects. 



All items were purchased at the Dollar Tree except the last two, which I already had. But of course, they can be purchased at the Dollar Tree as well.


Remove the sticker from the glass jar.

Separate the backing from the napkin.

napkin strip
Cut a strip of the napkin to the width of the glass jar.

mod podge
Mod Podge around the base of the glass jar.

Place the napkin around the jar and then paint another layer of Mod Podge.
Can you believe I placed the napkin pattern upside down? - Oh well.

Using the same technique I placed a napkin butterfly on the top of the jar and wrapped a ribbon around the jar, and added a bow.


The sites that are participating:

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Links to the projects: An InLinkz Link-up

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!
This post contains affiliate links.

Vinyl Manicure

There are a lot of things you can do with vinyl. I have been wanting to put a vinyl decal on my fingernails. My sister needed to test out a new nail polish product and since my nails were looking good, this was the perfect time to try an addition of vinyl. I went with an abstract leaf pattern which I really liked. The color of the Chrome vinyl went so well with the holographic nail polish. 

This post is a part of the Design Team at Tape Technologies. For the month of March, we were challenged to work with their Colored Chrome Vinyl. Tape Technology Vinyl is available at a variety of suppliers and is sold at Amazon under the brand name StyleTech. 


Special thanks to Cricut and Tape Technologies for providing items to make this project possible. 
This post may contain affiliate links. Using them will cost you nothing but allow Try it - Like it - Create it to earn a small amount to continue this site.


cutting vinyl
Cutting the beautifully reflective Chrome Vinyl.

pattern in process
My computer screen showing the pattern that is being cut.

nail polish
Holographic manicure without vinyl.

vinyl on nails
The vinyl is applied and ready for a coat of clear nail polish to seal it.
While some of the edges were sticking up, the vinyl was remarkably sticky and didn't need the clear coat except for the edges.



2018 Oscar Tally Sheet Printable

Jimmy Kimmel with host the 2018 Oscars. They will air live on Sunday, March 4th at 8e and 5p on your ABC channel. You can find out more about the nominees at

Print out this free PDF Oscar Tally Sheet to vote for your favorites. If you are hosting a party, make enough copies for everyone in attendance. Enjoy a little friendly competition. You can add up the correct votes and see who wins with the most correct votes. If you celebrate each year, consider giving the winner a trophy that gets past down each year. Who gets the bragging rights for the year with the most movie knowledge? Can they keep their title for the next year? What a fun way to watch the Oscars.

The Tally is four pages long. I suggest you print it out as a front and back piece using only two sheets. Staple them together and have enough copies for your guests. Provide two different writing utensils like a pen and a highlighter. They can mark their choices with the pen and then highlight the actual winners. 

[Free PDF Tally]


Folding a paper frame using Cricut Design Space

Need a frame? They are so easy to make with cardstock. Using a personal cutting machine makes it that much easier. They are very sturdy. Thick enough to also be used as a shadow box. The frames were really easy to make and rather addictive. 


  • 1 - 12x12 sheet of cardstock
  • personal cutting machine (I used a Cricut Maker)
  • SVG file 
  • optional adhesive

Special thanks to Cricut for providing the Maker making this project possible. 
This post may contain affiliate links. Using them will cost you nothing but allow Try it - Like it - Create it to earn a small amount to continue this site.


cricut machine and paper
Begin by cutting out the SVG file linked above.

This is what the SVG file looks like. The black outline cuts and the red lines need to be set to score. 

The video below will show you how to set up the file in Cricut Design Space as well as how to fold it after cutting.

finished frame
finished frame, ready to use for artwork

final measurements:
outer measure 4 7/8” x 6”
inner measure 3 3/8”  x 4 1/2”


How to Needle Felt a Cute Nome House

The first time I ever needle felted, I was on vacation and found a small inexpensive kit at Daiso, a Japanese Yen Store. I made a duck. After that, I was hooked and bought as many kits as I could before leaving California because I knew we didn't have anything like them at home. Well, at least for the price. Each year, I stock up on more of them while in California. I have bought a better toolset and wool felt from Amazon as well. Prior to this, I had worked with wool felt, or as we called it fleece in graduate school when I took fiber art classes. We didn't needle felt but rather felted by shrinking the fibers together. Through this experience, I have cleaned, carded, and dyed wool. Buying it already done is so much easier!


Links are affiliate links to Amazon for your assistance.
Using them costs you nothing and pays a small fee to help support this site. 


disk shape
Start with an amount of wool in your hand and begin to roughly shape it into a disk shape.

needle tool
This is the needle tool you use to poke the wool with.
Notice the notches in the end, these cause the wool to knot or join together which is known as felting.

Place the wool on the felting surface (styrofoam) and poke it with the needle,
moving around and compressing as you go.
Notice the leather covers on my fingers - yes getting poked with the needle HURTS!

taking shape
It doesn't take long for the fleece to start to take shape.

Because this is a difficult process to explain in still pictures, I have created a video tutorial. I made the roof of the house in the video. Please forgive the shaking since the tripod was on the table and I was felting on the same table.


Creative Craft Blog Group:

This post is a part of Creative Craft Blog Groups monthly challenge. The month of February we were challenged to create a craft using yarn/fiber. Please take some time to visit these other talented ladies.

  • Try it - Like it - Create it How to Needle Felt a Cute Nome House

Valentine Paper Candy Boxes

Do your kids give valentines to their friends? I haven't heard what our school is planning this year but I love making something special with my daughters for them to give to their friends. This year we made these cute paper candy boxes to hold Lindt Chocolate Truffles. What a special little treat, I don't think anyone will turn it down!


Special thanks to Cricut for providing the Maker making this project possible. 
This post may contain affiliate links. Using them will cost you nothing but allow Try it - Like it - Create it to earn a small amount to continue this site.


Download the free SVG file linked above in the materials list. I was able to get four on one page.
The black lines cut and the red lines need to be changed to score.

cut paper
This is an example of the cut file. Turn the design away from yourself, place the two pieces with the hearts together, take one of the other side flaps and place it over the heart shapes to hold the box together. Insert the Lindt chocolate and finish closing the box.


Yeap, we made a lot of them. 

with tag
While the boxes were complete, for my youngest daughter, we made a heart tag to place on top.
The Maker wrote the words and then cut the shape.

If you would like the SVG for the heart you can download it here. [heart tag]


Thankful Thursday Teacher Appreciation Gift - Paint and Create

At my daughter's school, the Parent Teacher Fellowship celebrates the teachers with a Thankful Thursday. We sign up for a date to bring in a thoughtful gift or card. I love this idea. We signed up for a day and decided to make a piece of artwork to encourage the teacher and the students. 

paint and create


  • Paint and Create Pad with paint and brush included
  • Craft Glue Dots
  • Mat and artwork bag

ready to paint


Begin by choosing a piece from the Paint and Create set. There are a lot of designs to choose from. We chose one we thought was inspirational. The pack shows examples of finished work or you can create your own. The pad contains gold foil designs on watercolor paper so when you paint over the gold, it remains and the paint adheres to the paper. 


We started with a palette of purple at the bottom, blue in the middle, and yellow at the top. That quickly changed as the blue wasn't dark enough to cover or show on the paper. We tried a few different colors and ended up with orange in the middle and pink at the top. Thankfully we were able to dab off some of the paint and then cover most with another color since the paint was so faint. It would be helpful if there were a few additional pieces of watercolor paper to try the paint and make sure you like the results before using them on the actual piece of art. 


After we were happy with the results, we left the piece to dry. It did warp a little bit but not enough to worry about. Using Glue Dots, we adhered the artwork in place between the frame and the mat board. Then we inserted the entire piece into the clear cellophane bag. 

Now it's ready to give as a gift. I hope she enjoys it as much as my daughter has enjoyed having her as a teacher. 

Love and Kisses Modern Art Canvas

Decorating for Valentine's Day or just showing someone you love them? You can create this piece of modern art with just a few steps. I've placed mine on our fireplace mantle. 

This project is a part of Tape Technologies Design Team for the month of February 2018. We were asked to design using their brushed metal vinyl. This project used Red and Silver. The graphic is one I created and will offer in this post as a free svg.



Special thanks to Cricut and Tape Technologies for providing items to make this project possible. 
This post may contain affiliate links. Using them will cost you nothing but allow Try it - Like it - Create it to earn a small amount to continue this site.



Use the SVG file linked above and upload it to cut on your personal cutting machine. 

transfer film
Use transfer paper to prepare the vinyl for application to the canvas. 

silver vinyl

red vinyl
red vinyl

Aline and burnish the vinyl onto the canvas. Place the silver vinyl first and then the red. 


The project is finished!

Tape Technologies Vinyl is sold through a variety of retailers as well as on Amazon with the name StyleTech.

Make a Felt Penguin Earbud or Cord Holder

This post is a part of Craft Lightning where the process takes 15 minutes or less without dry time. Craft Lightning is hosted by Angie Holden from The Country Chic Cottage, Laura with Laura's Crafty Life, and 30 Minute Crafts.



  • Felt - red, white, and yellow
  • scissors or personal cutting machine (I used a Cricut Maker)
  • Fabri-tac Adhesive
  • Scrap of cardstock (I used a butter carton)
  • Snap or Velcro
  • Pattern or SVG file (listed below)

I want to thank Cricut for providing the Cricut Maker so that I can create posts similar to this one.
This post contains affiliate links.

Free Files:


cricut maker

I used my Cricut Maker to cut the felt. I cut each piece three times with the knife blade and still needed to use my scissors to finish some of the cuts. I have easily cut felt before on the Maker so I imagine it must have something to do with the brand of felt I used.

black pieces

Two black pieces are joined together sandwiching the cardstock between them to create a stiffer piece to wrap the cord around.

When gluing these pieces together, make sure to get as close to the edge of the black felt as possible with your adhesive. Set this aside.

small pieces

It is time to add the small pieces, glue the eyes and beak to the white felt piece.

Glue the two yellow ovals to the base of the black sandwiched piece.

glue white piece

To add the white shape to the black felt, you are only going to join it together at the top and down to the eyes leaving the rest unattached. This flap with cover your cord when in use.


To finish up, add a snap as I have or even better add velcro to join the bottom of the white felt to the black felt.


Now your project is ready to use.

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